"You’re defeated ~" Ye Guchen stood on the ring, looked at Ma Kui contemptuously and said indifferently. After saying this, he refused to look at Ma Kui again, but turned his eyes to the squire rich who were invited on the high platform, as well as the martial arts experts, especially the magistrate Jiang Chunliu who was the main judge.


Ye Guchen’s eyes made Jiang Chunliu, a local magistrate, somewhat unbearable. Although he was the master of Jiang Family, his cultivation was not very high. Although he was nearly fifty years old, his strength was not as good as Ye Guchen’s. When Ye Guchen’s sharp eyes looked at him, he was somewhat unbearable. After coughing twice, Jiang Chun Liu looked around and said, "Ahem. . This. . On behalf of everyone, I announce that today’s challenge tournament, Ye Guye Gu Chen won ~ "
After a word, the crowd around him was cheered. Although the scene was bloody, Ye Guchen’s hand was too biting. Not everyone agreed, but there is no doubt that this was a wonderful contest. Ye Guchen also surprised everyone and won the contest with his own strength. There is no doubt about it, so he got enough applause and cheers.
Although this game is just a contest between Ma’s family and Ye’s family to settle grievances, it has helped Ye Guchen to make a name for himself. Fourteen-year-old seven-story master is not without it in this Jianghu, but it is absolutely rare and terrible, not to mention one in a hundred years, but it is rare for decades. There has never been such a figure in Jiangzhou. After passing this contest, Ye Guchen is completely famous in Jiangzhou, and with the circulation of the crowd, people’s word of mouth.
"Congratulations to Lord Qinglong, Royal Guards has added a promising talent." Sitting on this high platform, the infinity facing the Qinglong slightly surrendered and then whispered, and the look of Ye Guchen above the challenge ring became very complicated.
"Nothing, solitary Chen still need to hone some days, well. . To tell the truth, I’m over forty years old, and I’ll want to learn from it in a few years, and see if I can break through the realm of martial arts. I don’t want to take care of anything about the Royal Guards. Maybe I’ll give the Royal Guards to him, Mr. Wu. I think you should also know the rules of our Royal Guards. I don’t want to have a hard time with the Ye Family because of today’s things. Tsing lung sat there half leaning on the chair, holding a glass, narrowing her eyes and whispered.
This made Wu Qiong’s heart rush to respond: "Qinglong’s adult can rest assured, I promise that Ma’s family will not hold grudges with Ye’s family. From now on, Ma’s family will follow Ye’s lead!"
Wu Qiong’s words are a guarantee, a guarantee he made for Ma’s family. Ma Lanzhang, the owner of Ma’s family next to him, also heard these words, but he didn’t say a word, because it was not his turn to interrupt between two people. Although he was the owner of Ma’s family, he was a top figure in this Jiangzhou city, but none of the two men in front of him could offend him.
"Ha ha, it is good to know. 。” Tsing lung smiled, stood up, and went towards the challenge. Before that, all the people in the leaves home had already gathered around and cheered for Ye Guchen.
After Qinglong left, Wu Qiong’s face changed, glanced at his Yuezhang and said with a snort of cold, "Look at the disaster you caused me! Who’s to blame? Why bother the Royal Guards Qinglong? Do you really think it’s great that Ma’s family and Wu’s family have climbed relatives? It’s not the Wu family who has the final say in Daming. Go back and apologize to Ye Jia, and follow Ye Jia’s lead from now on! Don’t make trouble, or I’ll kill Ma’s family first without Qinglong! "
After that, he recruited one of his men and whispered, "Go back to Beijing immediately and tell my father about this. In addition, I will give my gold silk soft armor to Ye Guchen, saying that I will make friends with him and we will meet again when I get to Beijing when I have time!"
With these words, he turned and left, although he also wanted to make a condom friendship with Ye Guchen in the past, but at this time, in front of Qinglong, he felt that he had better not play with those small thoughts, otherwise he estimated that he would die miserably.
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Chapter 40 Tianmen Mountain Jinyi Resident
The challenge tournament is over, and the gold silk soft armor Ye Guchen sent by Wu Qiong has also been received, but he is useless. He directly changed hands to his father Ye Hongwen. After all, he has a certain cultivation, and he is not afraid of any accidents in the security. Although the gold silk soft armor is good, it is so-called invulnerability, but it is not of much use to himself. Instead, it will limit his growth. It is better to give it directly to his father, who has no cultivation and use it.
