"I don’t know what the exact method is, but I’m sure the inferno has other plots!"


Dong Qianzhong looked at the light beam thoughtfully for a moment and said, "Let’s pretend to be ordinary people and continue to approach, see what happened, and then tell the boss. Anyway, I always feel that this matter is not simple. If Chiyou really gets out, we people are not enough to slap him. Let’s go! "
Two people even dare not run, trying to hide the breath with the walking speed of ordinary people, constantly approaching the death basin hundreds of miles away.
The blue sea grassland spans tens of thousands of miles away, and the terrain is flat and there are no obstacles. With the eyesight of the two of them in the middle stage, even if they don’t use psionic knowledge, they can see everything within three miles.
Finally, after the distance of a hundred miles was shortened by more than half, the two men hid in the grass half a man high and saw the whole situation outside the death basin.
Leave as soon as possible!
Leaving quietly without any hesitation, this place is definitely not a safe place in Chen Han’s mouth. Now that we know the situation, there is no need to stay. Besides, there are so many infernos around the death basin, among which there are many excellent masters. Once they are discovered, they are not even qualified to be a Shui Piao.
Just as they left in the dark, more than 100 thousand kilometers away, Chen Han, who is easy to become a European, was flying with snow clouds.
Since he entered Europe covered by magic gas, he has not found any special movement in the inferno, and even he has not seen a few demons.
All the way here unimpeded, but also got some more basic common sense.
In the magic gas coverage area, non-inferno practitioners are weakened to a certain extent according to the cultivation strength. Below the OBE period, it will be directly demonized. During the OBE period, the strength will be reduced by at least four times, the distraction period will be weakened by about two times, and the fit period will be 50%. Once it reaches the Du Jie period, it will be almost weakened.
In the middle, he also found a single unlucky ghost to do experiments. The inferno in the middle of the fit is here, and there is also a certain degree of growth.
Most importantly, the snow cloud seems to be restricted by some mysterious force, and its swallowing ability has been greatly reduced.
According to the state of its late integration, as long as it is below the initial Mahayana, all of it can’t escape its small mouth. However, after several experiments, it has lost its cross-order phagocytosis ability here, which means that it can only devour practitioners in the late stage of the same order.
The exact reason is not clear, but I have had the experience of devouring demons in the South China Sea, but it has a great relationship with the mysterious magic gas.
After entering the area covered by magic gas, it obviously became uneasy, just like in the death basin that year, it was also very uneasy when it saw the body of the magic statue of Chiyou.
Afraid to release the consciousness and worry about being detected by the inferno, I suddenly heard the sound of indecision coming from above, and the inferno vehicle that I had already seen landed.
However, the aircraft in front of us is obviously much smaller than what we have seen before.
The aircraft we see these days are all uniform in shape, generally about 500 meters in length, but this aircraft is only 50 meters. However, the haunting smell on the outside is much stronger than what we have seen before. According to the energy fluctuation above, we can be sure that even the defense can’t be broken without Du Jie’s cultivation.
A purple hair hangs down to her waist, and she is extremely tall and more than one meter tall, but she doesn’t look bloated at all. Instead, she gives people a very beautiful feeling.
In addition to purple eyes and long purple hair, she looks almost the same as Chinese people. The inferno woman in front of her looks in her early twenties, and her appearance is peerless.
Anyone with a little brain can guess that this woman’s identity is not simple, and she should be a senior figure in the inferno, which can be seen from the respectful to almost awe expression of her accompanying people.
Her eyes didn’t stay on Chen Han, but fell on the snow cloud in his arms, and her purple eyebrows frowned tightly.
After a while, she muttered thoughtfully, which turned out to be an old Chinese saying: "I have seen it somewhere … forgot … bring it here!" "
Suddenly, a few have not weaker than Du Jie’s early inferno, respectfully salute to the woman, to Chen Han came along.
There are many advantages in practicing the Emperor’s Extremely Trembling Records, among which the greatest advantage is the strength of Yuan God, which is more than one rank stronger than practitioners of the same rank. In other words, Chen’s cold Yuan God is comparable to ordinary Du Jie’s mid-fix-true person, and there is no conventional offensive energy in his body. Unless he sees through physical contact with the spirit, or finds out the fluctuation of the true spirit directly at a higher level than him, it is difficult to see his fix-true state.
From beginning to end, no one cares about his cultivation. Just as the four inferno masters came over, they suddenly turned their attention to him.
Not right!
This man looks like an ordinary person, and there is no energy fluctuation of the practitioner, but why hasn’t he been demonized by the magic gas erosion?
Magic gas is not a virus, and it is said that there are very few people with antibodies who can be an exception. As long as they do not reach the initial state of corresponding out-of-body experience, they will definitely be eroded and controlled.
Four demons took a step backwards at the same time, and one of them shouted, "Who are you? !”
"Lao tze soy sauce, don’t bother me!"
"Soy sauce?"
