The plate can continue to fall, and he has chosen to give up. Qi Jiangong hopes that the plate can go further.


With a slight sigh, Pan said, "Just Xia Jie, I still can do your thing!"
Qi Jian and a slight wry smile.
Duke Jian of Qi promised to win the game, so he gave the big pot to the game. Therefore, it was a pity that the game was unwilling to go any further.
Lost the game! Qi Jian-gong is almost desperate, too.
But at this moment, a strange scene appeared, but Jiang Tai suddenly picked up the plate and threw away the golden chess.
"pa!" Jiang Tai put the golden chess on the chessboard.
"Huh?" Dish and Qi Jian Gong suddenly showed surprise.
"Is he stuck in the chessboard?" Plate look move way
"Did he play chess?" Qi Jian Gong suddenly faced a happy face.
Left it behind? Frown at Jiang Tai.
At the moment, it is the most heart-felt attitude to face this matter.
Although everyone sees different scenes in this game, the overall chess situation is the same.
Jiang Tai continued the game!
Continue chess?
Plate suddenly surprised to Jiang Tai as if to see where Jiang Tai is different.
Qi Jian Gong also stared at Jiang Tai’s eyes and flashed a smile, while Qi Jian Gong Bai fell.
Jiang Tai dropped a golden chess again.
Jiang Tai got stuck. At this moment, he saw that the root was not a chessboard, but a dreamland deep in the chessboard. Jiang Tai slowly filled in this dreamland according to his mind.
One grain, one grain of Jiang Tai continues to fall.
Plate is surprised to see the chessboard Qi Jian Gong constantly asking Jiang Tai about chess-
Or in that dreamland
The Golden Robe Master was about to leave with his servant when suddenly Jiang Tai came out.
This dreamland used to be the owner of the Golden Robe and the emperor of Manchukuo, but suddenly the owner of the Golden Robe quit and became a spectator, while Jiang Tai became the protagonist because of the fall.
"Give me your pass!" Jiang tai solemnly said
"Here you are?" The emperor of Manchukuo looked at Jiang Tai in surprise.
"Yes, a reporter has seen too many tragedies in recent months, and the Japanese are outrageous. Many women have been caught by them to commit adultery, dare to anger, but have the ability. Many old people have been thrown into mass graves to die. Many children have been forced to scold their ancestors. As a result, a small force opposed to the Japanese has been beheaded and dumped! People are afraid of the Japanese and the slaves! " Jiang tai gnashing way
"You see?"
"Yes, the Japanese also played a killing game to tie up China people for a slaughter competition to see who killed the toddler. The Japanese bayonet picked up the pregnant woman’s belly and gambled that the child was a man or a woman. Tragedy is everywhere in the three northeastern provinces. This is my China. This is my own place in China. What can they do?" Jiang tai stare eyes way
"A little bloody, but what can you do? Come with me! " Golden robe master aside urged
"I won’t leave if the Japanese kill my compatriots and slaughter my relatives!" Jiang Tai shook his head.
Emperor Manchukuo looked at Jiang Tai with surprise, but finally a slight wry smile said, "You want this pass. You don’t have his strength. What can you do?" How can you steal Japanese guns and ammunition? Besides, you can’t bring it out! "
"I don’t want to take it out. I just want to go to the Ministry. I don’t want to take it out. I bombed the arsenal and killed a Japanese. I earned it. Besides, it was a Japanese military officer’s government residence. It would be better if I killed a group!" Jiang Tai stared at the Manchu emperor and said