Has the letter finally come to an end?


After three people discussed some details, Chen Senran and proto left.
When he left, Planck stopped Chen Senran and said, "Thank you for last night."
What happen last night?
Chen Senran suddenly remembered that Planck had dinner with Miss Doom last night.
Has she finally decided?
"You’re welcome. I should do it." Chen Senran still smiled and was very upset.
Ps 2 nd Geng
Ask for subscription and monthly ticket
Will be finished in the near future
In the process of manpower renewal
Page one hundred and fifty Bring more wine.
"You said he asked you to go?" Graves drank all the wine in front of him.
The night is low.
Spirits and gunpowder
In recent days, Planck is going to organize a second expeditionary force, and the situation in the whole northern Birgewater is suddenly tense.
Even though there are weddings spirits and gunpowder on weekdays, there are few guests.
"Yes, isn’t it?" Chen Senran also smiled peacefully with a sip of wine.
"Yeah, isn’t that great?" Fitz, the fisherman, looked at Graves with a confused face and a hiccup. "So Jack can return to the battlefield in a justified way, and he can build great achievements. His name will surely resound throughout the sea."
The more it talked, the more excited it became. At last, the whole person jumped to the table and danced happily.
It is really simple in mind, even though it has been baptized by many wars, blood and war, it still hasn’t changed it. It’s not a complicated mind
It is to feel happy, just to feel happy for its friends.
Graves, on the other hand, is the kind of person who climbs out of the dirtiest mud. His nature is very similar to Planck’s, so he is used to seeing everything with suspicion.
So he easily sniffed out the strong murder in this opportunity.
Planck Pavilion, the chairman of the great Birgewater Military Committee, finally intends to start work on his most loyal subordinate.
"What are you going to do?" Graves frowned as he looked at the glass of wine.
"What do you say?" Chen Senran still smiles peacefully. He seems to know nothing.
But how could he not know anything
"Why don’t you just …" Graves’s eyes flashed a sharp hand and consciously grabbed the magic shotgun.
"No, we can’t take up the sense of honor now. We can wait for him to start work or …" Chen Senran said that he didn’t say anything here but drank the leftover wine.
"What are you talking about? I don’t understand a word like this?" Fishman Fitz touched his head and looked at the two people in front of him inexplicably. His simple little head couldn’t understand these complicated things.
Isn’t that a good thing?
Why are you so sad?
"Aren’t you afraid to come?" Graves let go of the gun in his hand. He knew that the man in front of him had a lot of means. He said no, but he couldn’t.
"In the end," Chen Senran shook his head and said, "Bring me a bottle of wine. I’m going to see my old friend."
The wine was handed over to Chen Senran from Graves one minute later.
"This year’s new wine is pure sake from Dongdao, and I specially brought it to you from there."
"intentional" Chen senran wine took two steps toward the door and suddenly stopped and said, "have you been following it for almost three years?"
"Well, three years and four months to be exact," Graves nodded.
"What still don’t go? The one-year deadline has arrived early. "Chen Senran didn’t turn around. His body was in the dividing point between light and darkness.
"You haven’t helped me find that bastard." Graves lowered his head and no one could see his expression.
"Let’s go, the horse is about to get windy. This is a storm that doesn’t belong to you." Chen Senran smiled a little low and a little well-intentioned. "You are my friend. You shouldn’t put your friend in danger. Go and end your hatred. I’m afraid I can’t help you."
"Friends shouldn’t put their friends in danger, Jack." Graves laughed and walked back. "I’m going to drink ten bottles of wine tonight."
Ten bottles of wine?
They are stubborn men to death.
Chen Senran smiled and stepped into the night when the spring breeze blew.
The spring breeze is surprisingly warm, which reminds him of the girl who dances in the spring breeze all night.
That flower blooms all night in Bai Lianhua.
Are you okay across the sea?
Chen Senran walked along the familiar road to the familiar place.
To meet a familiar friend.
Yasuo the Sword in the High Wind
They have become very good friends in three years.
Every time when the night is dark, Chen Senran will go to Yasuo with good wine.
They also don’t say don’t drink.
Yasuo still lives in that old hotel.
Now the hostel has been bought by Chen Senran and given to Yasuo.
Yasuo didn’t refuse or drank and chatted with him without saying goodbye.
This is probably the real gentleman.
Chen Senran walked past the dim chandelier that had been hung for many years and went to knock on the second floor.
"Come on in. What good wine is it tonight?" The aso sound in it is a little closer than before.
Chen Senran pushed the door and didn’t talk. He went straight to Yasuo and put the wine on the stove.
"Can you guess that your nose is so clever?"
Chen Senran sat in front of Yasuo.
A pot of wine is boiled gently.
Neither of them spoke.
Waiting for wine