It moved a little, and little ass chose a place with the best view.


Kaka was secretly excited while eating fresh bamboo shoots in his hand.
Fight! Why don’t you fight?
Meanwhile, Daniel seems to have found himself exposed.
He smiled in horror at the many guards who surrounded him.
See his mouth lifted all the way to the ear position.
Seeing this, the guards immediately assumed a fighting posture.
Five royal beast division have released their own gold pet beast.
And the whole auction warehouse immediately lit up the alarm.
Daniel looked at the crowd and said with a smile, "Oh, I was thinking of quietly taking away the holy things, but why do you guys have to be so keen …"
"Who are you?"
A golden six-star alien came out
He is the captain of the guard here and the strongest among the ten people.
Daniel looked at him and said with a smile, "Who am I? I’m just a devout servant of my Lord. "
"Come on, come on, it seems that I can’t take my Lord’s holy things directly today, so I’ll let you go first …"
Said Daniel body a twist.
Then all the ugly expressions of Daniel directly turned into a pool of mud.
No one noticed that it was a small meatball and then quietly left the auction.
I don’t know where I went along the waterway of the auction house
Po was so shocked at this strange scene that he forgot to eat his beloved bamboo shoots.
Chaos Church … What is this?
Great Wilderness Tower of Great Wilderness Veterinary College
Back to the Wild Veterinary College, Lu Yuan went directly to the Wild Tower this time.
Unlike before, I came to challenge Liu Yuan. After coming in this time,
Directly by a senior with came to the top of the wild tower.
The scene at the top of the Great Wilderness Tower is similar to that at the top of the Babel in the fantasy world before Luyuan.
Liu Yuan just walked out and saw a little old man beckoning to himself.
This little old man is Huang Long, the president of Wild Animal Husbandry College.
Looking at Liu Yuan’s goatee, Huang Long couldn’t help but cock up and say, "Liu Yuan’s ego has heard a lot of your stories, but this time it can be called you back."
Hearing this, Lu Yuan politely said, "I have met President Huang Long."
"Oh, you are not polite to me when you are young."
"I called you back this time because there is a high probability that there will be animals you want to pet in that auction."
"Besides, I have one more thing I want you to do."
"Don’t worry, it’s not difficult for you. Just help us find some mice that are good at camouflage as before."
Hearing this, Lu Yuan consciously asked, "Is it a fantasy countryman?"
Huang Long shook his head and said seriously, "I wonder if Lu Yuan has ever heard of Chaos Church?"
Chaos church? !
What is this …
Chapter 593 Trap
"Chaos Church?"
This is the first time that Lu Yuan heard about this chaotic church.
Before he knew about those crazy organizations in the league, it was just a fantasy land.
It’s strange when Lu Yuangang knew the dream land.
There is no one who can make it rain in the league and reach the diamond level in the fantasy township
It was not until Lu Yuan became a diamond-grade condition that he finally dreamed of fellow villagers.
It’s a god beast, but there’s still no way to break through the diamond level
The reason is that I fantasize about fellow villagers and can’t find a place where I can establish a kingdom of God.
After all, it is impossible for them to find a breakthrough position in the alliance territory because of their shady roots.
But if they leave the alliance, the strength of the people in Dreamland
Find an area and then let some top experts break through to the diamond-level land source. I still don’t think there is much problem.
But once you leave the league to break through, it means that the person who broke through to the diamond level will not be able to return to the league in a short time.
Because once the diamond level leaves your kingdom, even if the strength is far beyond the general platinum level.
But it is between platinum level and diamond level.
You don’t need a diamond shot at all.
If you want a number of top platinum levels to join hands, you may fall directly from your own diamond level.
And this result is suspected that the fantasy land does not want to see it.
No organization is willing to work hard to cultivate its top combat power and fall so easily.
It is also because it is clear that it is almost impossible for these organizations to have diamond-level powerhouses.
The alliance will be so comfortable.
A group of platinum people can’t shake the foundation of the alliance.
And the league is so crazy that there won’t be a group of people in Dreamland
There are three other organizations that are similar to Dreamland.
However, unlike the dreamland, Laplace, the god of resurrection.
These three organizations want to resurrect people far crazier than fantasy villagers.
Because they want to resurrect … It is the Three Pillars God.
Chaos Church, Luna Church, Black Goat Church …
These three churches all know the Three Pillars God.
And was defeated by the powerful force to welcome the return of the Three Pillars God and let old gods come to the world.
So as to obtain that’ blessing’ they want.
It is also for this reason that the alliance = collectively referred to as their three-pillar church.
It’s called the church, but it seems to the alliance that these are three terrorist organizations
The danger level of the Three Pillars Church is even more terrible than the fantasy land.
Because the three-pillar god is an indescribable concept.
If creatures know them, they will be associated with them.
Once you know that there are enough three-pillar gods
Then they can come to this world through the anchor of the’ explorer’