He is getting mixed up now, just because he hasn’t had much contact with the Big Five! His fairy wares are often in the top ten, five or even three in the celestial realm, and there is no problem in competing with twenty-seven people, because twenty-seven people can’t have the fairy wares in the top ten, five or three in the celestial realm, nor can they have six other magical powers of the same grade. With what he has mastered, he can walk sideways in 27 monks of the same order, but once he competes with the five giants, he will have no advantage!


Fairy wares, they have the first few, and so do others.
However, what about Fu, Dan and Ji?
Which is more powerful, the magic weapon attacking the top three immortals or the magic weapon attacking the top three immortals? If Dan Dao is added, what are the three comparisons? If you add the rest, what about seven comparisons?
He only has a good fairy in his hand, which is really not enough to see!
It is said that the most powerful fairy method in this world comes from the array road, so the first array road is enough to keep the remaining six roads under pressure. At this time, even if he is holding the first fairy in the celestial world, isn’t he going to be beaten?
Therefore, his spiritual path will never be smooth!
Immortals are important, and the realm is equally important! In this era of fighting for everything, it is natural to improve your strength from all aspects.
Xiao Wen cross his legs and sat in that strange room for a day and a night, and then time went on, and no one saw Xiao Wen again for the next few days.
Until Liao Jifeng has finished talking about things over there, Xiao Wen is not finished yet …
In fact, I don’t blame Xiao Wen. I only blame Liao Jifeng for the breakdown with others …
It is impossible for this neutral clan to give Ming Jianzong any strength, and the words are quite unique. Ming Jianzong and his party ended the negotiation ahead of schedule.
However, buying and selling can’t be righteous, and the Sect didn’t immediately drive out the people who sang Jianzong. Liao Jifeng and others simply take this opportunity to rest, while waiting for Xiao Wen to break through the realm.
There is another reason why Xiao asked about the slow ascension, which only he and Nan Yunqing would know, and that is that the Zi Ming Mo Wu Zhen Jing he compiled is quite special!
After someone else’s promotion, he is a brand-new middle-level true fairy, but Xiao Wen, who has studied the Purple Ghost Magic Wu Zhen Jing, can get a greater promotion than others!
This morning, Xiao Wen, who was sitting motionless in bed, suddenly opened his eyes and smiled silently. Then he stretched himself comfortably and jumped out of bed.
Directly open the door out of the house, just bumped into Liao Jifeng coming from the other end of the corridor.
"Going through customs?" Liao Jifeng pleasantly surprised tunnel.
"hmm." Xiao asked nodded and smiled.
At this moment Liao Jifeng has reached Xiao Wen’s side. Looking Xiao Wen up and down carefully, he tutted his tongue and said, "Boy, you stole the fairy method from Miss Nan long ago, didn’t you?"
"Not stolen …" Xiao asked awkwardly.
Liao Jifeng turned a circle around Xiao Wen again. See Xiao Wen whole body uncomfortable, and then said: "tut tut, who will believe that you just broke through to the middle-level true fairy?" This spiritual pressure on you is much stronger than ordinary high-order true fairies. "
"Hey, uncle, you flatter me."
"Well, go and tidy up. We have to go." Although he was happy for Xiao Wen, Liao Jifeng had to press a way.
"What’s the hurry? Are we done?"
"The talk collapsed." Liao Jifeng wry smile way.
"Anyway, the patriarch didn’t expect us to succeed every time." Xiao asked with a smile.
"Son of a bitch, do you dare to say this in front of the patriarch?"
"Ha ha. There is nothing to be afraid of. " Xiao asked mouth shut, and then turned back to the house to pack things.
Less than half an hour later, Ming Jianzong’s people flew out from the main peak of that clan door and turned to the next goal.
Halfway through, Xiao Wen couldn’t help but try the power of fairy devices such as fire yuan, and it really improved a lot than before. It is now he who wants to participate in J and jīng’s English competition, and he will definitely win a few more games in the competition!
Then a group of them searched for it door by door, sometimes they succeeded and sometimes they failed, and two months passed in a blink of an eye.
Carefully, J: ng’s English-English ratio has ended for half a year, and Ming Jianzong naturally compares with the finishing touch lake for half a year. According to Liao Jifeng’s understanding. In the competition of hardware and construction, because Ming Jianzong moved by example, everyone really showed their strength stronger than usual with momentum. No matter whether this strength is too high or not, as long as it can last for another half a year, then the third place in 27 cases will definitely be in their pocket. Because the rules are there, it is not that Ming Jianzong has to be better than Dianjing Lake in hardware and construction, as long as it is not worse than Dianjing Lake!
Halfway through the one-year competition, Ming Jianzong’s small team like Liao Jifeng and others will all go back to Zongmen once, not only to report and summarize, but also to arrange the next tasks in detail.
However, in general, there is definitely no participation of Xiao Wen, so after returning to Ming Jianzong, he first got together with Huo Xiang and others, and then plunged into the practice of Ran Feng.
