After all the refined materials are familiar with it, Lin Fengcai calls out the "Royal Thunder Armor" from the body until he feels foolproof.
Lavender "Royal Thunder Armor" floats quietly in front of the sitting forest air, with simple and generous shape, smooth and smooth appearance, mysterious and mysterious spells. The whole "Royal Thunder Armor" has a noble breath, but for the dim light on some parts, it can definitely be regarded as a perfect work of art.
In my mind, I recalled the repair steps that Qinghe taught him. Lin Feng pointed to the tripod in front of me and shouted, "Go!"
A finger thickness of white light from windson fingertips shot at the moment of hitting the tripod turned into a monstrous flame, which is windson’s true fire in life’s core monuments.
In fact, there is no need to use the tripod to refine the device with windson now, but his experience in refining the device is too little, which can reduce the consumption of the real yuan and facilitate the control of the temperature of the real fire, which is still very helpful for windson.
Mind slightly lavender "Royal LeiJia" immediately flew to the top of the tripod. Under the burning of forest air life’s core monuments’s true fire, the purple light became deeper and deeper, and then it flowed on the surface of "Royal LeiJia" like purple water.
Taking this gap, Lin Feng took a picture of Jinsha in front of him and put it in the palm of his hand like purple Leishi. "Inflammation of Ling Jing" also came to the palm of his hand in an instant to purify the impurities in two kinds of refined materials and then let life’s core monuments really fire to start heating.
Gradually, Tianshengsha and Violet Stone became liquid, suspended and merged out of thin air under the control of windson …
Windson’s mouth murmured, and ten fingers bloomed like lotus flowers and turned into various seals. All kinds of light from the fingertips shot into the metal solution in the air, and the mixed solution of purple and gold was constantly changing its shape.
It wasn’t long before Lin Feng had a fine layer of sweat on his forehead, not because he consumed too much but because he was too nervous. While quietly watching the dragon shine, her pink face was also extremely nervous, and she was holding her little fist tightly and kept chanting something silently in her mouth.
"disease!" Windson suddenly light drink in front of the metal solution exploded into a bright light and other light cleared only to see the perfect fusion of two solutions, Jinsha and Violet Stone.
Windson quietly breathed a sigh of relief, but his hands didn’t pause for half an hour. At the same time, he used his mind to throw the auxiliary refining materials on the ground into the metal solution in the air.
I don’t know how long it took for the metal solution to become transparent, just like a mass of pure liquid, reflecting the colorful light, and Lin Feng became more and more nervous because the next step was the real test.
"Royal Thunder Armor" in the cauldron, under the long-term burning of forest air life’s core monuments’s true fire, there was no sign of melting. Forest air was able to shrug off and took a deep breath. The right index finger quickly drew a horizontal line in the air with his gesture. Suddenly, a colorful filament was pulled out of the transparent solution and hit the "Royal Thunder Armor" far away. At the same time, Lin air’s left hand was in a hurry to transform several seals, and one after another, the light was shot towards the "Royal Thunder Armor".
Windson suddenly jumped from the ground and stepped around the tripod, dancing countless colorful filaments and countless colorful lights with the center of "Royal Thunder Armor". The whole refining room was dazzling if it was a fairyland.
"It’s so beautiful …" Long Linger stared at everything in sight and whispered softly, but didn’t know when the practice was finished and the doll agreed to light his little head.
It’s a pity that Lin Feng really doesn’t have time to pay attention to the beautiful scenery in front of him. The fine sweat on his forehead has become the size of soybeans flowing down his cheeks, and he doesn’t have time to wipe it. At this moment, it is the most critical moment to repair the "Royal Thunder Armor". As long as one wrong step is not only wasted, it is more likely to directly destroy this top baby armor.
Windson’s footsteps are faster. The whole person is like a virtual shadow, spinning around the tripod with ten fingers. It turns into a puff of smoke. The naked eye can’t see the seal he pinched, and the spell in his mouth is becoming more and more eager. One by one, it gradually becomes a roar like a muffled thunder, and from low to high, it drives the whole refining room to vibrate and resonate.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-one The secret in the meteorite desert
I felt that the whole refining room shook. The clever Dragon Shiner felt that things were wonderful. She picked up the doll and carefully retreated to the corner of the room. I don’t know where I touched it a few times, and a green light broke out around my body. While opening the single defense array, Long Linger also strengthened the power of the overall defense array in the refining room.
It turns out that Long Linger’s action was very timely and correct. Just as she finished all this, the place centered on the tripod suddenly exploded with a bang.
