After a round of negotiations, the conditions for joint action between the two countries have finally been settled, and Dongying has also been stripped of two layers of skin. However, in order to suppress the dragon that has entered the sea, it is necessary to pay the price. The president turned his head and ordered "Ma Guohui will call a meeting to vote on us on this matter!"


The navy will ask, "Does this battle have to be fought?"
The president categorically said, "We must fight or our prestige in East Asia will be ruined."
Congress almost voted to retaliate against the Chinese army. They can’t wait to fight a battle like this with almost no risk and huge benefits every day.
China’s South China Sea Fleet still maintains half of its combat effectiveness. If the Chinese army can have more nuclear submarines, they may have to think twice. The problem is that the South China Sea Fleet is exhausted, and only the aircraft carrier has been hit hard. Two advanced nuclear submarines sank and one was seriously injured, and those advanced J-12 fighters have been exhausted. What do they have to worry about?
If you fight, you will have great benefits. If you don’t fight, you will lose a lot. This is their current situation.
Ambassador Dongying of Beijing waved his claws at the foreign minister of China and shouted, "You destroyed our fleet and even the officers and men carried out a brutal massacre of our sailors who fell into the water. This is a fascist and anti-human atrocity! The commander of the South China Sea Fleet must be handed over to us to judge us … "
The foreign minister of China coldly asked, "We killed thousands of your sailors, which is anti-humanity. Then what is Nanjing, where you killed 300,000 of us in one breath?"
Ambassador Dongying blushed. "That’s all in the past. Is it interesting to dwell on the past?"
The foreign ministers of China are holding hands. "Isn’t the South China Sea War a thing of the past?"
Ambassador Toyo was dumbfounded. "Has it passed?"
The foreign minister of China looked serious. "It’s been half an hour since the end of the war. It’s long gone. Is it interesting to dwell on the past?"
One mouthful blood gushed out from the mouth of Ambassador Japan.
Today, I’m afraid diplomats are the busiest. Those small and poor countries are busy choosing teams to cheer for themselves. The world of European powers is flying around and killing red eyes. Those countries are fighting their heads off. Those countries are giving full play to the Lian Heng affair and wooing the enemy to be allies. In a word, it’s not a happy life. The old saying that the enemy is an ally doesn’t apply to the Republic. Japanese pigs, two-headed eagles and polar bears can’t really become our allies. Now some poor brothers have the heart to help us. He didn’t just talk about it. He also took the initiative to postpone the delivery date of a number of fighter planes so that the Republic could send a group of pilots to help if necessary. Their pilots performed well in the second Kashmir conflict and shot down many Indra fighters, which Indra army called "flying death", but you’d better not get involved in this muddy water.
The polar bear jumped out and threatened that the South China Sea Fleet had repeatedly crashed their fighter planes, which was not a provocation to the Soviet Union, and demanded that the Republic hand over the pilot for their trial, otherwise this matter would not end! Respond that he is the second artillery unit.
Several df5 intercontinental missile launch bases are ready for launch, which is stronger than any argument. Such a tough attitude has made polar bears unable to find their mouths for a while.
Ambassador Japan also complained about the massacre of their sailors by the South China Sea Fleet when he farted.
The ambassador of Citigroup did say something nutritious. He also knew that it was unreasonable to launch missiles at the South China Sea Fleet first, so he didn’t say cruel words. Instead, he repeatedly stressed that it was necessary to ensure that the soldiers surrendered and that they could not move their equipment. The former item was absolutely guaranteed. Hey, hey, what time is it? Are you dreaming? The big nose also expressed extreme seriousness about the situation in the Taiwan Strait. "The United States recognizes that there is a Republic that does not want people to change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait!" Listen to the level, right? Just listen to the first sentence when he sings poetry on his ass. Don’t take it seriously. People will die. The second sentence is that he wants to talk. The foreign minister of the Republic said that the Republic did not attack Taiwan Province. Today, all these actions are revenge for the Taiwan military special forces attacking our cargo ship-although this revenge was finally reported to the head of the Citigroup fleet and went to the big nose to ask the South China Sea Fleet to return Taiping Island to Foreign Minister Taiwan Province. He said that there is no problem and Taiping Island will be returned to Taiwan Province at the right time.
This is the right time to wait for more than ten years until the reunification of the Taiwan Strait.
Citigroup also knows that there is no hope for Taiping Island. The South China Sea is an unsinkable super battleship. How can the South China Sea fleet not let go of the fat it has eaten? Dream on, he asked for the withdrawal of troops from the Diaoyu Islands of the Republic, because this is a disputed sea area, and it is acceptable for France to station troops in Japan.
The foreign minister’s face is a bit ugly. "Diaoyu Island has been a part of China since ancient times. It is indisputable that China has disputed the ownership of these islands!"
