See the floor that relaxed expression does not rely on magic weapon to abruptly grab Li Yueling’s heart with 39 robberies. At the same time, it is no longer hesitant. At the same time, kunlun mirror suddenly turns his hands white and shines brilliantly. At the same time, kunlun mirror is also turning into a big spin.


Because today’s robbery has been pinned down by the building, kunlun mirror’s world in the mirror has been photographed. It is said that it is not easy to be locked by Li Yueling. It is impossible for Li Yueling to walk at once and even resist. This is also a deeper understanding of the unfathomable strength of the building.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Prove the truth and leave
Li Yueling was very excited for a while at the end of the seven-seven-forty-nine mass extinctions.
In the hall of Hades, a suit of black lacquered armor went downstairs, and the smile said that Yue Ling’s little friend has not yet captured many mass extinctions, not to mention the fact that this object has been refined into a magic weapon. In time, an earth-shattering magic weapon will be born from his little friend.
Li Yueling is also aware of how huge it is to hold hands and make a ceremony. This is all thanks to Li Yueling from his predecessors. This is not a polite thing. If there is no building, it is necessary to prove that the mixed-yuan, high-paid heaven and four-robbed things happened, let alone instigate the five elements of genocide. Even if Li Yueling’s event that day could not be born out of nothing.
Don’t be polite to Yue Ling’s little friends. I might as well talk about you and me as equals. A sudden change of topic in your building really surprised Li Yueling.
But he is also so slightly stunned by an instant word that he has already bowed down and worshipped the younger brother Li Yueling, who has seen his elder brother become sworn brothers. How can Pluto be the eldest brother who is stronger than Sanqing Buddha?
Louna accepted Li Yueling’s gift gladly. I don’t know when the palm of your hand is already dark. The flag of Yue Ling is a great ghost. The banner of heaven, ghosts and gods is a gift from your brother. The big monty around you can be driven and refined into this banner. You can summon a ghost from it. It is a magic weapon whose power is no longer in the immortal level. The magic weapon contains refining and refining big monty.
You just walk around and see the gods.
In the theory of monism, the individual with strong subjective consciousness was born before chaos. Although people drive life, it is really rare to find a few places to drive monism in ancient and modern times. That is one who wants to find another, but he can’t.
When Li Yueling first heard the word "Big Ghost", he was already big in his heart. He was already familiar with it thoroughly.
However, it is also clear what will become after the fusion of these two immortal and powerful souls. According to Li Yueling’s prior knowledge, this ghost is a magic weapon for the house. I never thought that this newly sworn brother would give this precious magic weapon to himself.
Brother, this is your magic weapon. I can’t. Li Yueling refused after a little meditation
I might as well keep these foreign objects because I’m going to travel far away. It’s true that you will have several life-and-death wars soon, and many sharp and harmful magic weapons are always good for self-defense. Then, if you look indifferent after crossing the 4,000-year-old disaster, it’s Li Yueling’s eye for judging people and judging people, and you can see any emotional fluctuations from his expression.
Li Yueling was not surprised to hear this, saying that eldest brother was going to travel to other worlds, which was why it started again.
I can’t say it or say it. Today, I know that I left without saying goodbye when I came to Sanqing.
Everything is impassable. Even if I say today that you have listened to it, you will know that the divine light in Lou’s eyes is shining. Even Li Yueling feels that he has withstood the divine light in Lou’s eyes. He seems to deflect his head, but his mouth mutters, "Do I have to go through the four great robberies?"
No, no, you say this because you haven’t seen through it yet. It’s not ready to talk more about this topic. It’s also a magic weapon that you practice yueling. It can be said that your strength has reached its peak, even though it’s a little worse than the Sanqing generation I know well. Soon you will be too lucky.
Even I can’t see through it. If I pass that, you and I will meet again.
Eldest brother, this is about to leave. Li Yueling didn’t care much about his own fate. Listening to Lou’s words meant that he was about to leave. I couldn’t help but ask.
Lou Na smiled indifferently. I haven’t seen them for many years since Sanqing. They must be there at the moment waiting for me to catch up with the past. Then they left. You need to worry about it. You need to remember that if the governor can’t put everything in place, he will be repaired.
This is the end of the story. Goodbye.
With the floor, the voice gradually fell, and at the same time, his body was suddenly lit up with a black metallic luster. The flame was a few breathing buildings, so it disappeared in front of Li Yueling.
Even Li Yueling’s vast knowledge of Poseidon never found Lou there in Wan Li, Fiona Fang.
What surprised Li Yueling even more was that Zhou Sheng rose black flames in the building until he disappeared. Li Yueling turned out to be unable to move a finger, as if he had been locked up. This incredible fact can no longer be spent often.
Li Yueling was so silent for a long time in wait for a while. He always shook his head and said with a wry smile, eldest brother, eldest brother, you are so appetizing. I am at a loss, but remember that if you are a governor, you can’t put everything in place.
Can it be proved that chaos will go to another boundary that you don’t even know yourself? Sanqing came to Buddha, but now you just acknowledged your brother’s building of hades.
Li Yueling seems to have found some links from the development of this matter, but it is not big. Finally, it seems that if you want to answer this doubt, you will have to wait until one day to prove the chaos and heaven.
But on the other hand, if I really guess that once I can prove that chaos and heaven are chaotic, I will have to leave the purple mansion and go to another strange realm, that is, I will not prove that I have earned heaven, but I am three close friends, a large group of brothers and friends, and tens of thousands of disciples are here, and I will definitely not go anywhere unless I can take everyone away together.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-four The tortoise king
After experiencing the four robberies in Hades Tower, Li Yueling is always feeling something after the chaos and heaven has gone away. At this moment, Li Yueling has made it clear that The Hunger is at his destination, but he is going to speed shuttle.
After flying away from the ghost sea, it was an instant, and it was the day after tomorrow. In the mirror, The Hunger was revered in the world.
This is a steep mountain on all sides, and the entrance to the cave dwelling is in the middle of the valley, but before Li Yueling instructs Mokun to suddenly flee from the Fangtan Valley, two figures fight each other while climbing.
One of them is obviously in the absolute wind. If it weren’t for that person who released a circle of yellow halo light to help him resist most of the attacks of the other party, that person would have been defeated by the enemy.
Both of them seem to be immortal emperor-level repairs. No, that is even more fierce. Some of them should have surpassed the immortal emperor-level repairs, and they are just a line away from Erlang God.
Although Li Yueling is high above, he has already explored the strength of the two battles at a glance.
Heavenly King, I respect you for giving you one last chance. If I don’t blow you to death from the strange heavenly king, I will be arrogant to practice baldheaded magic with Xu Changjin’s golden mord.
And the man who is at a disadvantage after the whole body is full of yellow halo and light fills the air is holding a sneer at me. When I bully The Hunger, I don’t know that you, a buffoon, are just a turtle who has won the secrets of hades. It’s an idiot to want me to honor you, but today it’s a blast. God will also pull you to be a mat.
Speaking is to know whether the opponent’s rival bully The Hunger is serious about it, and he will definitely pinch and explode the Yuan God’s enemy and seal it.
This conversation fell into Fang Li Yueling’s ear, but he was startled to see that the bully The Hunger was really pinching the explosive Yuan God’s seal. Where do you dare to hesitate, darling? If you let the poet master die in front of yourself, it’s okay.
With a little effort, Mokun has sensed that the stretching of wings is a snap of his fingers, and he has easily broken through the barrier formed when two people fight each other, and abruptly separated them by its huge body.

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