The soft touch of the fingertips makes his heart ripple and ups and downs, but it is urgent to solve Su Ling’s misunderstanding. Even if he is in a good spirit now, he can resist the impulse to quench her into blood!


"Su Ling king also don’t know when to pay more attention to you! Maybe from the beginning, you married the king with suspicious behavior, but before you knew it, you fell into the king’s eye! "
Do you have such a confession?
However, ordinary people may feel uncomfortable because of what he said, but at the moment, Su Ling’s heart is already beating fast, so where is the mind to chew what he said
Eye Su Ling has a feeling that it’s really beautiful when Huang Yinchen is serious! The cold, handsome face of Toshihiko’s eyes, which is obviously solemn and half-drooping, makes his cheeks look less cold and tough, but a little more overbearing and gentle.
What should I do if I like it!
Su Ling was so dazed that wait for a while looked up at Huang Yin’s dust. Every word he said touched her heart with refreshing tenderness. Perhaps this unique and gentle offensive made her seem to hear that she had a hard time building a defense and was destroyed in an instant!
"Believe that the king for phoenix treasure jade and others have been secretly investigating! If the king wants something, he never needs a woman to achieve it! Su Ling, do you understand? " Huang Yinchen’s explanation is that there is not much rhetoric to say that every word is his true thoughts.
He didn’t want Su Ling to misunderstand that it was the first time that he could say so much!
This kind of situation can’t be treated like this even if everyone misunderstood Gu Lanshen!
Sometimes you don’t know how much you can do if you don’t show up for people! And he opened his mouth for the first time to explain that no one is entitled to it.
Only Su Ling!
Su Ling doesn’t know what’s wrong with her when she’s so focused on the sight of Huang Lao. She always falls behind in his words, and she just nodded her head in a trance.
And she’s so suspicious that she gave burn three-dimensional dust a reprieve. If she nodded less, she believed what burn Lao explained!
"It’s good to believe you!" Burn three-dimensional dust saw Su Ling nod a moment and then let go of her jaw directly like forbearance, and put her in her arms with a scoop.
Powerful arms and a deafening heartbeat made Su Ling feel a little sour at the tip of her nose! She never knew what was on Huang Yin’s mind and never thought he would say this to himself.
Whether she can trust him tonight or from now on!
"I have nothing to do with the dust!" Buried in burn old arms, Su Ling’s arms are still somewhat resistant and tight at her side, and soon she can’t help but feel tightness in his arms and asked 1.
It is precisely because I have never experienced my feelings that I will be more cautious when it comes, and that sudden trance and bewilderment will always make people ask words that are not confident.
Su Ling is like this!
I heard that Huang Lao’s arm was tightened again, and there was a shape pad on Su Ling’s head. His eyes were black as obsidian and his thin lips were shining with joy. "Are you the only one?"
Love words are always the most beautiful; * Always the most touching! After a long silence struggle, Su Ling’s heart beat violently and was mixed with a little uncertainty. Finally, it collapsed in every move of Huang Yin dust. At night, Su Ling listened to her steady and powerful heartbeat and finally made a decision, including always straining her hands at her side and slowly putting her arms around Huang Yin dust’s bee waist!
How do you know if you try? !
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Zhang Baisan, there is no third person in the world of two people!
After a brief storm, Su Ling and Huang Yinchen were lying in the west wing of Xiangfu, sleeping in the night, and the faint mist gradually enveloped the capital, and a bright and shining star was constantly flashing.
The wooden couch in the tidy wing breathes through the window and casts a mottled dim shadow with a faint bright moon.
At that time, Huang Yin’s dust was lying sideways on the edge of Su Ling, and one arm was still on her slender waist. The gesture of the two was like a couple who had been in love for a long time and slept together all night.
Soon in burn old breathing gradually deep lying in the side Su Ling slowly opened the phoenix eyes in a piece of light but no misty after a deep sleep.
Su Ling slowly turned to look at him in the dim sight, aware that Huang Yin’s dust was sleeping. Half of his side face was immersed in the dark, and his eyelashes cast a dark arc on his eyelids.
After the line of sight is withdrawn, Su Ling looks up at the top of the wooden couch with a puzzled color. With the flash, she and Huang Lao have made a qualitative leap tonight.
But in her heart, there are still many uncertainties! She knows that the attitude of the world towards women is that women are superior to men in the South Xia countries, and all the other three countries, including the Hector tribe, are men’s noble, and there are also many three wives and four concubines around them.
Although she is white, she still has a feeling of liking for Huang Lao after all, but she can determine that it is his expensive report, and the girl around her in the future may not be her alone.
If one day he really has wives and concubines, she should be at home again!
She is indeed not alert and alert to men and women, which is why she has always believed that husband and wife should work together for life, but this must not be mixed with other factors
Huang Lao explained to her that although it can’t be said that it is the most important thing, he still didn’t say what Gu Lan was like in his heart. Even though he once said that the position of some people in his heart is not as important as the outside world said, she can still feel Gu Lan as if he still can’t touch the bottom line!
Once the love between two people is mixed with a third person, someone is bound to get hurt because of it. She has never experienced it and is even more afraid!
It is a fact that she likes to burn Yin dust, but if she wants to take the lead in protecting herself in this uncertain relationship! As the saying goes, whoever pays first will lose. She doesn’t want to be defeated later, but it doesn’t seem so easy if she has reservations about her feelings.
This thing is really difficult to handle and really annoying!
It seems that there is no vigilance to burn the dust around her, and it seems that what happened before doesn’t have much influence on him
Is this unfair? She can’t eat or sleep well after hearing this, but this fellow sleeps like a pig!
Fuck off! I won’t sleep with you!