When human monks are more and more confident, when facing human beings, demons are less and less confident.


In contrast, human beings soon occupied an advantage.
Of course, although human beings occupy the surface advantage, it is not easy to completely kill these demons.
After a day and a night of fierce fighting, Godsworn Shenzhou Tianren completely cleaned up the inferno in the door of Hanxing Xianmen.
That night, the human monk lost nearly a third.
This time, nearly 3,000 human monks came and lost nearly 1,000 directly. Although most of them were monks in Jindan and Yuanying, it was definitely a big loss for human monks.
But compared with the inferno loss, the loss of human monks is much smaller.
Real world war I will have such results mainly because Xu Ren’s intelligence is relatively in place and human monks’ tactics are also properly transported. If they don’t pull out those inferno strongholds outside the distribution of Hanxing Xianmen, I’m afraid it’s even difficult to win today’s war, not to mention causing so much loss to the inferno.
After solving the inferno, Qian Yue Xianzong patriarch Jiang Yang and Marco, the patriarch of Zhenyang Xianzong in Japan, immediately left the pick empire with all the people.
Although they killed a lot of demons in the first world war, it doesn’t mean that they have to rest easy. Since there are so many demons in Hanxing Xianmen of Daluo Empire, how many demons will he have?
At this point, even Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Qianyue Xianzong, and Chen Zhen, the patriarch of Zhenyang Xianzong in Dongying Prefecture, dare not imagine.
The most important thing is to leave here first and then take a long-term view.
Jiangyang, the patriarch of the Thousand Moon Immortal Sect, and Marco, the patriarch of the Zhenyang Immortal Sect in the Japanese state, are still more rational. When the situation of the pick empire is beyond the scope that they can cope with, it is said that they really want the inferno war in the pick empire, and the human monks have to make more preparations.
Xu Ren, XiaoXiaoer, Shen Tengyun, Dongyan, Xiaoyaobao Molin, Hanyuer and Zhuyu Que Zhu Zhu also didn’t say much about the reality. This time, their harvest was the biggest. Not only did they get a lot of meritorious military service, but they also got a lot of demons.
Those inferno demons are all good things, which can not only help the three demons to rise in strength, but also help Xu Ren to rise in rank with two life-saving flying swords.
Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Qianyue Xianzong, and Marco, the patriarch of Zhenyang Xianzong in Japan, came to Daluo Empire. The monks were not ordinary people. They came and went quickly. In a few days, they had already returned to the territory of Daliang Dynasty from the territory of Daluo Dynasty.
But this time, the actions of Qianyue Xianzong and Zhenyang Xianzong in Dongying Prefecture seem to have stirred up a hornet’s nest.
Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Qianyue Xianzong, and Chen Zhencai, the patriarch of Zhenyang Xianzong in Japan, took people back to the Girder Empire, and it was not long before the Luo Empire formed an army at the border.
The central domain empire, the Luo empire, is not much worse than the Liang empire, even though its national strength is not great. Moreover, the Luo empire has always coveted the girder empire, and now with the full support of the inferno, they are thinking of the girder empire again.
But at the moment, the inferno has just experienced a fiasco. Originally, they came to calculate the layout of Qianyue Xianzong, but they were killed by the other party. They directly uprooted the deployment department of the inferno Hanxing Xianmen.
This result greatly surprised the inferno, and at the same time completely angered them, so that they decided to make a move against the Thousand Moon Immortals of the Girder Empire.
Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Qianyue Xianzong, was not surprised by the fact that he had an army at the border of the Luo Empire. Because this was a setup, the inferno would definitely not let it go, but he didn’t expect the other party to react so quickly. Although he invited many people during this period, it would take some time for those people to come to Qianyue Xianzong in North Xuanzhou.
And look at when he empire posture seems to be don’t want to give girder empire and thousand month fairy this.
Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Nai Qianyue Xianzong, moved the Zongmen Order of North Xuanzhou to call on the monks of North Xuanzhou to take part in this battle against Daluo Empire and inferno.
The order of the Thousand Moon Immortal Clan Clan still has some influence. Of course, it is also the Shanxianmen in North Xuanzhou who realized the seriousness of the situation.
Since the girder empire has received the news that several clansmen of the Da Luo Empire have taken refuge in the inferno, the Shanxianmen of the Da Yuan Empire can also receive it.
There is no one in Shanxianmen who doesn’t want to develop continuously. It is better to say that Shanxianmen of Daluo Empire took refuge in the inferno than that Shanxianmen of Daluo Empire was defeated by the inferno. Even the owner of Xianmen is not necessarily alive.
As a result, it is not the fact that Shanxianmen in North Xuanzhou is willing to see Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Qianyue Xianzong, which will cause such a big response.
Of course, even if a big family of Shanxianmen in North Xuanzhou responded positively to the order of Jiangyangzong, the patriarch of Qianyue Xianzong, it was not an easy thing when the monks in North Xuanzhou wanted to defeat the inferno of Da Luo Empire.
However, with so many people supporting Qianyue Xianzong Zongmen to make them willing to fight the first world war in North Xuanzhou inferno, even though these monks are not particularly powerful, even the monks in Yupu are rare and should be able to delay for a while.
Chapter one thousand and eleven War again
Thousands of immortals are busy with alchemy, refining, drawing symbols, drawing symbols, and some spiritual array divisions are preparing spiritual bursts.
It’s true that not only the Thousand-month-old Godsworn is busy, but also his fairy gate and family Godsworn are busy.
It’s not a trivial matter for the inferno to invade North Xuanzhou. If you don’t handle it well, these Shanxianmen and the family of fixing the truth may be directly destroyed, let alone be born, which is impossible to continue.
