The mysterious words are ringing in everyone’s ears, especially those who are noisy and chatting excitedly. The immortals feel that the thunder is still in their ears. The magical power of the pick wonderland is very powerful, and there are many mysterious things in the words. Although the mysterious pole has been built into this territory, it will be able to do this in half a day. This means that he will immediately get a very fairy trial field. There is silence and no one dares to speak again.


Xuan is very satisfied with the tranquility in this field, and then I will choose the first round of the official immortal meeting. If I pass the opportunity to participate in the second round of the official immortal meeting, if I pass it, I will be awarded the position of immortal.
On the contrary, if you can’t even speak in the first round of the official fairy meeting today, leave here wisely, so as to save the time when the fairy comes. Do you understand?
Xuan Ji put it simply. Most immortals in the field knew the rules of choosing an official fairy meeting and had participated in the election earlier.
But at that time, I lost the election. I just waited until Xuan finished, and almost all the immortals nodded and said white.
And Li Yueling has always been saving for a rainy day. He has learned a lot about choosing an official fairy meeting from Du Gusheng earlier. He said that he was also able to understand it.
Now that you immortals are all white, the immortals will not be out of fashion. Later, when Xianqi tries the large array, you immortals can be strong for as long as they can, and the magic weapon Xuangong can be used.
Generally speaking, if you can’t resist the test, you will feel that if you can stay away from the test site for two hours, you will be promoted to the second round of test.
Xuan extremely this one in the presence of many immortals all concentrate hard and nervous is gathered in the body fairy armor is also one by one to release the shining colorful strange light, very gorgeous, some have already taken a magic weapon in their hands, and the atmosphere in the trial field is extremely tense.
One of them is a Jin Xian who is also an adult.
Li Yueling is puzzled in his heart. Isn’t it necessary to be nervous after a large array of trials? However, if you think a little, Li Yueling will take the mirror of heaven in his hand, and his five elements of fairy armor will also appear in his body.
Above the platform, the Xuan eye torch was the first time that he noticed Li Yueling’s five elements of fairy armor, even though it was full of fairy armor.
My eyes were fixed on Li Yueling’s body for a while, and I couldn’t help but wonder at the strange things in my heart. How can this person cultivate a set of pick gold immortals before wearing five elements of fairy armor?
Being stared at by others like this, of course, is also a raw induction. He doesn’t know what Xuan is thinking. When people notice him, he is also very generous and sends back a lazy smile.
Xuan Ji and other figures, he is almost an immortal next to Cang Di Xian Xing, and the immortal dares to do so. He looks straight at Li Yueling for a long time, but this move makes Xuan Ji have a strong curiosity about his life.
Now that you immortals have made preparations, you will start the test array. With the sound of Xuan Ji, the test field will suddenly shine into the sky. The golden awn is just a flash of time, and the immortals have been introduced into the test array.
What is the situation of others? Li Yueling doesn’t know it, but he feels Zhou Yao’s dazzling golden light in an instant when the Xuan’s voice rings, followed by a struggle to move himself around in the vast sea of stars.
Lai is a form-shifting and transposition method. Although Li Yueling knows little about the method, these basic common sense are always
Li Yueling’s bosom friend was moved to a special place by the test array. It seems that this is the place where he has to spend two hours.
Before the situation, Li Yueling first sacrificed the mirror of heaven in science, and suddenly it was wrapped in clouds and fire. Jinxia covered Li Yueling with a defensive magic weapon. This mirror of heaven in science is really remarkable, and it will never be worse than the nine-day ruler in terms of defense.
Just as the mirror of heaven in science was sacrificed by Li Yueling, he was suddenly changed in the Han Xinghai, and suddenly he was far away from Li Yueling. Looking at the light, there were thousands of dazzling meteorites rushing towards Li Yueling at this moment.
Xingyu Li Yueling finally faced what kind of test it was, that is, it took two hours for thousands of meteors to hit the top.
At the same time, he finally said that Bai Fangcai Xuan was about to start the trial of the large array, and almost all the immortals were very nervous.
It’s really not easy to survive an attack like this for two hours.
