Although we can’t kill the old ghost by offering a treasure, we can find it. Li Yueling is inscrutable and laughs. When we killed the old ghost, he was still in the state of Yuan Baby, and he didn’t see his flesh at the altar. I guess his flesh must be hidden in a magical shadow somewhere. Generally speaking, all his belongings are in the flesh. After we find it, we may find the magic. It will be much easier for this treasure to deal with the remaining two king eggs.


Li Yueling knows that the biggest difference between the two magic weapons of the magic treasure, Buddhism and Taoism is that the magic treasure is eliminated and the magic decision is integrated into the magic weapon, so that the sacrifice can be performed, unlike the fact that the two magic weapons of Buddhism and Taoism have to be sacrificed again, which bothers him. He pinned his hopes on the ghost eating the soul in the morning
Jiang Shishi said with a wry smile, this magic shadow cave is so complicated and long, and we are looking for the body of the black-robed old ghost.
Poem elder sister don’t forget that way? Li Yueling woke Jiang’s poem way.
Yue Ling’s coming to you has been calculated by my sister. I really can’t understand you more and more. Jiang Shi’s poetic mind, Li Yueling’s means of doing things, and his thoughts and thoughts are much more mature than when he was still at sea in the past. At this moment, I finally can’t see the laziness of fixing the truth. I can’t help but laugh.
I have long understood that since the day has let me step on the road of repairing the truth, I will cherish it. Of course, I don’t care if I am a right and wrong person in my heart.
Sister Shishi is not a younger brother, but a younger brother. I will take the road of repairing truth as seriously as I did in the first year. I still come to me. I am still a younger brother of Sister Shishi.
Although Li Yuefei has his unique lazy smile on his face, he doesn’t feel anything wrong in Jiang Shishi’s eyes
Nodding gently, Sister Yueling understood. Hehe, it’s really a good thing for you to distinguish between right and wrong, regardless of evil, Buddhism and Taoism.
The two brothers and sisters smiled at each other, and Li Yueling immediately pinched the seal in his hand, fuelling the poisonous shadow to eat the heart, and at the same time, he handed the prescription to the poisonous shadow through the guidance of gods.
It was said that when the array was broken, the poisonous shadow had already found a hiding place early in the morning, and he was also worried that Li Yueling would be doomed if he missed. He had been waiting on tenterhooks all this time.
At the moment, the body eats the heart method and is ready to move, but it is also passed to Li Yueling’s knowledge information through the heart-eating method, which makes the poison shadow excited and straight to the black robe bodhi old zu.
Where will this guy hesitate? Immediately, according to Li Yueling’s information about gods, fart Dian fart drove past.
I’ve seen three immortals and two immortals, and the poisonous shadows have soon been found. After seeing Tuode’s coma, I can’t help but tunnel. This must have been injured when I destroyed the old ghost with black robes.
I don’t have much to explain to you. Let me tell you one thing. The black robe Yuan Ying has been completely eliminated by me, and your brothers have all died. Li Yueling now has no time for poison and nonsense.
Who knows when the lonely Taoist will suddenly appear in front of him?
Now you take me to the black robe old ghost’s body at once. Don’t ask more questions, or you will know later.
Hearing the news that Li Yueling said that the bodhi old zu in black robes and his brothers were all dead, the poison shadow difference didn’t cry with excitement. I smelled Li Yueling’s cold face and said the second half of the sentence. Where dare the poison shadow offend this at this time? It can kill him at any time.
Heart andao presumably they are going to exterminate the black robe old ghost.
After thinking about his own life, Poison Shadow immediately led the way and didn’t dare to ask a word more.
This magic shadow cave is really more than a maze. If it weren’t for poison shadow, a person who knows the terrain well, I’m afraid Li Yueling would not have been able to explore the cave clearly in half a day.
Here are the two immortals. Behind the sealed Xuan iron gate is the old ghost’s body in the poison shadow. Now all my mind is thinking that he should regain the taste of being a patriarch in the future, but I never thought that almost all his masters in this magic shadow clan were dead. He is a patriarch and a army of one.
