I don’t know what secret magic power Wu Muqin used, and such words rang directly in the minds of several people around him.


Chineydy barely straightened up, his hands were empty, and he resisted the breath pressure for more than ten inner disciples around him, but his body couldn’t help shivering and sweating, and his teeth trembled involuntarily: "This man is so strong, I’m no match! Go and ask Brother Chen for help! "
These people who are still awake have an inseparable relationship with Chen Shaobai, either friendship, interest or investment. In any case, between them, the sword edge group, the survivors of Fengzhou University and Chen Shaobai, they have become a grasshopper in the same boat, and there are no eggs under the nest, so it is impossible to get away safely.
Zhou Jinyu took a long breath with a hint of decisive Se in his eyes: "Good!"
Say and seven-pointed star shield will be suspended, at the speed of visible to the naked eye into a mass of black se liquid flow, which is pregnant with silver stars, like the Milky Way in the night sky, directly wrapped him up.
After taking half a bottle of Blue Sky Fairy Spring, Zhou Jinyu’s mana has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the seven-star shield in his hand has also played more mysterious effects.
With a thick and hard layer, it won’t hurt any hard shell to come to her with a siege crossbow. Zhou Jinyu will run his posture to the extreme, with ten slender fingers stretched out in front, tearing the air in front again and again, like the same shadow, and climbing straight up the mountainside, like a demon saint reappearing, chasing Obsidian Ri.
Chineydy and Zhou Jinyu’s performance is too eye-catching. Even if they are arrogant like Xiao Yishen, they can’t help but look at it.
"Acura protector multiplier? The day after tomorrow, higher variation pseudo-mana! With such great potential, it is no wonder that Elder Huo is unwilling to do it himself. Snakes never die. When they grow up, they will bite back immediately. These two people, absolutely can’t stay! Just abolish it! "
Xiao Yishen’s eyes are full of dangers. Although he thinks highly of himself, he is also a decisive man. Now that he has offended two potential inner disciples, he decided to kill them directly in infancy.
Although you can’t kill my fellow disciples on a large scale, it’s ok to be a disciple of Chuan Chuan and have higher rights and abolish the origin of the demonstrated mana of these people below.
"By ri LAN month? Hum! It was a loser who broke through by luck. He didn’t even learn a secret, and he was still using the trick of the outer door. Such a person, even if he breaks through the secret realm of quenching gas, I can shoot him with one hand! "
Hand empty grip, volley twist, five mana dragon virtual shadow pentium roar, swoops down to Zhou Jinyu, huge breath flow around the air is compressed into clouds of liquid appearance.
"Force of the Five Dragons, random shots are all J and jīng gas gathering Tianyuan blow, which can condense gas into liquid …"
Wu Muqin closed her eyes in some pain. She knew that even if the seven-star shield was not broken, Zhou Jinyu would be crushed directly into a mass of minced meat by the force that Pei Mo could not resist.
It is the so-called nullification to the dregs.
"it’s over!"
By his own Xuan Ming y and n LeiFa hemp turned to the ground, Chineydy wooden tilting head, looked at the lover in a coma.
Still that childlike look, cute and tight.
Unfortunately, they are estimated to be strangled directly today, and they will be crowned with an unwarranted charge.
As to whether the charge is rebellion, careful study, disobedience or something else, Chineydy doesn’t want to think about it, except that it is shrouded in the aura of Dragon and Phoenix List. As a chuan disciple with a four-fold elder as the background, Xiao Yishen can directly evaporate others without being punished too much.
When everyone thought that Zhou Jinyu was going to die, a teenager suddenly flashed in front of Zhou Jinyu. He was so angry that he turned his back and reached his arm, aiming at the imaginary shadow of the dragon beast from the sky and blasted it out with one punch.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Quenching gas about war
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five
The flame of grey Se wound on the arm of bronze Se, and a wild and surging force roared out along the fist surface.
Five mana dragons were smashed with one punch!
The air condensed and compressed, and suddenly burst, producing a huge air billow, which directly lifted Zhou Jinyu aside. The teenager who took Xiao Yi’s heavy blow took two steps backwards, showing his true face.
He is tall and burly, and his muscles are bulging high, showing wild strength. His skin presents a deep and fine bronze Se lustre, and some translucent magic threads are hidden under the cortex, but his face is extremely delicate and even a little scroll-like.
It is Chen Shaobai, who has just completed the first floor of "Dungeon King Kong Body".
Looking at that strange and familiar face, Xiao Yishen sneered: "I thought you were a smart man and knew how to run for your life. Now it seems that you are also a waste who doesn’t know how to bear it."
Chen Shaobai has a big adventure, mana variation, although it’s just the beginning of refining itself, but it has four dragon mana, but after all, Xiao Yishen just hit it with a hand and was broken, which can’t represent anything.
He was entrusted by the elder Huo Qinglong to test Chen Shaobai. Although the other party now has the first title in the list of dragons and phoenixes in the inner door, he is simply vulnerable in front of his strength of quenching gas and shakotan coast. He doesn’t even need to kill people. Just break the other party’s abdomen and abolish the source of mana, and naturally someone will do the follow-up slaying finishing work.
"Missed" cripple didn’t kill anyone, and he wouldn’t be punished too much if Elder Huo made it clear from the side.
After all, for sects, a potential inner disciple is naturally more valuable than a master of quenching gas.
Chen Shaobai broke several steps in a row, powerful mana roared out from under his feet, and the whole person rose like a siege gun leaving a chamber, reaching the same altitude with Xiao Yishen.
Step by step, domineering.
"We practice the sword fairy, pay attention to a continue smoothly, understanding. Not timid, not y and n scheming, quotations. Like you, a villain who comes to harm the same door for a little petty gain must not understand the true meaning of the sword fairy, so he should not break through the double quenching, and he will be trapped in the realm of [sword species] all his life! "
When Chen Shaobai spoke, relying on his strong body, he swelled up his whole body’s mana and blessed it on his chest and throat. Word by word, it echoed in the dusty ground of Zhuxing Mountain and hit the floor.
Hearing these words, Xiao Yi’s heavy face Se suddenly sank down y and n. Although he looks young, he is already in his fifties. If he can’t break through again, I’m afraid he can’t get a glimpse of the five-fold [fairy fog] of quenching gas all his life and increase Shou Yuan. Chen Shaobai this few words, mercilessly poke in his heart.
Moreover, Chen Shaobai just showed strength, also greatly exceeded expectations.