After saying goodbye, Ye Guchen followed Qinglong and other people to leave this Jiangzhou City and went to Beijing.
Yanjing City, located in the east of Fengyun Mainland, belongs to the capital of Daming State, one of the three dynasties. It is located on the bank of Luoshui River, with a tall wall, a prosperous economy, a large population and a pleasant climate. It has a history of thousands of years. After several generations, it existed before the founding of Daming, and its capital was here after the founding of Daming 700 years ago. Since then, Yanjing City has become more and more prosperous, and now it has become one of the most prosperous cities in the mainland with a population of 10 million.
Ye Guchen, after about a month’s galloping, arrived from Jiangzhou, Jiangnan County, outside the capital of Jingshi Yan. Looking at the magnificent and legendary capital of Yan, Ye Guchen felt a lot in his heart, but he didn’t have a chance to enter the capital of Yan. When he arrived outside the capital of Yan, he parted ways with this Qinglong and others. Qinglong had something to attack, but he didn’t bring Ye Guchen, just let Liu Qi lead Ye Guchen towards the city.
Tianmen Mountain is located in the southwest of the capital, about 50 miles away, with a special geographical position, steep mountain, easy to defend and difficult to attack, and a pleasant environment backed by thousands of miles of forest, with Luoshui passing through the mountain and ten thousand mu of fertile land behind the mountain, which is completely self-sufficient. Therefore, it was assigned to the special organization Royal Guards at the beginning of the founding of the Ming Dynasty. In 700 years, outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering and leaving Tianmen Mountain at will, and there are 100,000 troops stationed outside, which is mysterious inside.
After about an hour with Liu Qi, Ye Guchen appeared in front of them a continuous military camp, where tens of thousands of soldiers practiced. There was a narrow path in the middle of the military camp that led directly to the mountains, and hundreds of soldiers were stationed there.
"Stop! Who dares to approach Tianmen Mountain! " When Ye Guchen and Liu Qi were near the Tianmen Mountain, the soldiers who were stationed took out their weapons and aimed them at Ye Guchen and Liu Qi, and then a man shouted.
"A thousand households in Royal Guards, Liu Qi!" Liu Qi shouted loudly and took out a piece of golden token. After seeing the token, the soldiers gave in, but Liu Qi did not hesitate, and led Ye Guchen towards the mountain, galloping, and in an instant, only a few waves of smoke and dust were left on this narrow path.
After another half an hour, Liu Qi and Ye Guchen came to the foot of the mountain, dismounted and threw their horses to the garrison at the foot of the mountain. With Ye Guchen, they began to go up the mountain and walked out of dozens of steps. A camp appeared in the middle of the mountain path. The camp was built on two mountains, with hundreds of people wearing red brocade and red cloaks, and the golden eagle was printed on the back, standing around with weapons. There were dozens of people on it, holding them.
These people obviously knew Liu Qi. When they saw Liu Qi, they saluted in succession. They didn’t embarrass Liu Qi, and didn’t say any unnecessary nonsense. They just let him go. After crossing the camp, it was another winding and rugged path. Ye Guchen followed Liu Qi slowly, and there was a checkpoint from time to time. There were people walking in teams of security guards, and the defense was tight and abnormal.
In addition, Ye Guchen also saw dozens of hidden piles of bunkers, and someone’s head flashed vaguely in the jungle and mountains. Obviously, these are all hidden by the masters of the Royal Guards. Unconsciously, Ye Guchen still imagined that if anyone unwittingly wanted to enter the Tianmen Mountain Royal Guards’ headquarters, he might even go to come to a bad end.
Liu Qi, the expression of Ye Guchen, looked in his eyes and smiled. As he walked, he said, "Don’t be surprised. This Tianmen Mountain is the headquarters of the Royal Guards. It hasn’t changed for 700 years. There are too many secrets in the mountain, so we have to guard it tightly. Besides the 100,000 troops outside, 80,000 members of the Royal Guards have been stationed here for a long time, in order to keep some unknown secrets. You should know that there are not only 700 years in this Tianmen Mountain. There are countless panaceas, as well as precious medicinal materials and methods. Some strange people have also been collected here by the Royal Guards, as well as some royal secrets, various files held by the Royal Guards, and secrets of countless ministers and aristocratic families. Any casual disclosure may cause a bloody storm, so we have to be extra careful. "
"well. . I know. " Ye Guchen nodded softly.
