Well done, Mandu, you still know that my idea suits me. Today, I’m going back to the territory. The emperor’s old son has been killed by me. In the past few days, the empire will have a big event. You will stay in the villa and don’t go there. When I am away, anyone who attacks the villa or kills all the orphans will be notified to the fat two to hurry up and return me to the bloody palace. Now people in the villa know not to go outside, do you know? I said


Know the young master full promised to go to the living room.
Things have come to this. Over the years, both sides of my old man have been trying to avoid imaginary conflicts, but it still happened today. It seems that I really don’t want to meet the old man in this situation. I think I am an alternative person. My purpose of repairing the truth is to live long enough to enjoy life when I have enough, instead of flying to the celestial world. I have been wandering in the world of mortals for more than 10 thousand years. I will enjoy my life and do whatever I am interested in. I will do a lot of repairing things. Even previous scientists have done those guys who want to fly. They are all closed for a long time, practicing and losing humanity.
I am different from them. I cherish the human feelings around me except love. I have never tried any other feelings in ten thousand years. I have tried to feel my father’s feelings. I have raised several orphans who can’t remember. They have lived together for decades. They have never been true. This is their choice. I also try to feel that ordinary human life is too short to be magnificent. This is my wealth in ten thousand years. I cherish this family relationship even more in a different world. I am extremely reluctant to see the old man in conflict. Now I have to face this problem, and then let him ask me whether I will come or not. I will tell him personally that he should know that my style of acting is not up to the law, and I won’t do it.
In a flash, I went back to my home yard in Fenglin town and pushed the living room door. My mother, father and old man were having breakfast. I was very surprised to see them coming in. I just came back some time ago to inform my family that I had a duel with Archduke Felix in the Imperial City. It is definitely not a good thing to come back now. I asked before they asked questions.
Mom, I haven’t had breakfast yet, and I haven’t eaten either.
There’s still enough for you to eat. My mother asked me quickly and got up and brought me a small bowl of porridge. Four people ate breakfast silently. The three mothers guessed that I was waiting for me after eating quickly. After drinking a bowl of porridge, I was satisfied. I put a bowl of clothes and wiped my mouth and said.
I’m so full. I haven’t eaten so much for a long time. It’s time to say something. Listen carefully. I’m telling the truth. I’m not kidding. I washed the imperial palace last night and the emperor was beheaded by myself.
What? You’re an old man when you say it again. My parents are in dementia now.
Old man, you didn’t hear me wrong. I said that I slaughtered the imperial palace last night, and the emperor’s position was beheaded by me. Now the imperial capital is in a mess, I said
I’m going to kill you. The old man shouted that a huge fireball flew to me from his hand. I stretched out my right hand and thought that the fireball waved and flew to my hand. It didn’t explode as expected, but it disappeared. The old man was stunned when he saw it. He was about to do something else. I quickly said
Old man, do you believe I killed all the rest of the royal family of Malta?
What’s going to kill the emperor? The old man stopped moving, and at the same time he knew in his heart that he was not a threat to this teenager who he watched grow up.
Old man, you respect your influence too much, and you underestimate it. These words mean that nobles are greedy. You can influence them not to start work with me. But yesterday afternoon, I led Mandu and other 20 men. I defeated the five hundred heavy cavalry of the Philette family with new weapons and killed more than 400 of them. Our emperor sent 1,500 men to attack my heart late. It’s even more hateful to want everything from me, including what’s in my head. I killed him myself. Are you satisfied? I told the old man that my father and mother were standing by.
Do you have to do this? the old man asked
You know me, old man. I told you many years ago that I don’t mean these things. I won’t do anything to the nobles if they don’t provoke me, but now they come to provoke me, not provoke me, and want to kill me. What do you think I can do to fight back?
I want the dog emperor to die, but in the future, I chose to storm the palace and kill him, because it’s very simple. There are too many things in my territory in my head to make these greedy nobles want something. I warn these greedy nobles that I want to give them a certificate. If you want to make an idea, no one can save his life. They will treat the emperor of Malta as well, I said
As you know, I’m going all the way to Elf Township. We have to cross several imperial territories and meet all kinds of nobles, big and small. Without warning, I will face them directly and stop attacking their ambitions. It’s so hard that you want me to kill all the way to Elf Township. I don’t want this. I don’t want everyone in the world to be my enemy. It’s too sad. More importantly, people who want to kill me must die.
As soon as the old man sat down on the ground, he took too much notice of his influence, warned himself and comforted himself, which could eliminate the aristocratic conflict of Liqi Empire. But he didn’t expect that the emperor of the empire sacrificed himself in this conflict. What can he do if he didn’t say that he couldn’t kill Liqi? Do you want to kill him, but his conscience won’t allow him to do so? But death is ruled by the emperor of Malta.
