Gu Qingshan stepped forward relieved.


This time Lin stopped him.
Gu Qingshan bent down and grabbed magic dragon’s head and long horns to get it up and face himself.
"I’m sorry, I didn’t really want to kill you."
Gu Qingshan is full of apologies and says
Magic dragon was staring at him with a treasure and a green hat.
If eyes can kill people, Gu Qingshan is already a dead body.
Gu Qingshan cleared his throat and continued, "It’s true that you are powerful and awesome, but I don’t know much about you. You are a little scared and you should do a little self-protection measures."
Magic dragon still don’t talk.
Gu Qingshan said, "To be honest, I want to talk about a business deal with you."
It’s quiet all around
Everyone’s mind churned and they didn’t know what to say at the moment.
You said you wanted to talk business with people after what you did to them?
The onlookers thought in unison.
Zhang Yinghao and Ye Fei from quietly exchanged glances.
Still familiar with the formula
But Lola doesn’t think so
She holds her heart and her eyes are full of memories.
I don’t know if she remembered the time when Gu Qingshan, the snow and ice peak of the world gods treasured by Tristan, asked several addicts to voluntarily break the order.
Lin couldn’t help turning supercilious look at Gu Qingshan’s words.
She found that she had not made such an expression for a long time.
Sure enough, I heard Gu Qingshan say that even magic dragon couldn’t help herself.
"Do you want to do business with me? What do you mean? " It asked.
Gu Qingshan said, "I’ll ask you about a person falling-or her hand."
Magic dragon said with a gloomy face, "No matter who that person is, I will never tell you."
Gu Qingshan sincerely said, "Tell me if you still want."
Magic dragon laughed. "Do you know what you are threatening?"
It laughs too much more than the tinkling of its jewelry.
Those two dragon horn symbols are like flying tentacles.
The green leaf hat of the faucet trembled with its laughter and almost slipped off.
Lin Cu frowned.
It’s not good to say this, but this dragon looks so bad that it’s a disgrace to the eternal abyss
Gu Qingshan kindly helped magic dragon put his hat back on and said, "I know what you mean. You can fall asleep at any time-so we have to talk about it sincerely."
"Different day to talk business with a guy like you? You and I are so stupid? " Magic dragon sneered.
"I advise you to think more." Gu Qingshan slowed down. "There are too many dangers in walking around the world. You may be a former god and no one has ever helped you realize this."
"But since you have met me by chance, I am willing to take you to know the world again."
"What can you do? How dare ants threaten me if they can control themselves in life and death? " Magic dragon sneered.

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