Powerful energy fluctuations, like a 12-level hurricane with the will to destroy everything, are abusing the defense array in the room. At this moment, dazzling light broke out and shook violently. Long Linger was dazzled by the strong light. When she regained her sight (reading the novel network all the way), the aftermath of the explosion had disappeared. The little girl had no time to check her condition and cried anxiously, "Brother …"
"Linger rest assured that my brother is fine!" Windson awkwardly stood in front of the tripod and was blown into Nestle clothes by powerful energy waves. It looks like it is not much better than the most down-and-out beggar. Can always pay attention to the image of Lin Feng doesn’t seem to notice these. He looked at a lavender armor in front of him with joy and said incredulously, "Success? The repair was successful? "
Lavender "Royal Thunder Armor" is spinning slightly in the air with unspeakable mystery and luxury. Every detail is so perfect that people can’t help but be dazzled.
Hand a recruit "royal thunder" turned into a lilac streamer wrapped windson up, such as light cleared a suit of armor windson jovian standing in front of the dragon shine.
The surface of the whole suit of armor is smooth and smooth, full of mysterious spells. The faint light circulates on the armor along a mysterious trajectory, and from time to time, tiny electric sparks burst out. Give people a sense of agility.
Originally, Lin Fengchang was not bad. After wearing this armor, it was even more powerful and sexy enough to fascinate thousands of girls. If it weren’t for a messy head and a long half, I’m afraid even the young dragon shine would scream for him.
"Brother, you are so handsome!" Dragon shine upturned little face sincerely praised.
"That is. Don’t look at who my brother is? " Lin Feng’s smelly beauty attracted the doll’s four middle fingers.
Can not consider with two little guys pique windson carefully check the "thunder". Then I breathed a sigh of relief. This time, the repair is perfect. As long as some minor debugging is carried out, the best state of "lightning protection" can be achieved.
The so-called debugging of taking "Royal Thunder Armor" back into the body is to slowly warm it with its own life’s core monuments fire to make it completely fit the characteristics of the flesh and achieve the most perfect protective effect. This process cannot be completed in a day or two.
Done "Royal LeiJia" windson as planned and began to study the stolen fly sword and bundle of fairy rope as previously thought. There is no need to change these two things at all. After years of imitation, there may be only a difference in material between them and the original. Want to get a further breakthrough on this basis is not windson this refining level can do it.
The same is true of flying swords in shushan. As a famous sword repair sect in the federal fix true world. After thousands of years of research, the refining of flying swords has almost reached a peak. Now no sect can refine swords at a higher level than Shushan.
Judging from the news that Lin Feng got recently, the original owner of the flying sword, Huang Xing, should be the grandson of Huang Yuantian, an elder of Shu Mountain. Therefore, this flying sword robbed by Lin Feng is a good thing in Shu Mountain, and Huang Xing’s strength is not enough to wield the real strength of flying sword. No wonder Huang Yuantian had the cheek to beg for it.
Erasing the original owner’s brand left by the flying sword and the bundle of fairy ropes, Lin Fenghua put a little thought into the ritual refining, and slightly changed the shape and color of these two things without affecting the function. For example, a silver snow silk was wrapped around the black bundle of fairy ropes, and a thin layer of red gold was plated on the surface of the flying sword, so that the original golden sword light of the flying sword would become red gold when used. No one can identify these two things without evidence.
Staring at the modified bundle of fairy rope and flying sword windson nodded satisfactorily. With these two things, plus the strength of mine-accumulating bottle against mine armor windson, to some extent, it has been greatly improved. I believe that if you meet Huang Yuan again at the moment, you will definitely be able to beat him up!
"All right, Brother Linger is done. Let’s go out." Lin Fengshan had a big stretch. Although he was a little tired, his mood was very good.
"hmm." Dragon shine cheerful nodded in refining device indoor for so long really some boring. And hear windson words and dolls would have jumped to the door and disappeared.
Windson shook his head with a wry smile and just took a step towards the door, but his face suddenly changed. He only felt that the huge aura coming from cocoa in the spiritual sea seemed to be rushed to the abdomen by some kind of call, which was absorbed by then, and then also rotated more quickly.
For this situation, Lin Feng has experienced it several times, so he quickly reacted. "It’s going to break Dan again …"
"Brother Linger is going to break the barrier. Help your brother protect the law and don’t let anyone disturb me!" Windson stopped cross legs and sat down, and at the same time, a spirit force called the doll back. At this moment, then in the abdomen could not absorb so much aura, and the huge aura constantly overflowed from the pores of Windson and gathered at his side.
"Good Shine won’t let anyone disturb my brother!" Long Linger heard that the "breaking the customs" in Lin Fengkou, a small head, is an important process for the fix-true to break through the current realm, and it is also possible to break Dan.
A kind of "breaking the customs".
As a fix true dragon shine, of course, understand the meaning of windson. She also knows that once she is disturbed in the process of breaking the customs, she will be stunned if she practices backwards. Very dangerous. Therefore, the dragon shine cleverly opened the defense array in the refining room and sat down cross-legged at the door. According to the rules of Kunlun Refinery Hall. Once the defense array in the refiner room is opened, no one can enter until the people inside shut it down by themselves, so it is still safe to break the customs in the refiner room.
