It has something more precious.


We can’t let the lotus flower suck away the body power of the ant king.
Otherwise, things like that may not be collected and the quality of materials collected will be greatly reduced.
Hang Yu quickly grasped the corpse of the ant king and launched several consecutive mining operations to collect several things in a row.
Chapter 147 Now young people have high consciousness.
"Golden Ant King Crust" Grade 4 quality materials
[Golden Ant King Meat] Grade 4 high-quality ingredients contain 19 psionics.
[Golden Giant Ant Regenerative Essence] Grade 4 special white substance can directly and permanently increase life resilience. 1 It can be valid for up to 4 hours at a time.
Finally got it!
Hang Yu showed great joy.
He can’t see the real materials and ingredients.
This group is very rare. [Regenerative Essence] is what attracts King Golden Giant Ant the most-permanent promotion and life recovery!
Judging from the figures, it seems insignificant.
Actually, it is very precious and has an attribute increase!
It can effectively and greatly enhance the resilience of characters.
You can recover 1.10 seconds per second, and you can recover 1 point of complete life.
without demur
Immediately ate the essence of regeneration.
Hang Yu felt that the recovery ability of physical changes would greatly increase.
It takes about an hour for ordinary people’s spiritual world to recover a little naturally, and the recovery ability of the real world is greatly weakened.
Hang Yu ate the essence of regeneration
Now you can restore 1 point of life every ten seconds.
In other words, 1 point of life can be restored in less than two minutes.
Hang Yu’s basic health is only 4 at present. If you look at it this way, no matter how important the injury is, he can heal himself immediately before he dies.
It takes five or six minutes.
Life can be restored.
This seemingly insignificant recovery attribute can often play a great role!
The recovery type attribute is extremely valuable!
There are too few ways and channels to obtain it.
Now that I have the opportunity to get Hangyu, I definitely don’t want to miss it.
Even if it seems that there is a little bit of uncertainty at present, it will be very scary to get similar attributes in the future.
The value of this regenerative essence
It will not be lower than a skill stone.
At this time, there was a giant black ant pestering others, and others were ashamed of it.
The somebody else one-on-one abruptly put a gold elite dying.
A few people here beat a silver elite and it’s still not solved.
Now the fighting continues in all directions, and Sasha Vujacic is an amazing number of giant ants.
They came to come back to rescue the driver, but despite a few minutes’ delay, the ant king had died miserably in Hangyu’s hand, and the ant colony lost its organization immediately.
Although the ant colony has lost its organization
But it will still attack that target with attack range.
At this moment, hundreds of giant ants are coming around madly to continue this delay, and most of them will be torn alive and eaten raw.
"Don’t wave!"
Hang Yu joined the battle and killed the last silver-level elite giant ant with a few hammers, then shouted to others, "We’ve finished, let’s go!"
"We seem to be surrounded!"
Lin Lan set off a storm and flew five times near the giant ants, but there were more giant ants nearby. There were more of them than expected, and seven people were trapped.
"Don’t panic"
"Break through!"
Hang Yu can sneak away by himself.
But it’s a bit unkind to do so.
He drew a skill scroll from the object, activated the skill scroll and threw it at the place where the ant colony was densest in front.
Crash one
Flame explosion
Covering more than ten meters, one piece falls off.
Surrounded by giant ants, there is a gap
Hang Yu still has such a powerful skill scroll? !
This is the explosion of Hangyu’s corpse-killing mushroom demon. The "burst corpse fire" is a large-scale one-time skill scroll with strong destructive power. At that time, a trip to the dark plantation dropped a total of four such scrolls.
One of them was given to Angelnan.
Hang Yu still has three in his hand.
The burst corpse fire scroll has high damage and wide coverage, and the effect of dealing with senior elite monsters is not obvious. It is absolutely very cool to clean up the monsters.
Hang Yu didn’t want to wave the skill scroll and immediately waved the hammer.
A giant ant that sweeps and flies three or four times!
Then put away the crossbow