"Ha ha, it is good to know, let’s go, is coming soon, we can walk for a while to the compound, gee. . Eighty thousand Royal Guards are stationed here, and many of them are experts, and there are many innate people. You have benefited a lot from some advice. " Hearing this, Liu Qiwei smiled and immediately pulled Ye Guchen to move on.
In a short time, a mountain plain appeared in front of Ye Guchen, which is located in the mountains with a vast area. The central position is ideal city, and the city is not very big, even much smaller than Jiangzhoucheng, but no one dares to look down upon it, because there is no ordinary people here, and all the security guards stationed here are frightening. . This is the residence of the Royal Guards!

Chapter 41 Nine Old People in Tianxiangyuan (I)
The Royal Guards have a complex structure and a large number of people, and 100,000 Royal Guards are awesome all over the world. It is not without reason. Apart from well-equipped weapons, tens of thousands of martial arts cheats and countless precious medicinal materials are the foundation for Royal Guards to be proud of the whole Daming Kingdom and even the whole mainland. Of course, one thing that cannot be ignored is that Royal Guards has a back talent system that people can’t catch up with. Every year, thousands of gifted children selected from hundreds of millions of people in China are sent to the Royal Guards Station in Tianmen Mountain for training, instilling ideas and practicing martial arts. Those who have achieved something will become the elite of the Royal Guards in the future. They have unimaginable strength since childhood, and they are the fundamental reason why the Royal Guards have stood for hundreds of years.
Passing through the city of Tianmen Mountain, I came to the rear of the city. Ye Guchen and Liu Qi came to a secluded small lake. The lake is not very big, and it is made up of a mountain spring flowing from top to bottom. It is about 100 meters wide and ominous in depth. Next to this lake, there is a unique style clause. This clause consists of dozens of wooden houses with blue bricks and green tiles, and there is a modest yard. Outside the courtyard, several cypresses are located here. Above the entrance of this courtyard stands a sign that reads "Tianxiangyuan" in three Chinese characters. The font is vigorous and powerful, and the pen is long and snake. At first glance, you will know that the writer is absolutely superior.
Ye Guchen didn’t say a word, but he looked at Liu Qi next to him. He didn’t understand why Liu Qi brought himself here. Although he didn’t know what place it was, Ye Guchen subconsciously felt that it was not simple here. There were countless royal guards in the city, and countless people couldn’t stop wandering between the mountains. It can be said that the masters of the royal guards didn’t let go of any inch of the Tianmen Mountain, but they just let their guard down here. Within kilometers of Fiona Fang.
As if he saw Ye Guchen’s mind, Liu Qiwei smiled and whispered, "Brother Guchen, come with me, don’t worry, there is no danger. All the elders of the Royal Guards live here, and nine elders live here. They are all masters of the innate realm, and two of them are even masters. Adult Qinglong asked me to bring you here, which means that you can live here in the future and practice with the elders not only for you. 。”
Speaking with Ye Guchen, he walked towards the Xiang courtyard on this day. As soon as he stepped into the gate of the Xiang courtyard on this day, there was a majestic voice: "Who is it? Dare to step into Tianxiang Hospital without authorization? Aren’t you afraid of death? Tsing lung’s boy is becoming more and more unruly. Doesn’t he know that Tianxiangyuan is forbidden to the Royal Guards? !”
The words sound just fell and he saw a man about 60 years old, but he still looked fierce. The tall old man with a white beard appeared in front of Ye Guchen and Liu Qi, and looked at them with anger.
"Elder Tian, the little Liu Qi visited the elder Tian, and the little one was ordered to bring the little brother here and set him up for you elders. Adult Qinglong said that things in the Royal Guards are complicated, and he has a heart to teach, but he really can’t get away. No one in the Royal Guards is qualified to set him up, so I brought him here. Adult Qinglong said that he should come back to personally explain to several elders after seeing your majesty. Liu Qi, who saw the bearer quickly handing over, said that he was extremely respectful and careful. I can see that Liu Qi is very respectful and afraid of the elder in front of him.
