Yuan Ren’s experimental fruit was thrown to the front of Zhang Lanli’s paste sand wall and then spit on the ground when he dumped his fat hand.


"Dead fat, just pack the whole surrounding floor and go away. There are two little guys in the factory. How do you deal with them?" Lying on the side of the body, Moriguchi
At the same time, an alarm sounded from the far and near side, and finally the new york police were alarmed.
"This medicine has a wide range, enough for one kilometer in Fiona Fang to lie down for three days. Don’t worry," Yuan Ren said with his back to Zhang Lan, took out a dialogue device and dialed the communication. "I’m a third-level agent. Yuan Ren has something important to connect with Director Frey. Please inform me."
[To be continued]
Chapter 164 Not the kui is Nick Frey (a more outbreak)
"Hello, Director Frey, I’m Yuan Ren, a third-class agent." Yuan Ren made a polite call.
"What is the situation at the scene?" Frey sounds come out of the microphone.
"The battle is over. Among Zhang Lan, Spider-Man and the green goblin, hydra LSD is temporarily unable to move. The hydra personnel have been killed except one who escaped."
Yuan Ren finished shooting a circle around the scene with the intercom camera, and Sen also cooperated with the wide-open black eye hole and the faint black smoke coming out.
It looks like it was killed.
"Very well, Yuan Ren, you stay where you are, and there will be agents to meet you."
"Good chief, but the new york police have come to me."
"Don’t worry, I’ll have a department to let them be responsible for the external vigilance and won’t enter the battle field. Just protect Zhang Lanan on the spot."
With that, Frey hangs up the communication directly. After listening to Zhang Lan’s face, it’s not that he doesn’t want to show anything, but now it’s difficult for him to turn his eyes. In fact, Frey’s mother’s dog blood has been drenched in his heart.
This guy didn’t notice what Zhang Lan and others were poisoned. Can he be okay with a Yuan Ren?
However, no matter whether Frey believed Yuan Ren’s words, the periphery was gradually approaching the alarm. After Yuan Ren hung up, it was only 30 seconds before it roared away, temporarily blocking the one-kilometer area of Fiona Fang to prohibit people from entering and leaving.
"How about the resources of SHIELD?"
Yuan Ren proudly boasted to Zhang Lan that it was already using SHIELD as a hydra resource, and it kept connecting with new communication.
"The target has captured and started the military transport helicopter with a large prison cage."
In a short sentence, he hung up without waiting for the response. A chubby face and his eyes narrowed into a crack. Obviously, he was very satisfied with his own handling.
It’s humbled to see Zhang Lan with such a proud momentum that he has been calculated by such a person!
"Dead fat! Don’t laugh so disgusting, okay? It’ s very uncomfortable! "
Just cooperate with lying corpse, sen said that it was a blackened eye that could still see Yuan Ren’s facial expression.
"Hey, little iron man, your eyes haven’t been burned out. Are you still so real? It seems that I can also consider transforming a "
"Don’t think about it. It’s still an experimental stage. It’s very troublesome to disassemble and replace it every half month. You don’t need to fight. You’ve always been a backstabbing guy."
"That’s right! Then forget it. "
Sen explained that Yuan Ren immediately dismissed the idea and turned to look at the ground. Zhang Lanpang’s face and eyes fell into * * again, and he was very happy.
"You this guy is a high-level target this time back to hydra will reward me maybe can be responsible for hosting a small base! Really want to thank you, Zhang Lan "
Zhang Lan, who is proud of Yuan Ren, doesn’t want to say much. The only thing that can control his eyelids is out of sight, out of mind and out of mind.
Yuan Ren glanced at the pie mouth when he saw this, and then continued to reward himself for Hydra.
One minute after Yuan Ren’s second communication, Zhang Lan first keenly heard a roar, which gradually approached. He couldn’t help but open his eyes. Because his head couldn’t turn, he could see out of the corner of his eye that this was an army transport helicopter with the S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. logo on its fuselage. The transport plane was tied with a long steel cable, which seemed to be hanging something beyond the eye angle, so he couldn’t see the appearance.
Soon the military transport helicopter got closer and closer, and the hanging thing also showed its appearance. It was a white box like a boxed cuboid, four meters long, three meters wide and two meters wide, and its appearance was also marked with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo.
This is Frey’s backup unit? Or hydra?
Zhang Lan is unknown, while Yuan Ren put away his smug face and couldn’t read much information. At the moment, he knew that this was the Hydra Army.
The military transport helicopter flew straight to Zhang Lan’s head and pointed the white box vertically at him. Then the white box gave a mechanical gear movement, and the white box was not a straight crack from the middle of the bottom, but a sawtooth shape. After it was finished, it was like a giant mouth for five meters.
The military transport helicopter slowly lowered its giant mouth and approached him vertically, just like scoffing at a cake. It bit him and the floor around him was two meters, and directly put him into the white box together with the floor.
It must be a hydra to "transport" Zhang Lan in such an extreme way.
A dark white box lit up the whole box. Zhang Lan turned his eyes and glanced around to find that the box had a hole in the sky. The bright silver metallic luster showed that it was expensive, and occasionally there was a blue arc jumping from the metal wall. This was only when high voltage was connected.
It’s really a convenient and strong cage.
When he observed the structure of the box, a sound penetrated the box, which was a man’s voice but full of demagogic magnetic characteristics.
"Welcome, Mr. Zhang Lan. I’m glad they can invite you, although the method is not very friendly."
"Oh, I’m sorry to forget that you can’t act yet. I’m sorry that I’m afraid I can’t explain this to you now. You also know that your destructive power is too strong. I’m afraid this little thing in front of you can’t trap you."
The cage of the talking box shook slightly, and its sealing performance was better than that of Zhang Lan. Even the complicated propeller of the helicopter could not be heard, but it was certain that it was taking off. At this time, he was already hoisted and transported to the place where Hydra wanted him to go.
"I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m so excited. My name is Maple Leaf. It seems that the outside world is a mercenary who licks blood with a knife edge. I’ve just been recruited into SHIELD recently. Of course, I said I joined SHIELD."
"Dadada! Boom! "
"FACK calling, this is the S.H.I.E.L.D. task force, please."
"Tear it up!"
"Don’t understand? We are also agents of SHIELD. Are you blind? Stop attacking. "
"boom! Boom Boom! "