Xueyang shook his head and smiled happily.


Thank you for letting him accompany me to walk the last leg. Thank you for making her look gorgeous with a beautiful smile. You must take care of him and don’t let him get hurt again.
Eyelids are getting heavier. She tried to open her eyes and took a deep look at Jing Yun for the last time, as if to carve him into her soul, and then closed her eyes vigorously.
The arm slipped from Jing Yun’s mouth, leaving blood beads all the way in Jing Yun’s pale face, looking so sad and desperate.
Wounds to stop tears mean stem in the throat savagely hand pounding mouth blurted out but a string of "wailing".
She’s divorced
Plum blossoms fall overnight.
Chapter 44
After Xue Geng’s death, Jing Yun was not allowed to be suspicious, Yan Yan was kept silent, and her body was sent back to the praying country according to her wishes.
The burning darkness left the border town overnight to escort the snow more coffin, while the ruin stopped and stayed in the dark to take care of Jingyun.
It is said that Jing Yao went to the doctor at that time, but after he became a doctor, the doctor said that Jing Yun’s body poison had been suppressed and the wound had benefited a lot.
However, the fact that no one else has been around has been shelved with the unsolved case.
Wounds check watching Jing Yao accompany beside JingYun secretly worried every day, but there is nothing I can do.
Jing Yun is very weak, and the doctor doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it, saying that the residual poison is not clear and the body is not good yet.
Jing Yao can hold his heart and be trapped by wild animals every day.
Everything can wait until we get back to the palace.
The state of Qin withdrew its troops and returned to the capital, Tianding Jing Yao, with a serious injury, so it stayed in the border town for some time to let Jingyun recuperate.
Jing Yun woke up and went to sleep. Her condition never improved until the evening of the seventh day.
When I opened my eyes, I saw that instead of Jing Yao, I had been hiding in the dark.
He went to find medicine for you, but he didn’t know his eyes were wandering around the target, so he just told him.
JingYun blinked said.
I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t make a sound.
Give tea carefully to moisten his throat.
After drinking tea, Jingyun spoke a little more often, although he was still hoarse.
I poisoned him, although he was weak, but he had no other discomfort, and his abdominal wound healed very quickly, and he had scabbed in just a few days.
His body knows best, and he is very confused
He seems to have taken some panacea.
Wounds stop one leng corners of the mouth guiltily take a smoke.
It was the master who left the medicine and stumbled into it by mistake, which solved your poison and guiltily kept Jing Yun from finding clues.
Jing Yun didn’t notice anything else and didn’t doubt him.
Here’s the thing. By the way, I want you to do something for me
Wounds only took the teacup and motioned for him to speak.