"You big ye!"
Knowing that there was no way to hide, Chen Han put the snow cloud on his shoulder and called out a cloud-flowing combat knife to chop his head: "Little devil, die!"
Magic gas doesn’t weaken the effect on him. Du Jie’s initial state, even without the increase of Tianli Seal, has the fighting capacity comparable to that of Du Jie’s late peak, and its defense is even more amazing.
The distance between the two sides is too close and Chen Han’s melee speed is extremely fast. There is a big gap between the two sides, and combating Dao has reached the other side’s head almost at the moment of appearance. At the same time, a leg shadow completely blocked the surrounding space, and there was no angle to avoid it.
Snow cloud mouth, vanity suddenly become distorted and then broken, and a dozen other fit period of inferno, on the spot into time into its mouth. Even other people’s magic energy, under its devouring, has been obviously weakened. Four Du Jie inferno temporary attacks in the early days could not have reached their heyday, and it was less than thirty percent so powerful.
The mutation was too fast for the other party to react. When the light and shadow flashed, the attack collided, and the four inferno masters flew back with big purple blood.
Although there is a certain gap between the two sides, they are also masters of the Du Jie period. Although Chen Han was not injured by the earthquake, he still couldn’t help but back off a dozen paces.
A total of more than 30 people boarded the aircraft, and all the remaining ten people rushed out when they heard the noise. Actually, all of them were repaired from the early stage of Du Jie to the middle stage of Du Jie. Judging from the fact that the woman was only in the early days of Du Jie, but she could command everyone, these people should be the personal attendants responsible for protecting her.
Chapter 211 Strong collection of Toy Boy
In addition to more than a dozen servants’ identities, all of them are Du Jie’s accomplishments. Regardless of how high this inferno woman’s identity is, how many strong people are there in the inferno?
"Protect your highness, this person is the legendary Chen Han!"
"Darling … I even know the name of the inferno. Are you kidding me?"
Seeing several infernos in the middle of Du Jie, protecting women firmly in the center like a barrier, Chen Han was surprised and excited: "Your Highness? Ha ha ….. I met an inferno core by Lao Tzu. If I caught her, how much would it be a threat to the inferno? "
A Zhan Ji suddenly appeared in the woman’s hand, wearing a beautiful purple and gold armor, and she snapped, "How presumptuous! Does this palace still need you losers to protect it? Get out of here and see how I can get his head! "
Originally, I wanted to take her hostage, but when those inferno masters listened to the order, the woman’s breath was fully distributed, and Chen Han couldn’t help but feel a clot.
This woman is by no means an embroidered pillow, and Zhan Ji, whose handle is comparable to the first fairy, is no less powerful than Qing Xuzi, who didn’t fuse the dragon’s inner Dan.
However, Qingxuzi is the mid-term state of Du Jie, with an increase of nearly two grades. Isn’t it that her increase exceeds two grades?
The first time!
This is the first time for Chen Han to see a practitioner whose talent has increased by more than two grades besides himself, even if the knife of Geng Jin’s body has only two grades.
As for Ouyang Yinghong, who is immortal, he is only perfect because of the perfect integration of the five elements of spirit and body, and his performance in all aspects is extremely perfect. When it comes to the increase of combat power, it is still two grades. However, due to the fighting power of Geng Jin’s body, the defense of Wu Tu’s body, the resilience of Yi Mu’s body, etc., the fighting power is stronger, and there is no essential increase in its own talent growth.
Of course, even if it exceeds the increase of two grades, she is still no match for Chen Han, just like Qing Xuzi, who doesn’t integrate the inner Dan of Xiaolong, is also no match for him.
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"Heavenly halberd in Monty Town-Magic moves nine times!"
"Crack-destroy the sky!"
Taking the opportunity to bless the Chen chills knife of Xuanyin, Ben Lei’s posture dragged up the snow-white gas barrier behind him and collided with the oncoming purple horse.
While whistling and flying backwards, he continued to play other Xuanyin. Although the strength of the other side was not enough to break all his defenses, the existence of the fairy magic weapon could barely break through. If her entourage also laid siege to it and arranged a war to increase the attack, the result would be completely changed.
The array of practitioners is different from that of fighters, which is a converging attack technique that can cause qualitative change through quantitative change.
The presence of nearly 20 Du Jie strong once teamed up, even if there is only one fairy main array to guide, it will also be integrated into the lowest attack power in the middle of Mahayana, which is on the premise that others have no strong growth, otherwise it will reach another incredible level.
Ban yuan yin!
It has long been proved by practice that Xuanyin is equally effective for demons. When the purple character seal is broken on the upside-down woman’s head, her magic power is weakened twice on the spot.
The inferno didn’t know much about Chen’s cold, and most of them were still 70 years ago. As soon as he went through the customs, the inferno just arrived, and the news circulating in the Chinese people had no time to spread to Europe.
Chen Han’s talent has increased greatly.