"I mean, if we don’t take the treasure map, can we leave safely?"


"Then we don’t take" Bai Wendao ".According to logical reasoning, whether we have a treasure map treasure or not, it must be in the sea. Just because we don’t have a treasure map treasure, isn’t it? I just made the camera function mosaic by the location of the unified treasure map. I believe it is also possible if we each recite the shape of an island and draw the treasure map accurately after we escape. "
"This method is still possible!" Wu Xin said, "I remember the most face."
"You don’t have teeth," the cockroach scolded. "The three islands are easier to remember."
"Stop arguing, or people will invite us to breakfast," Bai Wendao said. "Cockroaches are the second and I am the third. Remember the graphics and make sure that they are close."
"It’s all General Sun Baotu of Yanhuang." Bai Wen put the treasure map on the table.
The skeleton was very satisfied and said, "Make way, children."
Two shots were made at the soldier’s skeleton in the cabin, and the passage also opened the hatch and watched the three people leave the back door of the three-person deck.
Back to the dread, the dread horse broke away from the contact with Zheng He’s treasure. Three men drew Bai Wen, and the first one painted Wu Xin collapsed. "Lao Wang, is it simple enough to draw eggs?" But I feel that I draw eggs more like football. "
"No, the egg in your middle school art class is rounder than a football," Bai Wendao said. "You are simple, I just remember to draw."
Friends are curious, "Brother Shepherd, how can you draw more roundly than football?"
"…" Friend was defeated.
Although the cockroach’s artistic ability is not as good as that of Bai Wen, it is obvious that it has been trained professionally and quickly painted Bai Wen, and then the three pictures are spliced together and trimmed. After taking a picture, there is no mosaic. Now there are two remaining steps to find this sea area. The second step is to pray and copy the treasure map, and the treasure can also be dug up. The second step is especially important. From various movies and games, there is no precedent that manually copying the treasure map can dig up the treasure.
Dragonfly reports "Ghost Ship!"
Because of psychological preparation, and after all, the ghost of the game is cartoon and cute, it didn’t cause friends to panic. There are two monsters in Penghu Islands: ghost ships and piranha. Most of the ghost ships are small boats, and a few BOSS ships are medium-sized ships. The only reason why they are ghosts is that they don’t float with lights and blend in with the night. The members of the ship are all skeletons or the ghost fleet has become a sea with a little AI. Some experts pointed out that … Well, don’t doubt that there are experts in all walks of life, and at least some experts hold them up. Experts pointed out that the
Chapter 50 3D maze
Small boats have become a great threat to the dread. Everyone is here to train and brush the experience, adventure, fighting and professional experience. After the first ghost ship was sunk by Wu Xin, the waves seriously warned, "Don’t play by yourself. Let’s practice our hands."
Wu Xin answered "In case …" The group glared.
"It’s settled if there is no one thousand." For the first time, the wave was supported by all the people to fight against the evil force. The confidence was particularly comfortable, and the eyes of the people made you have to surrender.
But the wave didn’t think it would happen in case.
A small boat that was beaten by Wu Xin was half-disabled. He didn’t come to the dread, but turned around and sighed at the boat AI and asked, "Do you think they will have an ambush?"
Friend shook his head. "No, you low-level monster."
"But they have all learned to escape."
"Then you should make up your mind quickly." Since the target is at 12 o’clock, if you want to chase it, you should speed it up immediately. If you don’t chase it, you should cross over immediately. "How boring you are as a captain, don’t give you a chance. Give you a chance and be suspicious."
"… chase!" The wave immediately stepped on the gas pedal and psychologically scolded the sheep’s lungs.
Cockroaches are talking to Youer Trail. "Your fleet is very discordant."
"Well … it’s a bit complicated," Youer enthusiastically explained. "We often support the shepherd brother against the captain. Today is the first time we oppose it."
"Brother Shepherd," said the cockroach wearily, "Can you call me Brother Cockroach?"
"It’s impossible to shepherd my brother. Some lines are immoral, but good people are just the opposite …"
"Little girl, what do you know?" The cockroach asked discontentedly, "Where are you?"
"…" Friend shouted, "Sister Dragonfly, he really asked me where I came from!"
"…" Cockroach face flushed with brush.
Wu Xinxi said, "Wow, haha, the family won 2 silver each, and they are willing to gamble and lose."
The waves are not good. "Cockroach, you are so old-fashioned. Do you really ask where people are from?"
This shepherd again! The cockroach waved his hand as an answer to the waves and then sat in the corner and circled.
Dragonfly suddenly shouted "Watch out for something on the water!"
The wave was shocked and asked, "What is it!"
"Bang" sounded like the explosion of a hot water bag, and the crew of the ship came from the bottom of the bow and was knocked down. The dragonfly said, "Friends probe the light to shine on the water."
"good!" As soon as the searchlight turned to the surface of the water, everyone was shocked. Because of the reflection, you can clearly see that there are bright spots everywhere on the surface of the water. "Friends speed up the boat. You can’t say that this is a mine, can you?"
"Mine is nothing new," Bai Wendao said. "In the 155 years after the Japanese invasion in the Dynasty, Tang Shun sent a mine with manual control and mechanical throwing method, and it can control the floating of the mine by a few feet compared with what we see now, that is to say, it can hide the water abroad, and it was not until the first century that the mine was made."
Wu Xin sighed that "China has been really sorry for his ancestors for hundreds of years."
The wave asked, "What now?" He’s got mines all around him.
Wu Xin said, "Back up!"
"You are a simple-minded person with underdeveloped limbs," Langnu said. "You think this boat is really your car." After being supported by the masses, Langqi is full of confidence and can return the boat to the underdeveloped people with his eyes open.
Wu Xin didn’t care about bitterly. "I don’t just look at the 212 shadow, but the ship can fall …"
"According to speculation, there is a route out of this chaotic mine," Bai Wendao said. "We didn’t hear the explosion before, that is, the small boat didn’t touch the mine. He led us to the mine area and I believe it can be driven out."
Dragonfly agrees that "just like playing an artificial maze, we must not go to a dead end because we can’t reverse the car. We must first plan the mine layout route and choose the most suitable route."
"3D maze!" Long wave, take a breath, and there are reflections in two nautical miles.
"Playing maze is my biggest hobby besides chasing dragonflies." Cockroach raised his hand. "If you want to send me to the observation deck and cooperate with dragonflies, you are absolutely ready to draw a maze map and route."
"Don’t!" Dragonfly immediately refused, "I’d rather jump into the sea with him."
Wu Xin looked at the cockroach and said, "Dragonfly, although I admit that this person is not a good thing, it is not so disgusting that you would rather commit suicide than look at him."
Just listening to the waves, I still think it’s a good idea to listen to people’s words backwards! You took the opportunity to attack others again.
"good!" Cockroach said, "Can I draw your guide from the observation deck?" At least I have been in close contact with cockroaches and feel that I am really losing money, but he didn’t expect dragonflies to have little difference from his ideas.
"All right!" Dragonfly finally agreed after considering it for a while.
After half an hour of surveying and mapping, I finally drew a map of mine distribution. Cockroach introduced, "From this map, we can see that …"
"There are two ways out," said Friend, sighing at the cockroach. No one thanked himself, and no one called for it. You know, not everyone can do this job, and you must have a considerable three-dimensional imagination to flatten 3D mines.
"yeah!" Wave nod
Wu Xin "I don’t think a road with a reef will give us two ways to live."
Bai Wen asked, "Cockroach, can you dive?"