That night, Xiao Wen actually received Zuo Ningqing’s voice operator, so he had to stop practicing and fly to the mantra Zhai.
"Master, what can I do for you?"
"You haven’t spoken to you well since you came back for the teacher this time. You are now a true fairy in the middle order …"
A moment later, Xiao asked, in fact, Zuo Ningqing had nothing else at all. It was out of concern for him that he was called. Speaking of it, Zuo Ningqing was particularly busy because of the continuous rotation of the Sect. In the past six months, they really gathered less and separated from each other, and there was less communication.
Xiao asked if he was moved, so he settled down to talk with Zuo Ningqing. Zuo Ningqing, after all, came from the realm of true fairy. Every time he can ask Xiao a few words at key points, Xiao Wen will benefit a lot.
This long talk actually lasted for the middle of the night. Xiao Wen benefited a lot, and Zuo Ningqing also said everything that should be said.
"Well, you can go home."
Xiao Wen saw that Zuo Ningqing was slightly haggard and his brow seemed to be sad, so he couldn’t help asking, "Master, do you have something on your mind?"
Zuo Ningqing glanced at Xiao Wen and nodded with a wry smile: "Well, there is more than one …"
"What’s the matter? Can I help? " Xiao asked uneasy tunnel, to be honest, he felt that he could worry Zuo Ningqing, and he couldn’t solve it himself.
Then he heard Zuo Ningqing say something he didn’t expect at all: "As a teacher, I have already felt the forbidden force in this world, and I am afraid it will soar."

Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Lobbyists
"Are you going to soar?" Xiao asked completely didn’t endure, "shout" stood up and exclaimed.
"Well, for the time being, only a few people, such as Brother Zong, know about it. We know that I haven’t told anyone here, and you should keep it quiet for the time being, you know?" Left setting early in the morning expect xiao asked such a reaction, motioned xiao asked to sit down, and then said.
"When will it be?" Xiao asked urgently.
"Short is half a year, but at the latest three years."
"Well …" Xiao asked, bowing his head and touching his forehead with his hand. At that time, he didn’t know what to say, but anyone could see that he was quite perplexed.
Xiao asked that there is only one master in this life, and that is Zuo Ningqing!
Although he joined Ming Jianzong for more than a year, he has long recognized that Zuo Ningqing is his only master, and he did indeed get the most sincere care from his closest elders from Zuo Ningqing that he had never felt for many years.
But at the moment, Zuo Ningqing actually said that she was going to soar. In short, it was only half a year, which is three years long. He would never see his only master again …
This is his closest relative …
At this moment, Zuo Ningqing said slowly: "Being a teacher in the realm of higher-order immortals has stopped for more than a hundred years. Whether it is self-cultivation or self-cultivation, it has already reached the peak of higher-order immortals, and it is only a matter of time before it rises. Now that I feel the opportunity, it’s not too early. Just, this time is not very appropriate, alas … "
Listen to Zuo Ningqing’s rare sigh, and Xiao asks to react. Now is not the time for him to worry. But when he solves problems for Zuo Ningqing!
"Master, what are you worried about? Just tell your disciples."
"The first thing is that after I left, I know what to do with you my disciples. I was going to spread the title of the first seat to your eleventh senior sister Nianrou. After all, she was the first person who completely inherited my self-cultivation method at a glance, and she took over as the first seat of Mingfeng, which would not make this method lost. But … I don’t know if she ever told you that she was hurt in a fight with lobbyist Juyuan and Yuan Ying in Jialing Daoding Chapter 239. I’m afraid it’s quite difficult to further enhance the realm. Even if she barely reached the realm of higher-order fairy. I am afraid that there is no hope of soaring, and it is difficult for strength to achieve the role of deterring the whole peak. "
"Ah … the teacher elder sister told me to improve, but she said she was completely well …"
"She didn’t even tell me at first. How can I tell you the truth? Although I’ve been trying my best to reduce the chances for you to meet my other disciples and sisters, you should also feel that not everyone on the peak is convinced by us. Reading soft xìng is especially outward. At first glance, it is careless, but in fact it is quite j: ng. It would be perfect for her to take over as the first seat, but her strength is limited, and I’m afraid she can’t hold down my classmates. In fact, it is not necessarily impossible to give them the first place. However, only by looking at xìng and tolerance, no one will pass. "
"Why don’t you pass it on to my other brothers and sisters?"
"Your master elder brother is too generous, easy to suffer. The Third Senior Brother is not qualified enough. I liked your Fourth Senior Sister, but she has started a clan outside. How can she put down her hard-earned foundation and come back? Your other brothers and sisters also have their own advantages and disadvantages, and everyone actually has shortcomings. I don’t care about their shortcomings, otherwise I wouldn’t accept them as my disciples. However, if we put them in the first position, the shortcomings will become weaknesses. "
"It’s so difficult …" Xiao asked with a sigh.