And the doll who received the message also came back before the dragon shine opened the defense law, like two little sentries, lying beside windson, two pairs of small eyes rolled round and small ears stood high and vigilant, paying attention to the surrounding movement. Clever, they know very well when they can joke with Lin Feng and when they should do things seriously!
Before the retreat into nothingness, Lin Feng suddenly thought, "No wonder there are devices to repair. It seems that the refining device is really helpful to practice. This time, broken Dan was two months ahead of schedule … "
Long Xiangtian frowned and toyed with the black token on his hand, which seemed to be thinking about something. Lin Feng sat there silently holding the dragon shine for fear of disturbing Long Xiangtian’s thoughts. For the fifth time, it took Lin Feng two days to leave the refining hall, and after a short rest for half a day, he came to Long Xiangtian with a token.
"Xiaoye, where did you get this token?" Long time later, Long Xiangtian suddenly looked up and asked.
"This is what I found in his inner Dan space after I killed a demon xiu …" Then. Windson will the ins and outs of this token said it again in detail.
After listening to it, Long Xiangtian hesitated for a moment before answering: "If Big Brother didn’t guess wrong, this piece should be a’ desert order’!"
"’desert order’? Brother Long means that this token is related to the meteorite desert? " Windson immediately asked sensitively.
"well. Although I have never seen this token with my own eyes before, I have heard of it. Xiaoye, you really asked the right person to ask me. I don’t think anyone who knows this secret in the whole federal fix-it-true world will know a lot. (Read the novel network all the way,) "Long Xiangtian said mysteriously.
"The dragon eldest brother, you are quick to say." Windson discontentedly left him.
Long Xiangtian smiled and shook his head. Organized a discourse: "It is said that there is a mysterious martial arts school in the meteorite desert. This sect never uses the magic weapon of flying swords or repairing the golden elixir and baby. They just constantly use the aura of heaven and earth to refine the flesh and realize the avenue in martial arts, that is, they finally break the void and fly to the celestial world by martial arts. "
"What does this have to do with this token?" Windson asked.
"Don’t worry, listen to me slowly." Long Xiangtian coughed, took a sip of the handless small in front of him, and then said, "It is said that this sect is a Taoist tradition handed down by a man of God in the divine world. Xiaoye, you should also know that compared with Taoist, demon, instrument, Dan and even magic martial arts, the man of God has the least number of people to practice, so that his Taoist system will not be cut off due to accidents, and the whole meteorite desert will be arranged into a vast array. Only the talents in the martial arts sect can enter and leave this array at will. "
"Is this true?" Even if it has already been speculated, but after it was confirmed from the mouth of Long Xiangtian, Lin Feng was still very shocked. There are tens of thousands of star systems, and perhaps only God can decorate it. Finally digested this news, Lin Feng asked again: "But as far as I know, anti-government organizations occupied a life planet in the meteorite desert, so how did they get in?"
"Anti-government organizations?" Long Xiangtian doesn’t seem to know the news, but it doesn’t affect his judgment. "I think this must be the martial arts school that brought them in. In fact, the reason is very simple. Since that school is practicing in the meteorite desert, there must be a life planet, and the martial arts school whose disciples are more strict than other martial arts schools. If you want to inherit the Taoist tradition, you must have a huge population base, so it is normal for anti-government organizations to enter."
Windson nodded his head this explanation is reasonable.
So far, Lin Feng has finally got a general understanding of the situation in the meteorite desert, but ironically, the motivation that originally made him crazy about the inner layer of the meteorite desert has already disappeared.
"As for this token …" Long Xiangtian looked at Lin Feng and smiled. "This token is actually a contact device. As long as you enter the meteorite desert, you can use this token to contact the martial arts sect inside and let them take you in and out of the meteorite desert."
"How did this happen?" Windson was dumbfounded when he desperately wanted to enter the inner layer of meteorite desert, but he always couldn’t find the way. The key to the original entrance was actually on himself … But a blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise. If it wasn’t sent to other planes by a large array, Windson could not find his parents.
Long Xiangtian didn’t understand the meaning of Lin Feng’s exclamation, thinking that he still didn’t understand and patiently explained: "The difficulty of practicing martial arts is the influence of the disciples’ weak mind. Generally, they are not allowed to practice in the realm of cultivation before they reach a certain level. However, the disadvantages of building a car behind closed doors outweigh the advantages in the field of repair. Only by communicating with each other can we make progress together. Therefore, in order for disciples to understand other ways of practice, the martial arts in the meteorite desert will invite some masters from the repair world to preach to their disciples from time to time, and this’ desert order’ is also equivalent to the role of an invitation letter. "
Speaking of this, Long Xiangtian paused and sighed with emotion: "A founder of the Kunlun Sect once got a piece of the same’ Desert Order’ thousands of years ago, but he eventually took it to the celestial world. Later, the overall practice level of our federal fix-true world went from bad to worse, and I never heard that another fix-true person was invited. Gradually, the situation about this token became a legend …"

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