Zhang Tiehan got the ball again and again and led the team to attack Middlesbrough half-time.


In this situation, many people wondered when Chelsea would score, but the wind did not bring Chelsea a goal quickly. Lampard, Drogba and others kept getting opportunities, but they made threats but did not send the ball to the goal.
The score has not been rewritten
No one expected that the advanced goal was Middlesbrough instead.
This time, Lampard took the ball in the middle circle and kicked it to Zhang Tiehan on the right again. Zhang Tiehan took the ball and rushed to Middlesbrough half court again. He slipped past two defenders and took the ball directly to the baseline, then rushed out of the gap between the two defenders and led the ball to the small restricted area with one foot.
Chelsea central defender Carvalho also followed the formation to attack the door. He grabbed the position in the middle and rushed out. As soon as his right foot hit the ball, the football changed direction and rushed towards the Middlesbrough goal.
Rigote, Middlesbrough’s No.5 centre-back, has made contributions!
His body blocked the goal and Carvalho’s shot came back. Chelsea fans exclaimed and regretted that the football was cleared by Middlesbrough players’ big feet.
Chelsea players are about to withdraw their defense. They didn’t realize the threat, but in the middle of midfield, the football reached Downing Foot!
Downing is also a member of the England team and a very strong frontcourt player.
Downing is now twenty-two years old. On his tenth birthday in April, 2008, he played a show against Chelsea, and the club scored the first goal in the Carling Cup against brentford for three years. Downing was loaned to Sunderland because of Zenden’s arrival. Last year, Downing returned to Middlesbrough, and his excellent state attracted attention and became a high-profile English star.
Downing started as a striker in this game.
When Chelsea kept attacking, Tang Ning didn’t retreat to defend, but stood at the front of the team and waited for the opportunity. Now he waited for the opportunity, he stopped the ball carefully and quickly took it forward.
The audience came to Middlesbrough and the fans shouted!
Just now, Chelsea attacked a little ahead, and even a central defender like Carvalho grabbed the chance to shoot, which shows how far Chelsea’s formation is pressed. At this time, Terry is the only defender who can defend Downing.
In England, a player like Downing is not very eye-catching, perhaps more because he plays for Middlesbrough rather than a big club, but it is undeniable that small team strikers often cherish opportunities, which is the best opportunity for Middlesbrough from the beginning.
Downing changed direction twice in the quick dribble to get past Terry, but Terry was not fooled by him and kept running with him.
Before the restricted area, Tang Ning saw that Trigo could not be thrown away and chose to shoot directly!
The shot was quite sudden, and many people didn’t expect it, including Terry Guo, who watched Downing shoot in the running but didn’t stop it, while goalkeeper Cech kept paying attention, but the quality of the shot was quite high. When he judged the route of the ball and his body followed him, the football had already flown past him first.
Direct flight goal
After Chelsea suppressed for nearly 20 minutes, Middlesbrough rewrote the score with a surprise counterattack and they took the lead at home.
Suddenly the riverside stadium fell into a carnival!
Middlesbrough fans didn’t expect the team to score first. They won’t have a chance to come to the team. At half time, there won’t be a chance, but now the team has scored a goal first, which they didn’t expect and made them celebrate even crazier.
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Chapter four hundred and seventy-one Even chasing two goals
Middlesbrough fans celebrated the goal crazily. For them, the goal came too suddenly. It was because of the sudden beauty that they were like being in a miracle. Cheers filled the whole riverside stadium.
Chelsea is a little depressed.
They occupied the advantage of the game, but the advantage did not turn into a goal. If the other side made a counterattack opportunity, the first time they threatened Chelsea’s goal, they scored a goal. Relatively speaking, Chelsea’s ability to seize opportunities in the frontcourt was too poor.
So many fans looked at Zhang man of iron.
When it comes to the ability to seize opportunities, they all think of Zhang Tiehan. Zhang Tiehan’s personal ability is quite strong. If he finds an opportunity in front of the door, it is almost equivalent to a goal. Compared with Drogba, Sepcenko is much worse.
However, Zhang Tiehan is now more of a frontier worker. With him on the right, he can always create a threat ball. If he goes to grab the point, then Chelsea’s attack can teach others, so it is definitely impossible to have such a suppression scene.
At this time, many Blues fans are wondering why there are no two Zhang man of iron teams.
One is to create opportunities, and the other is to score goals, which is really perfect.