Xu Ren is also busy. He is busier than others.
Of course, whether it is refining Dan medicine, refining device or drawing ofuda Xu Ren is also the strongest. Although he is very busy, he has no difficulty.
Thousand-month immortals and many monks of Shanxianmen Xiuzhen Family are busy, and the army of the Great Empire has been finished.
There is not only an army of human beings, but also an army of demons with a considerable number.
Since the great army of the pick empire besieged the girder empire, it naturally responded by hoarding a large number of soldiers at the border between the girder empire and the pick empire, and even a large number of human monks also arrived at the border of the girder empire.
But this time he empire more decisively those human army and inferno army border knot immediately launched an attack to the girder empire.
There has been no large-scale war in Daliang Empire for many years. Even if there are occasional conflicts in Daluo Empire, they are small battles and there are not many decent battles.
When the human army and the inferno army jointly attacked the girder empire, the border city of the girder empire could not resist the human army and the inferno army of the Daluo empire, and after three days, they pried the door of the girder empire.
After prying the gate of the girder empire, the imperial army and the inferno army were even more out of control, and they took nine cities after ten days.
Although those girder imperial cities are not military main cities, it is still very scary to take the9 in ten days.
In addition, those infernos slaughtered the girder imperial city immediately after they conquered it.
These demons invaded China, and the human world is human flesh and blood, because human flesh and blood can make demons stronger.
The inferno behavior immediately made the people of the girder empire nervous.
Before these girder empires, the people didn’t feel how terrible the empire was, and they didn’t even feel how terrible the inferno was. It doesn’t matter who the Lord is in their hearts.
However, after these ten days, the mentality of the people in the whole girder empire has changed. Only now do they know that it is not the same for everyone to be an emperor on this day. The so-called "non-human hearts will be different" is not completely unfounded. These demons never care about human lives, especially ordinary people. Their hearts are just two-legged sheep to feed their stomachs.
However, when the human army and the inferno army arrived at Shuanglong, the girder empire, they met with strong resistance.
It’s strange that the human army and the inferno army of the pick empire don’t know that there will be such a big difference between the cities in front of the Ssangyong defenders and the card defenders.
After seeing the appearance of the inferno, those cities and defenders in front of them have no fighting mind, either surrendering or fleeing.
However, this Ssangyong army has organized a very strong resistance, not only people’s mental outlook is different, but also many engineering equipment.
In addition to siege equipment, there are many other killers here, such as many small balls that can explode.
The explosion power of ordinary small balls also has the peak of gv 10, which is the level of the Godsworn’s strike, while some special small balls are so afraid of flames that even the inferno will be life-threatening if they fall into the inferno.
The soldiers of the Great Empire and the inferno army didn’t know what the Ssangyong was, but after a long time, they realized that something was wrong. It seems that there are many different faces of the defenders of the Girder Empire in this city.
"The Gods of Gods’ Army have worked hard. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid this Ssangyong can’t keep it."
There is a very handsome men’s team, a middle-aged general with a fist and a very beautiful woman beside him, as well as two men with the same good looks and two graceful women.
"Xu Xianshi joked that you were able to hold Ssangyong this time because you left those days of thunder."
Ge Shu’s face revealed a smile. He is now attached to the bone of this handsome young man.
That handsome young man is naturally Xu Ren. This time, Xu Ren also lost his blood and directly transferred the wild dynasty army god Ge Shu from the East.
Of course, it’s not a day or two. Two months ago, Xu Ren sent a message to the east to ask the wild dynasty army god Ge Shu to bring some elite soldiers from the east to girder the empire.
It turns out that Xu Ren is still very prescient. After the imperial army captured nine girder imperial cities in ten days, the wild army god finally completed the deployment of the Ssangyong.
Those girder imperial soldiers were not angry with Ge Shu, the commander-in-chief who came from the north, but when Ge Shu’s subordinates stopped the human army and inferno army from Shuanglong, these girder imperial soldiers stopped talking. They didn’t know until now that the girder empire, the commander-in-chief who was born in the north, had no money to be proud of.
As a result, these girder imperial soldiers will also accept Ge Shu from the bottom of my heart, and they will perform very thoroughly in arranging and dispatching Ge Shu.
"I those are just small means, those who pick the imperial soldiers inferno didn’t prepare some but really want to resist those who pick the imperial soldiers and inferno continuous charge have to rely on the clever arrangement of GeShu army god."
Xu Ren smiled. He never knew how high his means were, because only when the means were right could he exert his real power. If not, even if the means were good, it would be difficult to achieve the expected results.
"Master Xu, I think we are now boasting about each other, and there will be a tough battle. I think the inferno will definitely make the more powerful devil appear, and then it will be up to our monks."
Ge Shu’s brain is very clear, and his arrangement can resist the attack of the human army, even the low-order inferno, but in the face of the powerful demon king, especially the high-order demon king, his arrangement may not be great
"I have no confidence in my heart, but it won’t be too easy for me to decorate the Ssangyong with four layers of law and our monks to come to the imperial army and inferno to conquer our defense."
Xu Ren’s words are not modest. He can feel that when there are many magic generals and devil lords in the inferno army, the number of three devil lords has to be thousands, which is more than saying that the strength is poor, and the number of devil lords is even more. How can I get to be in my early 20 thousand s
That’s not counting the number of magic generals. Together with the number of ordinary demons, the magic generals are several times that of the devil.
The strength of this inferno army is still very strong
"Things have reached this point, and we have sacrificed all means first, and then we can do our best to listen to destiny."

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