Chen Fengwang looked out at the crazy pursuit of vampires and thought that once the plan was shattered, how many people would die in the world? Suddenly, he sensed the energy fluctuation ten kilometers away. This familiar energy fluctuation is the wind feather.


Chen fengqi said, "how can she now be in Midtown?" When he was curious, he sensed several powerful energy fluctuations. It seems that several powers pursued the wind feather.
Kemi Rebrett’s super-power induction was not as wide as Chen Feng’s, so he didn’t notice the situation ten kilometers away. Chen Feng said urgently, I sensed a friend’s danger. Now I’m going to save her. Say, he stepped on his feet and thundered to the wind and feather energy fluctuation location.
Ten kilometers away, Feng Yu was covered in abdominal injuries and still bleeding. She fled quickly in a high-rise building. Next to her, she was a humanoid weapon created by her quasi-transformation power. Feng Shen was a stunning half-man, half-whirlwind beauty. Behind her, there were several powers. One of them was a white man, and the building collapsed instantly.
The wind feather silver tooth bit her foot and gave birth to a whirlwind, which carried her to another building for a short time, but the power behind her was getting closer and closer. One of the Japanese people opened her mouth and vomited more than ten bats, beasts and monsters in one spit, and quickly pounced on the wind feather to make her escape from the road ahead.
Fengshen spun her hands beside her, and immediately the wind split several times, and the wind blade killed more than ten bats, beasts and monsters. After consuming her super powers, Fengshen also completely dissipated the wind feather’s super powers, and she was seriously injured. Her feet were soft and kneeling on the ground.
She paused for a few seconds and was immediately chased by the pursuit power. The white power laughed and said, Miss Feng Yu, you can make us chase hard.
The Japanese power looked at the wind feather and said that it was too obscene to be obscene. The head told us to take Miss Wind Feather back, but it didn’t finish. I have admired such a stunning beauty as Miss Wind Feather for a long time. Hey, hey.
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Several other powers are also well known. Looking at the wind feather is like a wolf looking at a lamb. Will you men think about this when you are cold? With a wave of her hand, the wind immediately attacked those powers crazily, but the white palm stopped moving immediately as if a huge hand would catch her.
Is it a psychic power? Feng Yu exclaimed that she lost her ability to resist, and she also panicked. A method to resist the beauty was unimaginable after facing several wolves and monsters. Feng Yu was desperate and closed his eyes. Now, who will save me? I will definitely repay him. She said that her silver teeth are ready to lisp, and she must not be defiled by others.
But at this time, a sound sounded in the night, and the thunder trial was followed by a thunder shock wave from a distance, which blew the Japanese power into powder. Chapter VII Reversed Totem Power.
The sudden change is shocking, and a shock wave directly shatters the Japanese power. This destructive power is amazing.
The white people’s powers are frightened, and the shock wave in that rotating mode is inflammation. The powers present at the trial are not mediocre. They know that inflammation trial is a trick of inflammation. At this time, when they see this similar shock wave, their hearts are full of fear.
Feng Yu tried to be innocent, but when she heard the sound of the shock wave breaking, she was surprised to see that it was her eldest brother, but then she found that the shock wave was not in the form of a flame, but a ray, so she was slightly puzzled and remembered a person who had received special training in the sun.
Wind feather, are you all right? Chen Feng’s feet are double Lei Guang flint. Now wind feather is around to see her abdominal wound, and her blood is more than grief in her heart.
Feng Yu was really surprised to see Chen Feng. She never expected that she would meet him in Central America, but she was also saved and remembered that Feng Yu could not help blushing and blushing.
Chen Feng saw that her face was red and she bowed her head and said nothing. She was seriously injured and said, Don’t worry, I’ll take you to Dr. Zheng. Her wonderful hand will definitely cure you.
But when Chen Fenggang tried to reach out and hug her, Feng Yu was angry and patted him angrily. What do you want to do, you fucking pervert? If I get hurt, you can take advantage of me by touching me.
In the face of the wind feather’s bombardment, Chen Feng inexplicably bears the blame of a dead goat and a dead pervert. This grievance can only be cleared. Chen Feng said sadly that he knew that her injury was not as heavy as he thought, so he turned to the group of people who were after several powers of wind feather and asked who you were
We should ask you this sentence.
What will you judge you in the hot sun? What is he?
Instead of answering Chen Feng’s question, those powers questioned him.
Chen Feng has to ask Feng Yu back where these birds who don’t understand human language come from.
They are super organizer Feng Yu. This sentence immediately shocked Chen Feng. He cried, Wait, they are super organizer. Then what will kill you? You are the supreme leader of the super organization, Baidu, the adopted daughter of the old man, and the strongest fighting force of the super organization. What will they kill you?
Where did you get so much nonsense? Pick up those guys and shout angrily. Chen Feng was frightened by her fierce attack and immediately turned to those powers and said, can you look at me and let this poor tigress go?
As soon as the wind feather heard the gas, the wound blood sprayed directly and cried, Who is the tigress? I asked you to pick it up, but they didn’t ask you for mercy.
Please let me fight a few powers. Why don’t you just kill me with a piece of tofu? Chen Feng said with a wry smile that all of a sudden, when he was talking, those powers were attacked by hand respectively.
The white man’s power palm broke into sharp stones and hung in front of him with his fingers stretched out. The stones immediately flew to an Indian, but his power was to cut his arm and smear blood on his body. His body muscles expanded several times stronger than that of a bodybuilder, and a black man’s power jumped with his hands folded and fell to the sky immediately.
Damn it, what kind of power is this? Chen Feng’s reaction is not slow. When the other party exerts his power, he also gives birth to double thunder at his feet. Will he be scolded for directly picking up the wind feather and going straight to the distance? After a second, Chen Feng’s building immediately cracked under the attack of three powers, and the glass of the building fell like rubble, killing the street running vampires.
Chen Feng is in a towering building, sprinting with a stroke. Her face is red and shy. She has never been hugged so intimately by a man. For a long time, her mind fluttered. Feng Yu only secretly scolded herself for shame and lewdness and said, Chen Feng, be careful. Those people are very powerful and eccentric.
I can see Chen Feng’s wry smile, but at this moment, his eyes suddenly rolled up, and Chen Feng’s eyes were lined with buildings, and the street auto department was upside down, with white clouds on his head and feet.
In the face of sudden changes, Chen Fengfeng’s feathers exclaimed that their feet hung off, but they were not land, but God knows that they didn’t land. Chen Feng directly smashed the summer glass next to him and jumped into the summer department, and the building was also upside down with tables and chairs on the top of his head and the ceiling chandelier was at Chen Fengjiao’s feet.