"Hey hey, well. . This boy looks young, but he has seven layers of inner strength, but it is also good to want to come. Qinglong that boy wants to train a successor to accept the things of the Royal Guards, right? A lot of words hum, the idea is good, he really should also understand it, that boy is most likely to understand the last level, use force to enter the Tao, break the void, but. . This kid thinks for himself and makes us suffer? Say, who does Qinglong want to train this boy? " Hearing this, Elder Tian caressed mo’s beard on his chest, then glanced at Ye Guchen in front of him and said with a light smile.
"This. Lord Qinglong didn’t say anything, but said to let him stay first. When he comes back tonight, he will naturally explain to several elders. " Liu Qi didn’t dare to sell himself short. He carefully replied that the nine elders are respected in the Royal Guards. Even when Qinglong comes here, he should be respectful to the nine elders, let alone him.
"Well, I see, you go out. This is a forbidden area, and outsiders are not allowed to step in. This time, let’s just say that you have a life and don’t know the rules. I’ll let you go once. Next time, if anything happens outside, anyone who steps into Tianxiang Hospital will die!" Eternal old coldly said, speak a wave of his hand, unexpectedly will Liu Qi this ten layers of strength inside the master to push out from a distance, when Liu Qi to react, the whole body has firmly landed outside the hospital, this ability is amazing, the average innate master can’t do it, and the master means all show.
Liu Qi, who ignored the salute and left, stood there dressed in a black robe and glanced at Ye Guchen faintly and said, "Boy, there is a room on the left where you live for the time being. Don’t wander around. There are dozens of dumb servants here. Just tell them what you want. You can go to the middle study, where there are some notes of our heaven and earth, the universe, the gods and the nine elders. I want to help you."
While speaking, the elder Tian turned around and disappeared from the front of Ye Guchen. Ye Guchen stood in the middle of the yard speechless, glanced at the room in the left corner, shrugged his shoulders helplessly, and took his simple luggage and went toward the room. Several dumb servants standing next to him quickly followed, pointing at Ye Guchen, helping Ye Guchen to clean up the room, and pouring water with sweet tea was quite enthusiastic.
After settling down a little, Ye Guchen came out and headed for the central room that Elder Tian said. Along the way, he found that there were about nine houses of the same size, and there were two dumb servants standing at the door of each house, and there were nameplates hanging at the door of each room, which read "Heaven and earth are yellow, the universe is wild, God, and nine characters respectively, indicating the identity of nine people."

Chapter 42 Nine Old People in Tianxiangyuan (below)
After Ye Guchen entered the central hall, he saw nine bookshelves. On the left side of each bookshelf, there was a sign of the elders. The names of the nine elders were impressively listed. Besides thick books, there was a thin roster next to each bookshelf, which briefly introduced the martial arts that the nine elders had learned and their respective skills.
Open one of the introductions of Elder Tian, which reads, "I entered the Royal Guards since I was a child, I was promoted to 100 households at the age of 15, to 1,000 households at the age of 18, to Innate at the age of 29, to Commander of the Royal Guards the following year, to Commander of the Royal Guards at the age of 45, to enter the innate Dacheng at the age of 50, to step into the general stage, and to step down at the age of 55. I am good at Monty Knife all my life, and I am invincible with one knife in my hand."
After reading it, he opened the profiles of other elders, all of which have a general introduction. In short, these elders have their own merits, but heaven and earth are mysterious and yellow, and the universe is vast. Among the eight people, only Tianchang is always a master of innate Dacheng. Although others have entered the innate time, there is no breakthrough so far.
However, the other seven elders are not as powerful as Tian Elders, but they have their own merits. Everyone has a skill that others can’t imagine, and they can be said to be unique in Wulin. For example, the lightness skill that the elders are good at is "near the horizon". This lightness skill posture is absolutely a must in the world. It is said that if the elders don’t want to continue fighting, even three masters can’t leave him at the same time, which shows that this "near the horizon".
You know, on this stormy continent, although there are lightness skill postures, there are few people who focus on practicing postures. On this martial continent, people are more concerned about the improvement of personal strength, and with the improvement of strength, the speed can naturally increase, and they don’t bother to learn this posture that specifically increases speed and agility. Therefore, there are not many people who know this, and most of them are not profound, but Ye Guchen is a traveler. Naturally know the value of this thing, strength is important, but it also needs the means to save your life to improve your strength, so this "near the horizon" is definitely a good thing!