Old man, you seem to be in a daze now. I killed the emperor of the empire, but the emperor hasn’t appointed his successor yet. I’m afraid there is a war in the imperial city. Should you go back to the imperial city? I don’t want a war in the empire to have a great impact on my business, I sat there and said leisurely
The old man is not a pure magician in the political struggle. His attainments are no worse than his magical achievements, otherwise he would not have taught me more than ten years ago under the pretext that he was born in a small town and stayed for more than ten years. He was afraid of being involved in the political struggle for the throne, but this time it was impossible for him to hide. The emperor was suddenly killed and the empire was dangerously divided. Think about those countries around the empire and think about those imperial halls. None of them saved oil lamps. The old man immediately felt worried.
I’m going back to the imperial city now, and this matter can’t be finished until now. I’ll get even with you when the imperial city is stable, the old man said
If you don’t want to be recognized as conspiring to kill the emperor of the empire, you should wait here for the imperial city people to inform you slowly. Now it’s a very urgent time. You can control everything without being the grand duke of the empire. Be careful. The more careful you are at this time, the more you are. You are an old hand. You have more experience in political struggle than me, but I still wake up. You will control the army, or you will suffer a big loss. Don’t worry, I didn’t dare to move your head. He knocked him out. Now I’m afraid I need a stable empire instead of a war
Mom and dad, from today, the situation in the empire will be chaotic, and the old man will be near the town back to the imperial city in recent days. You’d better wait for the situation in the empire to calm down when I go to Songfengling’s eldest brother’s residence. When you come back, save me and my eldest brother and worry that my parents will agree.
It can be imagined that in the future, the imperial capital will definitely be in a dark tide and inherit the throne. Few people can talk except the old man and Louise 86, Marshal George’s father. It is the best guarantee to gain strength in the army of the times. Without the army, it is impossible to sit still in the throne. Her Marshal Torre seems to be the emperor’s old son, and he knows that the emperor’s old son was killed by me. They are all soldiers. But from time to time, what politicians say is that many people are single-minded and will not think much when they are in trouble. If her father is such a handsome man, I will have to be careful
When I left town, I came to my territory, Songfengling. It was very strange for my eldest brother to see me. Because I said that there was nothing in the near future, I wouldn’t come back, but I just came back in a few days. I had nothing to hide in front of my eldest brother. I heard that I washed the palace and killed the emperor’s eldest brother. It was a shame to throw a cup of tea on my eldest brother’s face. My eldest brother woke up and sat on the side without wiping his face and asked me.
Little brother, you just said you were joking, right? You were lying to Big Brother, right?
Do I look like a joke? I asked my eldest brother that he immediately turned his eyes and fainted. He was too weak to lean over. He needed to train more and wake him up in the same way. Before he could speak, I said
Brother, I find that you are too weak to stand this little situation now. You need to strengthen your training. I will train you at home these days. I will inform Airy that the four orcs who are in charge at home will arrange the response to this matter when they come to the territory. We should be prepared for the future fate.
I have been living in Songfengling for nearly a month. During this month, I did a lot of work, but I didn’t upgrade the second batch of orcs who followed me to the golden elixir period, and I also set up a short-term officer training school. The textbook is the knowledge of Chinese war history and tactics for thousands of years. In China, the war has developed into a separate subject, and I was interested in teaching these orcs for a while, but most of my orcs armed forces were tied up and arranged around Songfengling, and Hou also sent hundreds of miles away to pay attention to every move of the imperial army.
The old man, the marshal of the Princess Palace, left Songfengling more than ten days ago because the imperial emperor wanted the princess to go back to the imperial capital to observe filial piety. The old man was told to go back to the imperial capital to discuss the imperial affairs. The old man didn’t stop at Songfengling to pick up the princess palace and left me. I said it was to prevent the empire from putting all my eggs in one basket. My territory was built and destroyed. It was all money. It was the policy to keep the enemy out of the country. Of course, it was better if no one came to attack, but I didn’t want to control the imperial nobles. I was afraid that they would not
After dinner, my eldest brother came to the courtyard and lay in my easy chair. I asked my eldest brother who was lying in another chair
Brother, do you blame me for killing the emperor?
Why blame you? The emperor is not my friend, but I’m afraid the empire will retaliate against us, and then our day will be hard. I’m afraid the mainlanders will come after our eldest brother.
Brother, don’t worry, I’m here. No one can hurt you. The mainlanders are after us. Then we’ll kill all the mainlanders. I don’t believe that no one is afraid to kill ten people. No one is afraid to kill him. One hundred and twenty thousand people should be afraid. I don’t care when it comes to it.
Don’t be ridiculous. This time, you killed the emperor. My parents are already angry, not angry. You killed the emperor, but angry. You don’t even discuss such a big thing. Anyway, they should say, it’s natural for every parent to protect their children. No, they say, of course they are angry, eldest brother said

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