There are still a series of cracks in the surrounding rolling heaven and earth, as if it had no influence on Zhang Yang at all


See Zhang Yang slowly out of the turbulent power let a person can’t help but feel like an enemy.
A clear crow and a flash of red rays have already rushed to Zhang Yang’s body with an excited expression and how weird it is to look at that ugly face
The tail kept patting Zhang Yang’s body, head and Zhang Yang’s body gently dawdling with a very attached look.
Zhang Yang has completely unsealed the memory of Wumanzu, and now Zhang Yang is the ancient Wumanzu, and the ancient Wumanzu is now Zhang Yang.
Both soul breath and body breath are exactly the same.
Of course, as soon as Zhang Yang was born, the memory of memento mori Refining and Chemical Institute, the ancestor of Wu Man, became the mainstream.
That is to say, Zhang Yang has not lost himself, and a best state is a fusion of past life memories.
At this time, Zhang Yang has all the memories of Wu Manzu, and all the achievement methods in the past life have been restored. Because of this continuous understanding of Xiuxian Road for ten thousand years, there have been some breakthroughs.
The only regret is that Zhang Yang’s physical strength has not been fully restored, and only 79 mysterious gray irons have been blended, which is still 29 pieces away from the total of 100 pieces.
Physical strength is not as strong as in ancient times, which is the only drawback of Zhang Yang now.
Of course, because it is not as powerful as its rivals in ancient times, Zhang Yang will not be in any danger even if it has this shortcoming.
Stretched out his hand and patted the red owl head Zhang Yang smiled.
At this time, his attitude towards Chiguotenglin and others changed instantly. From then on, they were no longer their elders but their loyal servants!
With a wave of his hand, Zhang Yang’s lux wings rushed directly to the battlefield in the direction of Wan Xiucheng.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-three Surprised back
The red ray crowed excitedly, wagged its tail and turned into a streamer, which followed Zhang Yang’s direction.
Wan Xiu Chengfang
The waves and clouds are changing, and not only several demons, but even rattan forests are stunned.
From Zhang Yang’s awakening and counterattack to Lu Jianling’s and Ao Dun’s defeat, it’s all a flash in the narrative.
By the time they react, Zhang Yang has arrived at the crowd.
Too powerful!
"It’s the master!"
"The master has returned!"
Fujikura, Fujikura and Fujikura are all exciting.
Zhang Yang’s appearance is not the same as Wu Manzu’s, but his breath has been able to say everything.
At their level, the appearance of the strong is no longer important. If they want to, they can change their appearance at will. Of course, monks generally disdain to change their appearance. What they like most is their body image.
The strong are distinguished not by appearance but by soul breath. A person’s appearance can change the soul breath, but it can’t.
Zhang Yang’s awakening past life memories combined those of memento mori Fujimori and others and felt it at the first time.
"barbarian king returned! Barbarian king is back! This is the breath! " In the rumble of Dels, an animal’s face was full of frightened expressions.
"Let’s go! We are no match for barbarian king. If we don’t leave, there will be no chance! " The original rampant than shield GeXian language gas is a little trembling.
Ao Dunge is an ancient demon king. He once saw the ancient World War I, when he was a servant of barbarian king, Tenglin almost annihilated his soul, not to mention the powerful momentum of Wu Manzu.
At this time, I sensed that Wu Manzu was about to escape even if he didn’t have the courage to resist, and even being surrounded by a curtain could not give him any sense of security.
"Don’t be afraid! Now Man Wanggen can’t be compared with barbarian king in ancient times. He just woke up and his strength hasn’t been fully restored. We don’t have a chance to kill him because we have a boundary curtain! "
Just when barbarian king was in a panic, Labu’s teeth suddenly sounded.
The shield ge took a look at the Labrador teeth narrow tone mouth way
"barbarian king didn’t recover the strength of ancient times, yes, but his strength is now beyond our ability to compete with the sword array formed in the field of deer sword spirit gold, which can stop our curtain and cause great damage to our curtain. However, barbarian king’s face is fragile, and that is even worse than deer sword spirit. If I didn’t guess wrong, he must have succeeded Chaolu with the help of heaven and earth, but barbarian king’s face is still vulnerable … We can’t be barbarian king’s opponent."
Labuya’s anger transpired in his heart when he heard this. Of course, he knew what he said just now to inspire everyone’s fighting spirit. Otherwise, everyone would not have the courage to fight barbarian king
Now it’s been exposed, and even he has lost his temper.
"Let’s go now. If barbarian king persecutes us too much, it’s a big deal. We’ll finish this curtain passage and destroy everyone."
Dels a pair of small eyes red suddenly mouth way
"Let’s go! If you don’t leave, you can’t come! "
It’s a few devil king is not fighting spirit after a little zheng said
Labuya also stopped insisting.
These exchanges between several of them are very fast.
However, Zhang Yangfei’s escape speed is also very fast, and the blink of an eye has reached the eyes.
Labuya saw several strange runes in his hands.
At once, a large curtain rolled towards Zhang Yang and Fujimori and others, regardless of whether we are connected or not. Those demons who are confronting Fujimori and others are all wrapped up.
However, when the demons were covered by the curtain, they were all like a duck to water, and their bodies seemed to melt into the black waves.
Rattan Lin and others are afraid to be careless. They don’t want their master to be killed by the demons in the near future.