The powerful force of the sky quickly condensed and then quickly condensed into a huge golden thumb with a hundred feet in several eyes.


The giant finger is as big as Optimus Prime, and there are all kinds of metaphysical runes on the giant finger, which are full of great power.
However, this time, Lin Dong’s display of the wild and imprisoned finger is obviously very different. One time it is a real giant finger, but this time it is half a finger.
Yes, that golden thumb is half-fingered, but even this and that power has shaken the earth.
The golden thumb-crowing storm quickly formed around it, which looked extremely horizontal.
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The storm surged all over the sky, and Lin’s eyes were fierce and his fingers were cold. Suddenly, the heavens and the earth shook, and the huge golden half-finger came instantly, and it seemed that even the sky was torn apart.
Hum, today I’m going to tell you that in front of my half-step nature strength, you call it that the roots of nature are vulnerable, and Cao Zhen’s words are unusually overbearing and arrogant, but he is also arrogant and wealthy, and he dares to question it at all.
After drinking Cao Zhen, it was also a sudden step to step on the bloody force. Like a volcano, the body broke out and the blink of an eye was filled with blood.
Give me a blockade to see Cao Zhen’s desire to resist Lin Dong, drink a cold drink and have a very strong fluctuation. Suddenly, the golden light swept through his fingers, and in an instant, Cao Zhen’s whole force of heaven and earth actually solidified rapidly, like a prison, to make him escape by other methods.
With the strength of your gas environment, you also want to trap me. I feel that the eye pupil of Cao Zhen, the solidified force of heaven and earth, is also shrinking. Soon, the bloody force is spinning wildly, but it turns out that the solidified force will be blasted away.
Blood Yuan’s nine-step shock exploded those solidified heaven and earth forces. Cao Zhen also quickly recovered from the monstrous blood force and covered it, and then his pace suddenly flashed.
Magnificent and magnificent
As Cao Zhen stepped on this day, he suddenly trembled. Every time he stepped on that magnificent horse, the bloody force was like a dragon, and his body churned and became very scary.
Cao Zhen took nine steps, and with his last step, he fell all over his robe, and his hair was dancing wildly.
Nine steps on Cao Zhen’s breath is almost strong to an extreme, where even ordinary gas-generating environment is strong and strong, and it is only prostrate and kneeling. That breath root is not affordable for gas-generating environment.
Nine steps to step on the sky. This is the nine weapons, and it was also the weapon that Cao Zhen got from the ancient monument in the wilderness. It was with this weapon that he was able to stand out from the crowd in the same level, and he took this opportunity to slaughter Yuan vigorously.
Looking at the sky, the breath is terrible. After Cao Zhen’s death, everyone in the city turns pale. Even the strong eyes of the great magic gate Wu Meng are filled with a sense of shock. How horrible it would be to add this force to Cao Zhen’s half-step natural strength.
At this time, although it is known that Lin Dong holds more powerful martial arts, many people are backward to Cao Zhen. After all, there is still a huge gap between the real strength of the two.
A small gas-generating environment becomes a half-step accident, which is a full level gap. This gap wants to cross the discussion.
Junior, it’s really a waste of time for you to use it. If you don’t give it to me, you’ll defile the name of the martial arts.
The breath of Cao Zhen is also strong at the zenith. He proudly looks up at the golden thumb that fell like Optimus Prime. He can feel the terrible pressure of the giant finger, but he is not afraid to laugh at the sky and then punch.
Booming Cao Zhen’s fist seemed to blow up the wandering spirit in this world. Generally, several sonic booms were formed in his fist, and it boomed from Tianyu with great potential.
With one punch, the blood-colored force surged wildly, and finally it turned out to be a huge blood-colored python with a height of nearly 100 feet, roaring upwards, driving the vigorous horse to fluctuate and rush violently, and directly it was to give way to the golden giant finger crashing and touching angrily.
Today, the earth seems to be all in the collision, and then it suddenly becomes silent, and then the golden blood mountain suddenly explodes. Today, it is filled with these two terrible energy colors.
A big city is also in this kind of shock. Several people are frightened and quickly retreat. The force mask quickly covers the body for fear of being that kind of energy fluctuation wave.
When retreating, several eyes are also locked in the sky. Seeing that the crashing golden half finger was actually resisted by the bloody python, it could not fall at all.
At the entanglement of the golden half-fingered bloody python, the gas is twisted, and the energy fluctuation is extremely strong, and it spreads like a real ripple to start the thunder.
Ha ha, you are in your hands, but let’s honestly thunder all over the sky. Cao Zhen’s arrogant laughter is also crashing and echoing today.
It’s really tough for Cao Zhen to resist Lin Dong’s creature martial arts. It’s not the kui is a half-step creature martial arts. Yes, the gap between half-step creature martial arts and gas environment is too big. It seems that even creature martial arts is also a way to make up for it. I heard Cao Zhen’s laughter in the city.
Cao Zhenshu killed this little man and seized him. After seeing Cao Zhen occupying the wind, the operator was also big and immediately binge drink a way.
Do you hear me, junior? You want me to do it myself. Cao Zhen’s blood is dancing. "
I’m so proud of this. Are you really good at this? Can’t you be a frog at the bottom of the well?
However, in the face of Cao Zhen’s laughing day, Lin’s complexion is indifferent, and the golden light in his eyes flashes and sneer at arrival.
And as Lin Dong sneered at the golden light in his eyes, it became more and more rich, and then he stepped on Ling again with a fierce step.
in a grand fashion
One pointed out that the mighty force was instantaneous, and the dynamic body was kept in a storm surge, and suddenly the golden half-finger was lingering with golden light. The half-finger was actually in the rapid extension of several eyes, and finally it was successfully condensed.
The wild prison refers to the prison, and the bright golden light surges in the sky, and the huge fingers with the pillars connecting the heaven and the earth generally crash again.
This time, according to the instantaneous dim of heaven and earth, the huge bloody python almost exploded in an instant, that is, in the several horrified eyes.
Looking at this scene, Cao Zhen’s face laughed wildly, and Teng Lei’s face was shocked in an instant, which was more diffuse than the depths of the eye pupil with horror.