At the last minute, when the cocoon is broken into a butterfly, the huge spirit is transformed into the essence, and the communication between heaven and earth enters the realm.


Hua shui rang Meng Fei opened his eyes fiercely, and his great vitality suddenly broke out. A man jumped on the top of Dan’s furnace cover.
The hard rock that fell to the ground has slightly caved in two pits.
The foundation stone of Jiuzhuan Golden Body has finally been laid, and your savings have almost been completed. Now your physical strength has reached the peak of the gods, and your physical strength is almost equal.
Jinlong saw Meng Fei’s pale golden skin and nodded. With a wave of his paw, he got a sharp fine steel sword and chopped it at Meng Fei.
Meng Fei looked at him and didn’t dodge his eyes. His skin suddenly trembled. High-speed vibration actually made a buzzing sound of steel. Pores also summoned up golden skin like scales and abruptly took the fine steel sword.
The skin vibrates, and the steel bursts. How tough this kind of muscle is.
Fine steel’s sword broke in two and Meng Fei’s skin had a white mark.
Then Meng Fei dispersed his strength, and the skin became soft, and the golden color disappeared, and the ruddy, delicate, shiny and elastic jade was beautiful.
Well, your body is tough now, but you still haven’t been able to break the last bottleneck and enter the realm.
I sucked the bloody nectar, and then refined it. I cooked the basic method in the divination furnace for half a month, and I sucked a lot of sacred water magic pills, but I haven’t broken through it yet. It’s really difficult to say it.
Meng Fei sighed that he now felt that he had completed the accumulation, and he was one step away from changing butterflies from caterpillars, but he just couldn’t step on it and didn’t know anything.
A generation said that it is so easy to step on it, that is, it is so easy for heaven and man to block it. Then the Xiaoyao Palace will not be seventy-two halls, and it is said that the key to the door can be explored and broken by yourself.
Don’t be impatient either. The more vigorous you accumulate now, the stronger your skill will be in the future. I promise that if you practice the nine-turn golden body now, you will definitely be better than this Xiaoyao Palace, where the level is strong, the essence is too little and there is no savings.
The golden dragon tut tut tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut
After all, if some veteran brothers want to enter the battlefield of monty, they must make a certain contribution to apply for it. After all, there are so many monty from foreign countries, which is typical.
You just came from the monty battlefield and didn’t make any contribution. You can’t go to the monty battlefield in Xiaoyao Palace, but we can find opportunities to secretly kill other monty fiends, refine a batch of magic pills, and then sell some Lingxing stones.
Now I can kill the big fiend with the three-legged sword in my hand, but you said that there are only a few fixed places outside the territory where Monty is not enough, and there is no place to kill him. Meng Fei has made it clear that Monty’s temptation to practice is almost gold on the earth, and everyone wants to get more.
Hey, hey, a very important message I got from the memory of a fiend just now when the three-legged sword devoured those fiends was that the force of monty outside the territory was 5 million, but it was divided into dozens of forces.
One of them came to our star field, but many monty were stationed in some secret domains. These monty were recruited from many secret domains and happened to be one of my secret domain maps.
Meng Fei, we have developed this time. Now you have ten gods, nine of which are strong gods, and the three-legged sword has reached the level of saying. Plus, my avatar is enough to kill some big fiends with shallow mana
Jinlong urged that if you want to defeat Yan Nanfei, you must practice, practice and practice again. You can’t wave a little at all times. Every moment is very precious to you. Let’s leave Xiaoyao Palace in secret to find a secret place. I know that place very well.
I feel that people are staring at us these days, and the purple rain suddenly floats from the gods list to light track.
I already felt it. Let’s go to Xiaoyao Palace first and then have a good play. Meng Feiyin has a slight mosquito hum.
The weather has arrived in late autumn, and the trees and leaves in the happy world have fallen off in large numbers, showing a depression. Looking at the mountains from afar, it is cold and crisp in autumn, which is suitable for climbing and looking far.
Meng Fei Ziyu looked at the twitching noses in the mountains not far from himself and seemed to smell something in the autumn wind.
Master, who on earth dares to stare at us? Purple rain is also slightly audible.
I don’t know that Meng Fei took a faint look at the purple rain and felt that this girl was formed by the purple wing water lion practice. In the sunshine, it seems that she has to find a chance to raise her strength and touch her nose. Then they care about it.
Hey, master, you seem to have gained weight. Your bones and muscles are thicker than before. It’s so heavy. Meng Fei made the purple rain change. The purple rain on the back of the purple fish was suddenly surprised
Really? But even if you carry a mountain on your back, you should be able to afford it even if I get heavier. Meng Fei hesitated for a while. Now his body is a little thicker than before, but his weight has become heavier.
Because the flesh and blood are condensed and the bone texture is very close after practicing nine turns of gold, a bone is almost equivalent to steel bone marrow and mercury.
That’s why he gained weight, but he looks smoother and more perfect than the front line. This is also the reason why he has a strong explosive force and a strong body, and he is invulnerable to steel trolls.