They are all over the ball, and there are more than 20 thousand designers with huge volume. Every day, the order is not a small number, and they are slightly hard and different, so they need not be promoted.


It can’t be promoted either, because they have so many people, and it is also a trouble to have no one to do it.
Then Wang Yong and Daniel signed another loan contract, which was equivalent to the first deposit of 20,000 US dollars from Wilson Company.
This is Mo Qingying. The United States agreed on Daniel. Daniel readily agreed this time.
Daniel is good at counting. Is it over $20,000? It’s just two sets of smart home systems, and even if they buy at half price, they want four sets, which is really not much.

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Chapter 167 Passion kissing

The terms of the contract are relatively simple, and there is no breach of contract clause, which is mainly due to the offshore payment of Dolphin Technology, that is, the delivery of money with one hand.
Actually, the offshore payment of Dolphin Technology has to go further, because Dolphin Technology is not qualified for export, and there is no declaration, shipment, etc. It is simply that COSCO Sinotrans packs a trailer to Dolphin Technology, which is equivalent to the ex-factory price.
This cargo certificate is issued by Wilson Company, which is specially stationed in Yangcheng Sea Office, and it has been received by Wilson Company through international notification or certificate, and then Wilson Company will transfer the payment to BOC International account of Dolphin Technology.
This simple spot trading is as simple and direct as buying things at the store. Both parties have no power to ask for anything from each other.
Of course! Dolphin technology is not sold out, but it must also be responsible for technical support. After all, smart home system is a complex system.
In addition, Dolphin Technology has the right to provide installation technical training for Wilson’s construction personnel.
This is a long-term training plan. Wilson Company sends people to Dolphin Technology for training regularly every year, so Dolphin Technology is impossible.
The two sides agreed on the training price of one person, one thousand dollars per person, which includes accommodation and meals for students, and dolphin technology can make a small profit
Several contracts drafted by Mo Qingying were approved by Wang Yong Daniel, who signed them separately and then printed their company seals. Daniel was glad that Wang Yong shook hands. "Wang wishes us a happy time!"
"This is certain that we Dolphin Technology will always promise to hand over overseas markets to your company. Our advantages are complementary and not competitive." Wang Yong was also glad that he shook hands and made a promise.
Dolphin technology, unlike other countries, does not seek to establish foreign marketing channels, but instead seeks to find out the effect of their cards in the field of international large enterprises, so as to achieve the marketing effect with half the effort.
On the other hand, Liu Meijuan knows that in the future, Europe and the United States will generally be hostile to China’s restrictions on China enterprises everywhere, and it is always a huge fine for China enterprises’ foreign branches, which is equivalent to their nailing.
Naturally, Dolphin Technology won’t be stupid enough to invest in foreign countries. Congren will assess the situation and benefit the top enterprises in foreign industries. It seems that giving up half of the profits is actually a beautiful thing to save money and worry.
This is called the combination of strong and powerful forces to exert the effect that 1+1 is greater than 2.
Of course, all this must be that your production is excellent enough and competitive, otherwise why should others join you?
Dolphin technology smart home system is excellent enough, which is the world’s first initiative, and Wilson Company is willing to cooperate.
After signing the contract and negotiating for more than three hours, Wang Yong hosted Daniel and his party for a sumptuous China meal in the VIP room on the second floor of the canteen.
The company’s existing Cantonese chefs include Hunan chefs and luxury VIP rooms. It is not necessary to invite Daniel and his party to Shaxi Village Commercial Street for dinner. Saving money is one reason, mainly to save trouble.
After a full meal, Daniel and his party left happily. Wang Yong Mo Qingying waved off.
Looking at the car shadow flying away, Mo Qingying immediately hugged Wang Yong to celebrate "Ayong, you are great. Since then, our dolphin technology has never had any financial worries and has reached a new height."
From the moment Daniel got up and left angrily, my heart was cold. I didn’t know that I changed my mind after being impassioned by you.
Without you, the consequences of this business negotiation are simply unimaginable. You are the best. I love you! "
Mo Qingying took advantage of the excitement to boldly express her affection to Wang Yong and stopped calling him boss, which was once a patent in Liu Meijuan.
Beauty grace heavy MoQingYing holding his praise to Wang Yong could not bear to refuse Wang Yong motionless like a Woodenhead, she gave her mouth shan shan advised her to "pay attention to the image! Pay attention to the image! "
"Hum! What are you afraid of? Everyone in the company knows that I like you. "MoQingying held him tightly and retorted.
"A Ying you this is bitter! I am a married man and I don’t deserve your love. "Wang Yong advised her with true feelings.
"no! You are the best man. I don’t ask you to spend months ago. I ask you to be soul mate. You can’t deprive me of my love for you. "
Mo Qingying boldly offered her first kiss when she saw that Wang Yong was not firm in refusing.
This long grass warbler flies in a beautiful season, and two young people who seem to love each other embrace passionately by the Pearl River.
Wang Yong felt Mo Qingying’s deep love and lengthened. When there was no sexual affair, the male hormone seriously exceeded the standard. He accepted her love and kissed her deeply.
Of course, the two of them just stopped kissing. After that, Wang Yong frankly said to her, "A Ying, I must confess to you that I love my wife too and I will never part with her. If you really love me, I must consider her feelings. Can you do that?"
"What? Am I not beautiful enough for her? Or am I not good enough? " Mo Qingying clasped Wang Yong’s hands and looked up at him. Her eyes were misty and rainy, and there was both love and lust in them.
"no! You are as good as she is, because I have a lifelong agreement with her, and we both have a common goal that we are willing to strive for all our lives, so I will never betray her in this life. This is not an oath, but my heart insists. "This time, Wang Yong is bold, and she stares at her and reveals her heart.
"good! I promise you I won’t do anything to hurt her, and I will try my best to get her understanding. "
Mo Qingying has vaguely known the ideal of Wang Yong and his wife, which is why she loves him more. She has made a promise or can be called "compromise"
She would like Liu Meijuan to follow the story of Huang Nvying and help Wang Yong realize his dream.
Everything that happened on the riverside was pregnant, and Liu Meijuan didn’t know it. At this time, she was reviewing Miao Wei’s research report in her dormitory.
Miao Wei is uneasy and stiff in front of her, and his body is faintly shaking. This is why he is too excited.
It took Liu Meijuan nearly ten minutes to read a scientific research report with more than ten pages. She looked up at the young engineer in front of her and was very pleased and made a decision.
"yes! Your hair is very creative. I’m glad you can actively use your brain to innovate.