When I smashed this rotten door, Jiang Shishi’s hands flashed with blue light, and his fingers were easily inserted into the black iron. After a few stirs, this huge black iron door weighing several thousand kilograms and two feet thick was broken and collapsed.
Sister Lai Shi’s nails are much sharper than the younger brother’s soft-ruler sword. Daniel lee Ling sighed and immediately flashed into the door to see a black robe and sat cross-legged on a piece of jade.
It’s urgent now, but Li Yueling won’t. As soon as Langfu entered the room, there was a wild search for the black robe. The bodhi old zu was wearing a gold bracelet and a snake ring, all of which fell into Li Yueling’s hands.
Li Yueling’s strength of divine knowledge has been able to easily get whatever he wants from these two magic weapons, but not if he changes Jiang’s poems. After all, the bodhi old zu in black robe is distracted at the early stage, and if he wants to enter other things, he must need stronger divine knowledge than himself.
Jiang Shi’s poetry is no good, but Li Yueling, a guy who is out of proportion in cultivating god’s knowledge, is no problem. His strength of god’s knowledge today is about the same as that in the middle of distraction, but it is easy to find.
There are a lot of good things in this old ghost. Li Yueling quickly swept two magic weapons. The hidden treasure is absolutely no less than that in the cold-fighting ring, and there are many foreign objects that Li Yueling has never seen before
Li Yueling identified jade pupil Jane and other things, and took all the jade pupil Jane in the ring bracelet, and then divided them into hundreds of gods to clear up at the same time.
In a moment, Li Yueling’s face suddenly turned pale and his eyes stumbled suddenly, and one of them was sucked into the palm of his hand by a suction in his hand.
That’s it, sister Shishi. The soul is dying.
Seeing that Li Yueling has won Jiang’s poems is also the heart’s delight. You immediately ordered Yuan’s painstaking efforts to sacrifice sister Lian Tian, a ghost-eater, to protect you.
Good Li Yueling eyes shot a ray of excitement.
He had learned a lot about the concept of ancient magic treasures, and he knew that these magic weapons were all precious refining materials when the heavens and the earth were born in ancient times. It is not a magic weapon compared with today’s magic weapon. Once you can refine this day’s ghost-eating sacrifice, it is not difficult to come and go, although you can’t compete with others.
Li Yueling first returned the other jade pupil Jane to Tibet, and quickly integrated the jade pupil Jane with the ghost who remembered the day and ate the soul and sacrificed it to control the magic trick.
Refining the magic treasure is different from re-refining the magic weapon of Buddhism and Taoism. The process is very simple. Before Li Yueling, the protector of Jiang’s poems and poems was also stable in his heart. On that day, the ghost ate the soul and greeted it with one hand and started the magic trick. Suddenly, I saw that the banner soared in the wind and it had reached about ten feet.
Refining a magic treasure has to be residual. Alas, Li Yueling laughed at the fact that when the purple mansion Yuan baby sacrifice was about to take off the flesh, the ghost ate the soul, and according to the magic decision of offering the treasure, it changed several final prints continuously. Then Li Yueling’s tender little hands condensed a purple and gold light until the light accumulated to half the size of Yuan baby. Li Yueling suddenly pushed it.
That light mass is a necessary part of Li Yueling’s life element to sacrifice the magic treasure, but I saw that the purple and gold light mass slammed into the cover of the ten-foot Fiona Fang ghost-eating soul-eating banner, and a dazzling glow was instantly absorbed by the banner.
At the same time, Li Yueling didn’t stop at all. He saw the ghost eating the soul and gradually turned purple and gold. He quickly pointed a light blade at the heart of his baby’s body.
This stroke seems to be very small in strength, but it also hurts Li Yueling’s baby body to tremble violently. A golden blood splashes on the wound of his baby body, and the ghost eats the soul.
At that time, the clouds suddenly burst and the ghost fog was bleak and confined in the banner. After all the fierce military spirits appeared, the potential was very terrible. Fortunately, the ghost in the flag did not appear, otherwise it would be hard to collapse this cave.