"It’s a marshal!"


Your officer turned away from me, but I didn’t expect to turn back for a moment. Nai fuels, saying, "Report back that General Wang, the general of the guard, just got back and sailed again. I heard that the escaped old demon Yang God had been killed."
"What a shame!"
Taishi curse frowned. "Don’t report an unauthorized action depending on military discipline. What’s wrong with Wang Xuan!"
He is a military monk. Although he values Wang Xuan very much, he also pays attention to military discipline and is not disappointed.
Although Wang Xuan is going to patrol the celestial army in the future, he is also taken a fancy to by everyone. After a few more meritorious military service, he will be promoted to deputy commander of the gluttonous army and gradually replace Du Guyi.
But now it seems that I don’t care much about the gluttonous army.
Du Guyi shook his head slightly. "General Wang has something else to do. It is necessary to blame him for personally allowing it to be convenient."
There was an account and they were suddenly startled.
They are all intelligent people, and they immediately notice something strange.
Wang Xuan was allowed to act at will unless there was something more important than the Southern Expedition.
There are also several immortals, all of whom are dignitaries, who can suppress the national movement but gather around Wang Xuan to discuss privately all day …
Is there anything important happening?
Thought of here, the hearts of all inexplicably cast a shadow.
"Don’t guess at random."
Duguyi sink a way: "We are all soldiers. We will tell you when the time comes."
Bai Mo Yan’s face was calm and he handed over. "The guard said yes, but who should be sent to southern Xinjiang?"
Du Guyi shook his head slightly. "The strength of the ram family is extraordinary. After the strong foundation of the Southern Jin Dynasty took refuge in Dayan, it is more convenient to let them go to some things."
Just now a secret letter came from the south.
It seems that the Nine Infants Corps guarding the border area of the Southern Jin Dynasty does not want to participate in the North-South struggle and is willing to submit to Dayan, but it has to talk about some conditions.
Du Guyi is unwilling from the bottom of his heart.
The bodhi old zu of the Wu family released the demon dragon and the mysterious horn, which made the Jiuqu Tianhe water army completely lost, and the national resentment boiled. White silk was tied to everyone’s home in several states along the river.
However, if they have been guarding southern Xinjiang for generations, if they send troops to Huiyuan, the ghost Lao will inevitably take advantage of it.
How much is the loss of the Wujia Nine Babies Corps? If we don’t send troops to defend southern Xinjiang for the time being, it will consume a lot of military resources …
Besides, Wei Youdi, a witch, is involved in something that hasn’t been clarified yet, so I can’t easily believe it …
Du Guyi is very ambivalent in his heart, so he wants to send Wang Xuan to explore the speed of the Tianbao ship and he can easily turn back in two days.
Now we can send the rams home.
Wang Xuan, a patrol boat, naturally knew about it.
"Southern Xinjiang …"
He frowned slightly and then looked to the side.
The dragon head statue has been salvaged by them, but it was not precious. Jing, the leader of Xuanyuan, personally shot three unique arrays to seal Gu Canghai and Blood Moon to help.
Strangely, without the lightning stimulation, the colorful light from the emperor of Haihe River in Qingwei was hidden in the idol and disappeared.
The deck has been cleared of Wang Xuan, and several fairy survivors have been evacuated from the ship building. Even Alfred and Xiaobai have been driven back.
Everyone looks solemn.
They all know the significance of this matter, and the dogma stipulates that true immortals should not interfere in the world, but now it seems that it may be more than the dim glass holy Buddha to think about this world!
If we don’t understand this matter, we will be poor in the future.
The speed of the Tianbao patrol boat was very fast, and soon it came to Wanlong Cave. The Xuanyuan leader and others entered the cave with the idol Wang Xuan and quickly withdrew from the forbidden area.
Although Wang Xuan didn’t say anything, they also guessed that there was a great power hidden here, just like the one in the imperial city.
After displaying the altar of the country, the true gentleman of Guangyuan has gone to the meeting place of the gods to see if he can learn the rescue method from the true fairy.
Try even if the other party refuses.
After the leader of Xuanyuan and others left, the cave immediately became dead, and only the depths of the cave occasionally thundered.
Wang Xuan surrendered and said, "Please ask your predecessors to show up and meet each other."
He just entered the forbidden area, and the horrible feeling of whistling in the evil wind at the soles of his feet has disappeared. Presumably, Lao Long has survived the storm.

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