Ambassador Citi’s complexion has also become ugly. "Japan’s national self-defense forces are furious and crazy, and they nest wants you to fight to the death on the Diaoyu Islands! Is it worthwhile to destroy the diplomatic relations between the two countries by just a few deserted islands? "
The foreign minister said, "the Lord is above everything else, which is different from doing business. We don’t have to calculate it."
After returning to the embassy, Ambassador Citigroup sent a newspaper to Washington: "Nationalism in China is high, as it was during the Korean War more than 20 years ago. This is a very dangerous momentum. We must teach Beijing a lesson to beat their nationalism!"
Chapter 40 Blade to the marrow (3)
There is a bend in the sky, the moon is sparse, a few stars are shining in the sky, the waves are rushing back and forth around the earth, the fishing fire in the vast East China Sea is lit up, and the lights of the temporary lighthouse on Diaoyu Island shine directly on the other side.
A black fleet, a ship cutting the ink waves, descended on the Diaoyu Islands. This fleet was more luxurious than the one that was destroyed in the South China Sea, but it was not different. The fleet that was destroyed in the South China Sea was alone, and this fleet was composed of Japanese Citigroup. Of course, it was necessary to get the noodles back, so they chose to recover the Diaoyu Islands by the South China Sea Fleet three days ago. There are hundreds of billions of barrels of oil in the waters around it, which have topped an oil power in the Middle East. If it is not so rich in oil resources, I am afraid that Japan will even look at it.
The most striking thing about this fleet is that the aircraft carrier Bumblebee, with more than 50 advanced fighter planes, has a hull as high as a dozen stories, which is so conspicuous even in the dark night, just like a proud warrior who swaggered into the forbidden area. It has reason to be proud because no country in Asia has a higher military strength than it-a warship is stronger than others. Can you not be proud? This proud wasp seems that Lieutenant General Haier Mo was caught off guard in the South China Sea War, and then the polar bear killed the Enterprise first, and then the South China Sea Fleet of the Chinese army stalked it to deal with the threat from China, and finally had to surrender. It’s not that they couldn’t do it, but can the Chinese army in the East China Sea come up with such a powerful force to confront them?
Behind the Bumblebee is the Japanese warship with the largest displacement at present-the amphibious landing ship Sunward, which is a quasi-carrier ship with a displacement of up to 10,000 tons. According to their constitution, it should not be, but michel platini needs them to maintain a relatively strong military force to restrain the polar bear and panda michel platini from nodding their heads, so there is nothing wrong with such an advanced warship. Of course, the pride of the Japanese navy is that no one on board laughs and stares at the huge wasp in front of them like wolves. That is what they are most. Yes, during World War II, Japan had the second navy in the world-although the quality was not very good, the level of generals was also unsatisfactory. Yukikaze, Shiyu, Yefen and so on were such auspicious treasures for their own people. But in the end, the second child is the second child. This is the peak of the Great Japanese Empire since the Reform. When will it be possible to reproduce the glory of World War II? The highest commander of the whole fleet, Ling Tianyuan, will look at that hill-like giant ship and give a deep sigh. Just like being a captive, Lieutenant General Nakamura, he is also an old man who has come out of the blood of the
More than anyone, he hopes that the imperial navy can regain its former glory and stand on the top of the world! Why not? Yamato is the most tenacious, hardworking and hard-working nation, and we are the best! More than 10,000 Soviet tanks rolled wildly and two nuclear bombs, the double-headed eagle, failed to bring us down. After the end of World War II, Japan was in ruins, and the achievements of the reform and reform came to nothing. Didn’t we survive? In just 30 years, it has become the world’s number one economic power, with the most developed light and heavy industrial tobacco industry, and with the most advanced technology, the best workers and the strongest soldiers. Why can’t we become the world’s number one power?
Ling Tian Yuanyi will be almost morbidly hostile to two countries, China and Citigroup. The former has been holding steady Japan for more than 2,000 years, making them breathless. It’s hard to hope that the Asian hegemon will fall, and the dream of unifying Asia will be realized. The double-headed eagle jumps out and tells you to be a strong country, but it can’t be strong enough to threaten the old security. This is absolutely not allowed! In order to curb the expansion of the empire, the double-headed eagle tried its best to strangle the empire. When the throat war hit the key, it implemented oil, steel, The embargo on tungsten and other strategic materials made the empire extremely passive and finally had to sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and fight against the double-headed eagle. Empirical study: They found the wrong opponent. The double-headed eagle bet was much stronger than them. The double-headed eagle could afford to lose ten Pearl Harbor battles, and Japan was a fiasco in Midway, and there was no chance to turn over again. It has been decades since then, and Lieutenant General Ling Tanaka still thinks that Pearl Harbor is a double-headed eagle. General Shan Fifty-six was tricked into a fiasco in jihad and did not knock down the empire. It has become the most developed country in the world, and its military strength has also increased rapidly. It is just around the corner to regain its glory in time, but China has just given the empire a stick with the wreckage of dozens of warships and told the empire that you want to regain the glory of militarism? Stop dreaming. Even I can’t beat you, but I still want to beat you, michel platini? What a joke!
