However, at this time, Meng Fei is getting farther and farther away from the Shengquan Sect, which is true. The fish king is in front of him. This demon was saved by Meng Fei when he swallowed many hard crustaceans of sand scorpions in the Louvre because of the great disaster of heaven.


At the moment, Meng Fei floating in the sea, the demon fish king, might as well bring it.
At this moment, there was an unusual fluctuation in the life mansion. Meng Fei hurried to the life mansion to see dozens of strange flying insects buzzing around the island.
But these little guys didn’t regard the life mansion as their home, which seemed to be a rebellion, and they ate the lonely island stone like crazy.
It seems that these little guys are trained in Shenmu Ding to kill animals. This is a very strange pest control method of Zoology. Meng Fei swallowed many powerful and abnormal poisons in Heifengling, Luofu.
I want to cultivate life animals in them, but I didn’t expect that they didn’t hatch until now because of their strong poison, and look at these little guys’ bodies, they are not mature forever
These strange insects have just broken the tripod, and everything has been eaten before. Many monster fish and the bodies of those powerful monster beasts have also been eaten by them. Many strange insects rushed to the isolated island and held the golden cudgel and chewed it.
I didn’t know that this golden cudgel was more rigid than it was, and even the surface lines made them bite Kouga and grind to take off sparks.
This group of strange insects braved the golden light for more than 30 years in the life house, like locusts, and carried out a big sweep in his life house, ruining the unknown number of medicinal materials Lingbao
Some little guys held the lingqi with their mouths open, so they bit Meng Fei’s hidden lingqi and chewed many pieces. I don’t know how many precious materials were swallowed by them.
Meng Fei was surprised and angry. Suddenly, a golden strange insect silkworm fluttered his wings and opened his mouth to swallow his spirit. Then he buzzed and flew away to the island and held a lingshi and bit it.
Motherfucker, these little things are going to rebel, young master. I have worked so hard to get so many materials. They almost ate half of them. Meng Fei grew up and prepared to come to the life house to drop these golden monsters.
He just entered the life mansion and was suddenly found by these golden strange insects. Qi Qi was thrown away and devoured things and flew towards him.
A thumb big golden bug suddenly inflates like a bull, and Kouga bites him with a sharp mouth.
More than 30 golden strange insects turned into more than 30 giant strange insects squeaked and screamed, and they covered the sky and came at him. Chapter four hundred and seventy-six Refining golden insects.
Blood refining sacrifice gave me a cold drink after refining Meng Fei. Suddenly, a blood-red gold ring was sent to one of the golden monsters, and the golden monster immediately stayed in the middle.
Meng Fei offered up a stunning gold ring with blood floating on his head. When he saw this gold ring shaking slightly, he put this golden monster into it.
According to the cult of beasts, the method of sacrifice refining is to divide the Yuan God and plant the Yuan God into the mind of the object to be sacrificed. This method of sacrifice refining has great shortcomings. When the sacrifice refining is not unusual for one or two hours, the body Yuan God will be greatly weakened and lost.
Therefore, Meng Fei abandoned the method of offering sacrifices to animals, but used the method of blood, eggs and blood to offer sacrifices to life worms.
His method gun for more than 20 consecutive gold worm gold ring energy suddenly shrank by half and became dim.
Shit, I’m short of JingXie. I’ll take all the gold worms at once and fly back while hiding from the gold worms that haven’t been refined, and slowly recover my JingXie.
But he can regulate Jingxue almost to the limit, and more than ten big golden bugs are chasing after him
Meng Fei flew into a rage and offered sacrifices to Shenmu Wang Ding, which had not been moved for a long time. Suddenly, this cauldron became dozens of meters full of refreshing aroma, and the more than ten golden worms immediately swarmed into Xiang Ding to smell the aroma.
In an instant, the golden worms were all put into the tripod by him.
Meng Fei just breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly his face changed slightly. He listened to giggle and bite to blink. Shenmu Wang Ding was riddled with these golden worms.
The golden worm will chew up Shenmu Wang Ding and fly up to him again.
Meng Fei heart annoyed to the extreme and unwilling to kill all these golden worms for a while. I need a lot of JingXie in the eyes of the government. He is obsessed with those golden worms that fly by him and cover the sky from the sea.
Some sea animals fighting fiercely on the sea haven’t reacted yet, when they see these golden worms coming and buzzing past them like locusts.
Sea beast place suddenly a person didn’t even leave a weapon in their hands all buried in worm belly.
At this time, on the sea road, the fish demon king stayed for a while, leaning on a battle flag and wondering.
The demon fish king looked up and saw that these golden worms formed a huge golden cloud. When the golden cloud fell, several sea animals disappeared.
The sea animals attracted by them all the way were swept away by these golden worms in a blink of an eye for a hundred years. Other sea animals rushed to flee and disappeared into the water.
Meng Fei body jingxie also recovered at this time, which was relieved and quickly entered the life house again to see more than ten gold worms left. He worked so hard to hide materials and ate half of them, so he couldn’t help but feel very distressed.
He hastened to sacrifice and refine all these golden worms and put them into the center of the golden ring. I don’t know whether it is sad or not. More than 30 golden worms were refined by him, and at the same time, they let him be powerful and diligent. Sadly, they have been greatly reduced by 100% and reduced by 70% in the past days.
Today, it has been bitten by these golden worms and greatly shrunk.
The disciples of the demon fish king are no exception. Even this demon fish worked so hard to refine its weapon and was eaten by the golden worm. Fortunately, Meng Fei rewarded it with a magic weapon, but it always carried it with him and was not chewed off by the golden worm.
Fortunately, these gluttons don’t eat the spirit pulse, otherwise I will lose my life. The golden ring is the insect ring of the Zoroastrianism, but this kind of thing is very difficult to refine, even if there are few Zoroastrianism.
He’s still worried that he won’t have the means to defend himself and give it to him personally.
The former golden ring had no power, so it has been put aside by Meng Fei. Today, there are more than 30 four-winged golden worms in the golden ring, and they are afraid of power and become extremely horrible.
After all, the four-winged golden worm is still a life-and-death situation. The six-winged golden worm is really powerful. If all the golden rings are six-winged golden worms, I will not be afraid even if I meet those big core brothers.
Meng Fei sighed and saw the demon fish king striding into the life mansion. After a while, this demon fish king was furious and rushed to his hand with a mace that had been chewed half. He was about to roar. Meng Fei said lightly that the banner in your hand was given to you.

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