Zhang Tiehan doesn’t know what the fans think. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to split up. After the game resumed, he was still working as a right-wing avant-garde, constantly breaking through, taking the ball to a dangerous position and then kicking it to create opportunities for his teammates.
This performance is quite eye-catching!
Even if Middlesbrough scored a goal, it couldn’t stop the media cameras from aiming at Zhang Tiehan, while other Chelsea players rushed to the door to find opportunities to score.
Obviously, Chelsea players still have some abilities. After all, many big-name stars have to grab a lot of personal and overall abilities compared with Middlesbrough.
After falling behind by one goal, Chelsea attacked harder!
The on-site commentator didn’t talk about the game scene at all. At first, he was surprised that the Middlesbrough goal was more dangerous than before. Football almost always passed through the restricted area of Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough fans watched the game without blinking, as if they were afraid that the football would fly directly into the goal when blinking.
At this time, Zhang Tiehan was also very closely defended.
Middlesbrough can’t be attacked on the right like this. They sent an extra defender to make up the defense. In this way, Zhang Tiehan thought that if he broke into the right side of the penalty area with the ball, he would have to face two fewer players. If he reached the bottom line, he would have to face three players. This is still a great defensive pressure. After all, three people just took up a lot of defense, and Zhang Tiehan could not pass three people, even if he had the ability.
However, Zhang Tiehan soon found a way, that is, the position was slightly withdrawn to give himself enough start, and he often withdrew a lot from the restricted area. More people would choose to cooperate with his teammates in the middle of the road instead of taking the ball to the bottom line by himself. In fact, the effect of the ball was not good. After all, Beckham could not control it so far. His long ball can be said to be good, but it is not very accurate. Compared with the distance from the goal, Zhang Tiehan’s direct shooting is far better than the long ball.
Despite this, Zhang Tiehan continued to set off an attack storm on the right.
He is quick with his feet, fierce with the ball on his body, and he annoys Middlesbrough defenders again and again. All these make him focus on the goal direction. When the rest of Chelsea go to shoot, it is a bit boring compared with Zhang Tiehan’s dribbling, although it may rewrite the score. Zhang Tiehan can face two or three people to control the ball and continue to dribble forward, which is more eye-catching
Speed flies!
Feet are full of imagination!
This is why Zhang Tiehan left an impression on the fans. Even Middlesbrough fans have to admit that although Zhang Tiehan is a Chelsea player and their enemy, his football is very good. Sometimes, many Middlesbrough fans can’t help shouting’ Yes’.
No one is dissatisfied with them because everyone in the place thinks so.
"It’s hard to imagine that a 1.9-meter-tall player’s foot skills are so outstanding that his feet are like embroidery, so Middlesbrough defenders don’t have much way to play. Up to now, they have twice faced Zhang Chenggong’s defense. At other times, they are all a group of people following Zhang and watching him play."
"Perhaps the most terrible thing for Zhang’s opponent is that Zhang can combine his technical and physical advantages, and he can use technology when it can be used; When the body can play, he is physically fit. Most of the time, his skills are combined with his body. His football is full of reality! "
With Zhang Tiehan’s performance, Chelsea has a great advantage.
Middlesbrough seemed to want to resist and felt very strong. They made several counterattacks and several push attacks, but the football couldn’t get into Chelsea’s restricted area at all, and even though it was very difficult at half-time, Chelsea finally suppressed it.
This repression allows Chelsea players to keep getting opportunities, and opportunities can easily be transformed into goals.
In the forty-first minute of the game, Zhang Tiehan broke through from the right again with the ball. He and Lampard made two consecutive catches and easily crossed the two defenders and rushed to the right baseline. The other full-back Andre Taylor followed. He and central defender Rigote doubled Zhang Tiehan in tandem. This time, Zhang Tiehan did not continue to run forward.
Facing the defense of two people, Zhang Tiehan suddenly turned to the left and dribbled the ball horizontally along the restricted area.
This one must have made neither of them react!
When they tried to chase back, they couldn’t keep up, but they weren’t in a hurry. Therefore, there were so many players in the restricted area in Middlesbrough. Because of Chelsea’s massive repressive attack, Middlesbrough could hardly tell what a midfielder was and what a backcourt player was. Their three fronts were suppressed and they were very backward. When Chelsea attacked, the restricted area was full of people.
In this way, even if the defense is not done well, it can be a sea of tactics to deal with the attack
Zhang Tiehan naturally knew that the situation in the restricted area was not only that, but he followed three players by his side. None of them rushed to grab the ball, but followed the running root horizontally, which was to block him and not give him a chance to shoot.