It seems that this large array of trials is not only the strength of the immortals, but also the power of the immortals holding magic weapons. Soon Li Yueling gave a judgment on this first round of trials, and at the same time dragged a number of light-tailed meteorites, which was less than dozens of miles away from him.
I’m afraid it’s still not a mirror of science. Li Yueling is pregnant with many ancient treasures. Speaking of his strength, although it is a fairyland of three gold, it is far more fearful than those of one gold fairy.
Li Yueling finally showed his hand in the virtual space. With Li Yueling’s mouth gently scolding him, Li Yueling suddenly shone a hundred times. A strange way of weaving and connecting instantly formed a long interception in front of Li Yueling.
The first batch of meteors were smashed, and Li Yueling had some accidents. Nearly a hundred meteors were instantly melted into water whirlpools, and no residue was left after evaporation and gasification.
It’s too simple to survive two hours like this, isn’t it?
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Meet the pale emperor
For Li Yueling, who owns several ancient treasures, this trial array is really a little simple and interesting, but for other immortals, the trial array has given them great pressure.
From time to time, a flash of golden light can be seen in the extreme day trial field, followed by a figure falling to the ground. Those magic weapons of repairing strength are not strong, and the immortals are forced to retreat in succession after being unable to resist the large array of power.
All the immortals who failed were smart enough to leave, and they didn’t dare to turn a deaf ear to the mysterious words.
The Xuan pole still stands on the high platform, silently counting and calculating for an hour. It’s already good that the fairy in his hand will change and test the large array. Suddenly, more than ten gold awns will light up in a row, including Li Yueling, who was sent back to the venue from the illusory test again in 26 Jin Xian.
In two hours, there were more than 500 Jin Xianju, but only 26 people passed this elimination rate, which really shocked Li Yueling. It happened that he didn’t think it was difficult to pass the trial array just now.
From being led to the trial, it can be said that Li Yuelinggen hasn’t moved from beginning to end. What is it that he blocked the attack and wanted to consider the array power? It is no wonder that he would think so.
Look at the other 25 Jin Xian carefully again. Most of them are exhausted. Obviously, it is because they have just consumed too much, but a young fairy with a jade face and a white gourd is still calm. When Li Yueling’s eyes touch this person, the other party seems to find that people are paying attention to him. Li Yueling’s eyes show friendship with the young fairy’s white teeth, which also makes Li Yueling feel a little good about it.
Gaotai Xuanji is also very satisfied with the fact that the selection of the official immortals will be passed and the number of people will be retained. You know, the selection of the official immortals will be more than 100, but in the end, the first round of trials will be 19 people.
Slightly thoughtfully for a moment, the Xuan is always saying, first, I’m ready to listen to your fairy family and pass the large array test, which also means that you have the conditions to appear before the Emperor’s adult, and then success or failure depends on your fairy family’s strength.
You fairies, come with the fairies.
Xuan extremely finished, but saw it floating from the high platform and approaching to the front of Li Yueling and all the Jin Xian, and there was no obvious movement.
Is a big sleeve with a wave of his hand suddenly rolled up a Peng Yin Hua like like a big mask will be involved in this group of Yin Hua with the Jin Xian feeling light feet is already by the xuan extremely exert magical powers with their teleport.
He this means is also a-tongue, after all, with 20 human teleportation avatar is really beyond the scope of acceptance of all the immortals, Jin Xian is a fine line, but the depth of the way is a thousand miles away.
This is also visible.
Cang Di Xian Dian Cang Di Xian Xing’s highest power symbol building. At this moment, including Li Yueling, 26 Jin Xian are among them, leading them to this mysterious pole. They have not seen all the immortals alone, waiting for Cang Di’s arrival in such a grand hall.
Five old emperors and one pale emperor can be said to be inferior to Sanqing, and even the jade emperor in charge of heaven dare not give orders easily. From a certain point of view, it is not unreasonable to say that these two positions are equal
And the five old emperors are willing to control a celestial fairy star from three days, that is, they don’t want to be entangled in the conflict in heaven.
After all, if the identity of the Five Old Emperors is in three days, it is not necessary to be interpersonal, and their status is respected. If the immortals nearby have any difficulties or have committed fairy laws to seek the help of the Five Old Emperors, if they help, the Jade Emperor will not be able to manage it, but it will break the rules.