"The seventh sword tactic is water and sky."


She stabbed the sky with a sword, and suddenly a flood fell in the clouds like a waterfall. Once it was touched, it would be beyond redemption.
The seventh level sword tactic has been called the strongest sword tactic that the star master can practice. Only when Mahayana can play the role of being born 20 times as powerful as sword, and there are amazing people like jade beauty can it be easily cultivated successfully.
Jade beauty is also an expert at playing sword.
Guo Yi retreated sharply to summon the black and white Lingcao in the ancient well of Yin and Yang, and turned it into a marginal vine day interwoven into a huge net, which trapped the jade beauty’s seventh sword tactic.
And through this short opportunity, Guo Yi will play the fourth mysterious fire and burn it along the vine. Several green flames will turn into a huge forest, and the jade beauty will be wrapped in the forest to burn her alive.
"I didn’t expect that you not only inherited the sword to repair the tire, but also cultivated" Nine Changes and Xuanhuo Tactics ".It seems that I underestimated you before. Who is your backstage?" Jade beauty can see through all the causes and effects at a glance. Guo Yi’s two unique skills were recognized by her, and it was only because she recognized them that she was surprised.
The mysterious fire burns more violently, and the jade beauty is like a prey in a cage of fire, but she is not nervous at all. There are circles around the jade light, and even the fourth mysterious fire can be close.
"My backstage is very hard. Even the Northern Wilderness Emperor is a small role in front of him, and he can be trampled to death with one foot." Guo Yi was deliberately boasting and didn’t recognize that he could really scare the jade beauty.
But he didn’t expect the jade beauty to believe it, and suddenly it was eclipsed. She offered the white jade day and then looked up something in the sky to calculate Guo Yi again.
After a long time, her face became more serious, and then she gave Bai Yutian a sudden look in her beautiful eyes. "I should have guessed. It is no wonder that when I first saw you, I had an inexplicable familiarity. Is there a heavenly sword in your hand?"
Although she was trapped in black and white Lingcao, she didn’t panic at all.
"Haha, how do you know?" Guo Yichang laughed
Jade beauty said, "Then do you know who the second generation owner of the heavenly sword is?"
"This ….." Guo Yi knew that he was the fifth-generation owner of the heavenly sword. Jia Ye was the fourth-generation owner. Jingsheng was the third-generation owner. Who was the owner of the second brother? He really didn’t hear about it.
At this time, Guo Yi’s ear rang out, "The second generation owner of the heavenly sword was the Taoist priest of Vientiane, but the Taoist priest was a figure in ancient times."
After hearing this, Guo Yi was so scared that he almost threw out the heavenly sword. However, in ancient times, even if the giant fairy was his descendant, wouldn’t the younger brother of the Vientiane Taoist be a cow force to coax people?
Hearing this name, the bloody road flyover has already made Guo Yi convulsed.
"The second generation owner who buried the heavenly sword is my master’s bloody Taoist. Are you afraid now?" Guo Yi looks arrogant with his hands around his waist.
However, he didn’t expect the jade beauty to disdain a smile. "The second generation owner of the buried heavenly sword is a Taoist priest, but the Taoist priest has received an apprentice in his life, and that is a giant fairy. Are you a giant fairy?"
After hearing this, Guo Yi once again shocked the Great Immortal, but it was the first strong person in the history of Northern Wilderness, and it was also the only one in ancient books. Others were like Taoist Vientiane and Taoist Bloodshed. Although they still enjoyed their fame in ancient times, they did not remember whether they had been built into a fairyland in ancient books.
Although the Great Immortal is a blood-drenched Taoist brother, his fame is better than that of his teacher.
"Excuse me, beautiful girl, do you know these ancient secrets?" Guo Yidao
"Because I am a Taoist priest with blood dripping, I was buried and carved with heavenly sword." Jade Beauty has a sad color in her beautiful eyes. Obviously, she is also a storyteller.
The jade beauty is actually a piece of ancient jade carved into a human form by a bloody road flyover, and then a drop of blood from his body turned hundreds of thousands of miles into a blood-red desert. He is helping himself to nourish the jade beauty.
Hundreds of millions of years have passed, and the jade beauty finally produced her own spiritual knowledge. It was not until she was dug up by the Thirteen Emperors that she left the flesh and blood to refine the flesh and blood.
And today, in the fight against the buried heavenly sword, let her find the ancient memory back.
"True or false, so mysterious, the road flyover is dead, and you are still alive?" Guo Yi swallowed two mouthfuls, but it is impossible for anyone who talks to people in ancient times to face it.
Road flyover "Blood drenching has already achieved the goal of the Great Emperor’s immortality, and it is impossible to die physically." Jade Beauty is short of breath, and the white jade sword "clank" rings suddenly, and the sword turns into a dragon roll, cutting off all the black and white Lingcao, and she flies directly out of the fire cage.
At this time, her eyes were bloody and combative, and she actually made a move to slay Guo Yi completely.
"The first sword tactic is the soul eye"
Even the Taoist master may not be able to understand the first-class sword tactic, but the jade beauty will cast out the Taoist soul to control the jade sword and smash everything in the world.
"Mom, this woman is so abnormal that it’s enough to go against the seventh sword tactic. Actually, it’s still a person to transport all the first sword tactic … if she comes, it’s not a person."
Guo Yi forced the afternoon stars to offer a huge flame planet with a diameter of 30,000 meters to fight against the jade beauty. However, the first-class sword tactic is still losing ground. It is not the star owner who can compete with the foot-killing master Guo Yi. If there is no one, he will be killed by the first-class sword tactic for a quarter of an hour.
"Jade beauty, you renegade little pseudo-gentleman, didn’t you swear not to be stained with blood again? Violate the oath is to be the scourge of "Guo Yi almost all sites to sacrifice to temporarily block the jade beauty at this time, if a different person estimates that all the jade beauty hands out of a recruit.
"Vow is nothing to bury heavenly sword. I firmly believe that the road flyover with blood drenches will hide in the depths of the blood sea. If I kill you, I can enter the blood sea and find him out." Jade Beauty suddenly flies out of the source stars, and three of them are actually burning stars. Although these three stars are not noon stars, they are enough to block the afternoon stars for a moment, so she can kill Guo Yi from the stars that leap over the afternoon.
Chapter 56 Re-buried in a sea of blood
"This woman is too fierce. It is unwise to fight with her at this time. It is better to lead her into a sea of blood and let her die."