Chapter three hundred and seventy-one Terrible lazy family


Similarly, K Shao, the opponent of the lazy family, knows that this wave is run.
After all, if the lazy family was so easy to deal with, it wouldn’t have been the leader in this level of Shenwei for so long. It has been more than ten years since the lazy family entered the dream from five years of strength. If the lazy family was so easy to deal with, it wouldn’t have been that the new and old urk hands lost once in the past ten years.
It was also at this time that the first round of combat was rolled out.
The two sides fought against each other
Lazy family daughter village, Fangcun Mountain, Putuo Mountain, Lingbo City, Wuzhuangguan
K Team Tiangong, Fangcun Mountain, Huasheng Temple, Lingbo City, and Datang Government
From the perspective of the war, the two sides are indistinguishable, but soon everyone knows that the lazy family in the Shenwei world will be so fantastic that no team in the Shenwei world dares to challenge the lazy family.
The first round of the game
Not to everyone’s surprise, a sister in Shenwei
Bing Bing, that is, lazy Xiao Bing, daughter village successfully won a speed.
After winning the speed, she made a wave of control over the face seal for the first time.
Control the opposite K team for one speed.
Successful hit!
However, because the K team was charged with one-speed and two-speed square inch mountain, it was successfully hit by Fang Fang’s attempt to manipulate lazy Xiaotian square inch mountain before he made a shot.
The lazy family shot twice and hit twice.
The rhythm is in the hands of the lazy family in just a few seconds!
It was also at this time that Putuo Mountain, a lazy family, gave Lazy Xiaohui a view of the Five Villages as a beast.
Superposition physical damage ability!
And lazy Xiaohui, a person who can view Wuzhuang, is faster than the K Team Metaphysical Temple opposite.
Before it was K’s turn to turn to the Metaphysical Temple, his hand turned into the role of advanced night Luo Cha Wuzhuangguan, and he proudly made a move.
Fuck, it’s a broken pair!
The goal is …
Team k, speed heaven!
When breaking the pair of icy chills is more effective than the colorful moves, the K team will burst into full swing.
Everyone saw a … terrible data! ! !
Broken double-
47! ! !
"Holy shit!"
"Holy shit?"
Short-lived compulsion is not capitalized compulsion!
In recent years, due to the sudden appearance of the dreamer team, everyone’s attention has shifted from the lazy family to the dreamer team, thus paying less attention to the lazy family.
And now the lazy family has proved itself powerful by its own strength!
Can you view five villages?
What is the first and fifth Zhuang view of Shenwei?
This is the first and fifth Zhuang view of Shenwei!
Broken 47!
Yes, it is broken 47!
When I watched my hp blood streak plummet to about half the time, the face of the heavenly palace of the K team also appeared a very bitter and nai smile.
"No blue"
Three words came out of his mouth than hard.
Yes, lazy Xiaohui, so the thunder offensive is a broken double-his P mana is drained!
"Mom, mom, mom, mom!"
Scolded three k less in a row and turned pale instantly. Although he knew that the lazy family was sacred and inviolable, he never thought that fighting would be so one-sided
You know, the first round is only halfway through!
How can I fight this?
How to fight!
This problem not only rises in the hearts of K team, but also lingers in the hearts of all dream friends watching this battle.
"Lazy family …"
"Horrible so …"
Unrestricted praise is exposed from the mouth of every dream friend.
At this moment, the K-team Xiuyuan Shenwei overlord team seems to be no longer so far away. It is no longer the kind of tall but a kind of weak ant that can’t fight back.
"Oh, oh, brother Xiaohui, yes, well done."
When Fang wants to see lazy Xiaohui show his strength, he also has no cover and appreciates a wave.
Before he was a new urk, he had a gank with the lazy family. That lazy Xiaohui also showed great strength. After all, there are not many teams who can do it with a piece of gem hardware and a whole dream, right? And the lazy family is Secondary One.
All the main players in the team have 17 pieces of hardware, with an average of 1 piece. Xiaotian has successfully sprinted 19 pieces of hardware.
Such strength and such data really make people have to.
Hear Fang Xiang words lazy Xiaohui smiled.
"Oh, it’s ok. That heavenly palace should be dead, Xiaoxi, don’t you think?"
Hear lazy Xiaohui lazy family that Lingbo city narrowed his eyes.
"yeah, yeah’s dead."

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