I once again shocked my younger brother to gain insight into talent by pushing and developing the symbolic road Baiyun Tower with Dongfang Yu.


Although the law is derived from the true meaning of Tao due to the revision of realm, it can find out the differences and connections of ordinary people’s law insights from different symbols.
By virtue of the powerful divine knowledge, the four-grain Taoist symbol is deduced and the five-grain Taoist symbol has a direction.
It is precisely because of this that we can successfully repair the fourth weight by creating our own magical powers.
In addition to cultivating the body, there is also a breakthrough. The fairy body has moved forward to the sixth meteorite in the fairyland of the fierce sun, and it is very suitable for the Baiyun Tower to get the true formula of burning.
This magic trick is that the high-level avatar can directly command the immortal fire.
Come on, whether it’s the spirit weapon sword or the Baiyun Tower refining spirit bamboo arrows, you can attach Samadhi true fire, so you need to worry that the spirit weapon will be easily burned out by true fire.
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Southern Terran
Not only that, but also the attachment of real fire can make the speed and power of the weapon sword soar, and it can also instantly detonate the weapon to maximize its power.
After more than half a year’s practice, the Baiyun Tower has soared, and the breakthrough of the physical body and the rise of the spiritual realm are even more overwhelming.
The nine ways of dividing the soul have all risen from the four pavilions to the nine pavilions, and they have been specially taken care of by the Baiyun Tower, and they have reached the limit of distraction three months ago.
Deliberately raising this sub-soul to the limit is a link in the planning of the whole demon.
Kyushu is the only place where Nanzhou is shrouded by Jiuding Refined Soul Large Array. Although Baiyun Tower is an island hundreds of miles away from Nanzhou, it is not the best place.
It is the Baiyun Tower that has already made plans to give up a distraction and mix it with the Nanzhou large array, which can not only find out the details of Nanzhou, but also try to secretly arrange the array, perhaps to receive miraculous effects.
Even if monty noticed the big deal, it would be good to give up this soul to Qingyun’s predecessors as a supply.
Now, three months later, this soul-splitting road has experienced some twists and turns, and finally it has been fooled by monty and really mixed into the southern state magic practice
At that time, I was amazed at the planning of Bai Dazhao’s master, and finally accompanied him personally to escort the soul to Nanzhou.
Distraction in repairing dzogchen did not live up to the high hopes of Baiyun Tower, and the ability of convergence was almost flawed
With the help of the avatar, the soul can be changed at will, and the living things in the human world are very volatile, such as rocks and plants.
It is also thanks to Baiyun Tower’s cultivation and understanding of the five elements of evasion that it can be free and easy.
In order to let the soul break into the large array, after looking at it for a long time, the clear pool directly moved to secretly provoke the thunder clouds at the large array. When it was raining heavily, Baiyun Tower found an opportunity to turn the raindrops into large arrays.
When the large array of monty has occupied more than enough, and slowly pushed up the large array of Qingyun, it is better to move the tripod around the array base and move slowly.
It is precisely because of this that Baiyun Tower wants to find a way to escape and quietly escape near Qingyun.
In the large array, the virtual wandering Ding Qingyun only keeps one. It is the Dading Baiyun Tower that keeps white marine fish. It is also following the fluctuation of white marine fish breath that we can accurately find the base of wandering array.
Most of the heavy rain spots of beans are evaporated by magic gas, and less than half of the rain floats and falls on the dry ground.
A seemingly ordinary raindrop floats in a virtual place and suddenly disappears into thousands of waves in the rain.
Suddenly, a drop of rain drifted into the hidden cauldron, and the shallow ripples suddenly woke up the edge of the cauldron with repose.
The rippling of Dading water gradually showed the shape of Baiyun Tower.
With the appearance of the soul body seal, the massive innate qi also conveniently spread out, which seemed to smell the peerless delicacy, and the white sea fish immediately wandered around the Baiyun Tower curiously.
Finally, the two Qingyun Gate leaders met before and after.
Later, Baiyun Tower issued a sword of Qingyun Gate to recognize Qingyun, the grandmaster.
Qingyun knew that the master who helped out twice was the Qingyun leader of the people’s fix-up world now, so he took Baiyun Tower and asked about the recent situation of the people’s fix-up world.
Looking at Qingyun’s dry figure, Baiyun Tower was filled with emotion. First, it will bring in the innate qi and send out nearly half of it to moisten the dharma body, so as to read about the human world.
Although there is a large array of isolated Baiyun Tower here, I am very careful to talk only about it.
After listening to the recent situation in the human world and the arrangement of Qingyun in Kyushu, it was very exciting.
Knowing that this younger brother intends to blend into Monty’s territory, Qingyun thought about telling Baiyun Tower about the current situation of the large array one by one.
Patiently listening to grandmaster elaborate Baiyun Tower, I realized that I still wanted to be simple.
Now monty is too powerful, and almost all the creatures in Nanzhou are induced by everything.
In this way, it is not feasible to plan to blend in with the planning before, because the large array is shrouded in magic gas, and most of it must have the smell of strange creatures, and monty will surely be aware of it.
But now the whole large array is slowly rotated by Monty, but it shows Baiyun Tower a chance.
It’s a feasible method to find a suitable Terran possessed by a large array of rotating machines and observe it secretly, but the stranger can move with it.
A thought Baiyun Tower asked Qingyun about this southern state magic repair.
Although it is inferior to the appearance of the array, I still hope that many white clouds will be built by the magic of the array.
Exquisite towers are also shrouded in magic, and the Terran is all transformed. Although the magic people are born with magic, they still have unyielding Terran hearts.
After listening to Qingyun’s narrative, Baiyunlou was even more gratified.
It turns out that the experience of Nanzhou Terran in the past 3,000 years can be described as troubled, and it is not easy to be lucky today.
The twists and turns of this matter have to start from the beginning of Nanzhou Grand Array.
At the beginning, Monty’s residual soul was introduced into Nanzhou to start the soul refining large array, but the seal was secretly attacked by powerful Monty, and the fellow monks were involved in the large array.
Then Qingyun gave his life into the array to promote the large array to suppress monty, but I also saved more than ten fellow soldiers.
Although Monty was banned in the large array, he swallowed up a lot of monks involved in the magic gas with the magic magic power, so the magic flame was monstrous for a while
Qingyun immediately took more than ten fellow practitioners to promote the operation of large array to refine monty, and finally temporarily suppressed it.
However, these more than ten monks have just experienced the war and have been eroded by Monty’s true soul and magic gas, which has already hurt their roots.
The large array is not suitable for Godsworn in Wonderland to practice. Eventually, these Godsworn have been carrying it hard for thousands of years, and the large array has been exhausted and fallen.
Fellow monks are dying. Qingyun tried to find a way to start a large array to send out a few disabled Taoist friends, but these monks refused. Once the array is started, Monty may also take the opportunity to escape.
However, these monks not only stayed in Nanzhou, but also walked vigorously when they fell.