So Lieutenant General’s hatred for pandas far exceeds that of the double-headed eagle. No matter how hateful the double-headed eagle is, it has suppressed them for decades, and the pandas have been stomping on them for thousands of years to prevent them from turning over! For thousands of years, no matter how hard the empire tries, it will always be really proud, because no matter how powerful they are, there will always be a country that overlooks them and laughs at them. They are not as good as you! Even in the heyday of the empire, you can be the world’s second oldest. It seems that they slapped the great fleet into the bottom of the sea because of the damn panda, and the Senkaku Islands severely humiliated the empire. You have to pay the price of blood! And the double-headed eagle. We’ll see. The empire won’t last forever
Let you ride your heads. Once we’re full-fledged, we’ll take you first! Of course, we must beat the panda’s thunder before, otherwise the revival of the empire will be lost!
Lieutenant General’s eyes fell on the cover of a military magazine. The character on the cover of a military magazine is a Republic Army senior colonel with a strange color. He is surprisingly young and laughs at cynicism, but his eyes are as sharp as a tiger. He is the idol of the new generation of soldiers in the Republic, and the commander of the first middle school assault division, Senior Colonel Liu Weiping, has heard a lot about him in the past nine years. The most famous thing is what he said when he visited Hong Kong for an interview the year before last. When the reporter asked him about his evaluation of the combat effectiveness of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, his answer made the field feel like vomiting blood.
"The Japanese army is well-equipped, well-trained and disciplined. It has all the potential to be a prostitute, but it is still a virgin in terms of war experience."
When you see this sentence, his desk is like a tornado. This mystery is general. The ruthless tactics and cold winds of young soldiers in the Annan War quickly became popular. Just one division destroyed more than 10,000 enemies in three days. Think about what this concept is. Annan has declared that he is a Class-A war criminal, and it is necessary to get rid of him at all costs. However, this general style of play of "Three Lights Policy" is quite suitable for Lieutenant General’s appetite, and he has won the love of many fans in Japan. Now that the two countries are at loggerheads, what is shenyang military area command’s top three scourges doing? Oh, I’m distracted. He’s in the army. Even if he has great achievements, he can’t be allowed to direct naval warfare. Isn’t this a joke?
The confidential staff member Yamanaka Satoshi brought Lieutenant General’s thoughts back to reality. "The Senkaku Islands have arrived."
Ling Tanaka will sort out a thought and ask, "What is the reaction of the Chinese army?"
Yamanaka said, "There is no response yet. Their ships in the Senkaku Islands were withdrawn three hours ago, leaving a Lian Haijun Marine Corps to defend the Senkaku Islands. So far, their naval sailors on Taiping Island have not shown signs of returning to the East China Sea. If they want to fight against the joint fleet, they will have to fight with our advanced fighters in large numbers, which is extremely beneficial to us."
Ling Tanaka will laugh. "The Chinese army won the victory in the South China Sea, and the elite of the aviation soldiers in the Guangzhou Military Region and the Nanjing Military Region were all transferred. It is easy to attack and collect dozens of fighters and quickly put them into a new battlefield. How can it be so simple? No six or seven hours can’t be done, and after six or seven hours, I am afraid that the Senkaku Islands have been filled with the rising sun flag! " Paused and said, "All right, order the ships to prepare for the shelling in five minutes. After the shelling, let the Marines attack. It must take 20 minutes to solve the battle!"
Yamanaka Sasuke asked, "Don’t you persuade them to surrender first?"
Ling Tanaka will have a heart attack. "Zhongzuo, you didn’t compete with them. You don’t understand them. Since the jihad 40 years ago, the real Chinese soldiers have developed the habit of preferring to die rather than surrender. They will bring you a sniper rifle and let the naval guns of each ship hit two bases. If the empire is destined for the Senkaku Islands, then I would rather blow it up with naval guns!"
The old man generate came out and suppressed the bloodthirsty breath for decades, which made Zhongzuo shudder.
The huge fleet formed a cold steel wreath around the Diaoyu Islands. Inside, the guns of the naval guns were slowly aimed at the Diaoyu Islands, and it took a moment to turn the Diaoyu Islands into a steel flame purgatory!
Major General Sol, commander of the Bumblebee Aircraft Carrier Battle Group, watched the performance of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces with great interest. So far, the performance of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces is still excellent, while the performance of the Chinese army is temporarily evaluated. Because of his roots, he can’t see a Chinese soldier. A huge early warning aircraft is slowly hovering over Fiona Fang for hundreds of kilometers. Even a golf ball can’t hide from those sharp eagle eyes …

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