Qing Xuan Bai Xuan received Taoist Ling Crane hanging from the spirit, and immediately rushed into the abode of fairies and immortals. When he met Taoist Jinxia, he hung on the spirit.


Looking around, several people thought they were strong enough to crush the Kim family, and immediately urged Jinxia Daoyou, let’s go there now. Don’t let those opportunities of brutally killing two evil spirits of the younger generation slip away.
Road flyover Jinxia felt uncomfortable for no reason, but it gradually calmed down, and the anger ignited in her eyes. She said firmly, let’s go.
It was the sunny Wan Li Sea that was suddenly covered with strange light, which made people wonder at the sky and don’t know what was going on. Let’s say it was a solar eclipse.
It should be dark to say it is a sandstorm. Have you ever seen a sandstorm in a coastal city?
That covered hundreds of miles of strange light in Fiona Fang, wu-tang clan, two big lodgings, an old iron riding road, and a small flag with a silver background in Phnom Penh waved every three breaths and suddenly rolled up a flickering light wave to spread.
Road flyover Dun looked at the little flag in the hands of the fighters, and it was also very exciting. This canopy flag is a magic weapon left by ancient immortals. When Shushan was in its heyday, it had already lost its trace in the world, but it was actually hidden by wu-tang clan.
At the same time, his heart also secretly swears that he must take a trip to that place after learning about the remnants of Li Yueling’s family. The fairy-level master elder is the only person who can help Xianjianzong revive Wei.
Think of all the powerful magic weapons in other sects, but the immortal sword Sect can’t find anything decent. The only purple and blue double sword was also taken away, and one of them was lost.
Maybe you can get some good treasures if you find that fairy-level teacher.
When the Taoist priest thought that the international fighters had covered the sun, the banner said that the Uber entrenched had been blocked by my dust and light, and all the ten mortals in Fiona Fang were not worried about being accidentally injured when removing the demon.
Road flyover Jinxia nodded somberly, Lengsen said, I will deal with the other ubers, and it’s up to us to go.
Just as the fighters cast the canopy flag, at the same time, they had lunch with Cliff, and Jin Nuanyu was also induced to suddenly get up and say that they were coming.
When Jin Nuanyu said this, Cliff Anne Yale Henry got up and ran outside the restaurant to look at the sky, but he saw a layer of different light and wrapped it all around.
Only that Charles is still eating tofu in a bowl in an orderly way.
Fortunately, last night, I advised Grandpa that they temporarily avoided here. Jin Nuanyu saw that the sky was covered with yellow dust and light and breathed a sigh of relief
At this moment, Cliff walked a few steps to the front of Jin Nuanyu and laughed. Unexpectedly, he spent a night in China, and he was about to relax his muscles. Haha, China Daoxiu is really worth looking forward to. I don’t know why.
Cliff will always have a strong desire to fight after gaining the divine power of jihad armor. Today, he is gradually excited when he stares at the dust and light.
Annie, a brother who loves to fight, muttered a word, but she couldn’t find the slightest nervousness in her expression. Not only was her Yale lazy.
On the contrary, Henry’s fists are tight as if the powerful force is a great threat to him after the dust and light.
Jin Nuanyu always kept a cold static state, as if considering something. She suddenly said that we went to the back of the manor. They came except me, and wherever I went, they would chase after me. Obviously, Jin Nuanyu didn’t want this uncertain battle to happen at the door of Jin Guzhu’s mansion.
Cliff Anne Yale in the back hill also showed earth pressure after sensing the dust light. The three men gave each other a look and showed jihad armor almost at the same time.
But also bring up a strong horse spirit, that is, the strength of Jin Wenyu’s repair is also forced to retreat for a dozen steps, which only melted the air pressure.
And Henry was forced to use muscle strengthening ability. Otherwise, it is not impossible for him to be directly blown to the back of the mountain.
People have always regarded The Knight of Round’s jihad armor as an object or a pair of armor, but it is not really a jihad armor. It’s just a ring, a knight ring branded with divine power.
The so-called jihad armor is actually the armor of divine power, a defensive armor of the earth. Of course, this does not mean that you have to inherit the knight’s precepts, but you can’t attack the jihad armor. It is just one of the brands of divine power.
Many long-lost knight skills are also included in it.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one War is just around the corner
Cliff appeared in an instant, and everyone was wrapped in a pair of golden knight armor, and even his head and face were covered, but a pair of deep blue eyes looked out.
He has an extra foot and two meters in his hand. If you look carefully, you can find that the giant spear is not a metal object, but a pure energy body. The brilliant blue mountain shines with its unique momentum.
It is very simple for Anne to change the holy armor. Obviously, the jihad armor changes according to everyone’s different abilities. The female Anne is still exposed in many parts, but the only one is that although she has less armor around her body, there are a pair of silver wings three meters long behind her. I don’t know whether this is a part of her body or a pure energy body condensed by divine power.
Yale’s body is huge and abnormal. He looks like a humanoid tank in a simulated armor. It’s really puzzling how such a huge body can soar in the air.
That’s how Fang Uber was born so strangely. Road flyover Jinxia was eager to avenge his disciples. He was the first to break through the dusty imperial sword and didn’t want to skillfully show his jihad armor. Cliff and other three people really surprised him. After all, he was a head figure in the East who had not crossed the gate for many years. Even traveling abroad was limited to middle-earth and had seen the early western knight costumes.
Following him, two Wudang lodge elders, who are fighters and silver bottles, can’t help but wonder when they see Cliff and others standing in front of them at first sight. It’s a momentum that has stopped.
The Taoist priest Qing Xuan and Bai Xuan all knew that the great enemy, that is, the main Li Yueling, was not here, so the three of them were not impatient and cautious.
Sister-in-law is them. Cliff also felt that six Taoist priests were rushing to the earth, but he still asked a warm jade first.