As for Elder Xuan, he is good at the Eight Diagrams of the Book of Changes, daoist magic and things like that. Some of the weird things he said don’t know if they are true or not, but at least Ye Guchen can know that Elder Xuan once set up kill array, and with three thousand security experts, he wiped out forty-eight thousand Jiangnan water thieves who had been rampant for many years, which could have been a sensation at the beginning.
Elder Huang, even more brilliant, is extremely good at practicing kung fu horizontally. The simple golden bell jar was actually practiced by him from the outside to the inside, thus stepping into the innate nature. His strength is extraordinary. His body is invulnerable, fire and water are invulnerable, and although he is not a master, he is better than a master. He is fierce and overbearing in the master’s confrontation, and he is not lost to the master. I am even more horrible in this war, which is called a killing machine. He is definitely the kind of person who can run wild in the army. It is said that this elder Huang was once a great general in the imperial court before joining the Royal Guards, and eventually he had to join the Royal Guards for some unknown reasons, becoming a master of the Royal Guards.
Elder Yu is good at medical skills, and his medical skills are amazing. According to himself, his medical skills can make bones grow into muscles, and meat makes bones. Even if you are a half-dead person, you can be alive and kicking at once. No matter how serious the injury is, you can recover. Elder Yu doesn’t want you to die, and even Yan can’t take you away.
Elder Zhou, on the other hand, is just the opposite of Elder Yu. Elder Zhou is good at poison, and uses poison chinese odyssey. Except Elder Yu, no one can save the servants from him. As long as the poisoning is certain to die, most of the poisons in the Royal Guards are developed and spread by him, which shows that Elder Zhou is powerful.
Elder Hong is good at breaking into the water, comparable to a dragon swimming in a river. Even a master will stay out of the water, while Elder Huang is special. He is good at shrinking his bones, changing his face, unlocking the lock, and other skills. If nothing else, he is definitely a good cook, and he is absolutely first-class in snooping information. In the past, he was responsible for the intelligence work of the Royal Guards, which shows that this person is fierce.
As for this god elder, he is the most mysterious, with a single name and a word of God. His profile has nothing but one line, but it makes people feel infinite emotion after reading it. There is only one sentence in the profile of the god elder: "I am invincible in my life, but it is hard to find a road. Alas. . Alas. 。”
In a short sentence, Yuzryha Gu Chen has looked up to God’s elders infinitely, but this existence is not what Ye Gu Chen can reach now. Needless to think, this God’s elders have even stood at the top of this master class, and they are only one step away from breaking the void by martial arts. Unfortunately, this step is simple to say, but it is extremely difficult to do. Although the God’s elders are excellent, they still cannot make a breakthrough.
After reading these introductions, Ye Guchen also got a general understanding of the Nine Elders. Although everyone can show himself this little seven-layer master, their skills are really worth learning, only the elders in heaven, the elders in the earth, the elders in Huang, the elders in God, four people, and other people. It is good for him to dabble in those things a little, but don’t learn too much, otherwise it will be harmful to himself.
Of course, all this is just Ye Guchen’s own thoughts at present. Who really wants to learn from and who needs to give directions? At present, such a thing is not something that Ye Guchen can decide. His strength is there and his identity is there. Sometimes there are some things that he can’t decide now. Life is always like this, and it is always full of all kinds of irresistible things, making people unable to decide their own destiny and future. . Ye Guchen is so lucky. At the very least, he has a very high fate that others are extremely envious of. Although he still can’t decide his future independently in some aspects, Ye Guchen believes that it is only a matter of time. One day, no one can help Ye Guchen make his own decisions. No one can decide his fate, only he can. . This day won’t be too far away.

Chapter 43 Nighttalk
In the middle of the night, Ye Guchen returned to his room. On this day, in the central hall of Hunan Academy, nine elders dressed in various costumes sat separately. In the middle of the room was a mysterious man with snow-white hair, wearing a golden mask, sitting in the middle of the room with countless colorful clouds embroidered on the golden robe. Although he didn’t speak, the majestic breath spread throughout the room, while the command of a security guard made Qinglong stand in the middle of the room.
"Tsing lung, I have seen that boy today, which is not bad. At the age of 14 or 15, I can have seven layers of inner strength, which is also a genius. Since you sent him here, you value him very much. Now you are the commander of a security guard, and all of us old guys have retired. Everything in a security guard is up to you, but can’t you find someone else to train him? Although he is a good talent, this is an important place. 。” Sitting there, the elder said first, and looked at the dragon in front of him and said with a heavy voice.

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