Often, except when taking a shower, even Li Mu sleeps with a star-shaped knife, which can be described as a knife that never leaves her body, while Elusha is even more exaggerated. When she sleeps, she even changes into pink iron pajamas, which makes Zhu Bi ‘an feel depressed when she sleeps with her.


Hey, this sound seems to have just crossed the threshold of the restaurant and came to a charming drink. Li Mu listened intently, but it was Zhu Bianchi’s little girl’s sound.
In the past, I looked at the head and said without looking back, Li Mu strode towards the other end of the street where the sound came from with some doubts, and Nick was first stunned but quickly chased it with a wry smile.
Looking at the dark-haired boy in front of him, Nick wiped his forehead with sweat. He couldn’t help but say that the rich man is doing everything well, but he is too interested.
Chapter sixty-two Trouble side
A bunch of chop suey
Elusha disdain a pick arch eyebrows qiao face a indifference gently shake shake a long knife stained with blood bead didn’t look at the body fell at her feet as if the death was not a person but a chicken that had just been slaughtered by her. This strange scene made the pirates around clamor for silence.
Elusha’s sister Zhu Bi ‘an’s beautiful eyes sparkled, and a pair of small hands gently took Elusha’s left wrist and glanced at several gradually cold bodies. After that, the low road was over. Let’s go.
Of course, it’s not because of fear that she just left. It’s because Jubian knows Elsa’s personality very well. She is a woman who is not easy to kill, but once she really gets angry, it will be terrible.
People who kill us still want to go. Hey, hey, which is so easy? A strong man with a juryman grimaced and stared at two women with delicate and charming faces. Adam’s apple couldn’t help but stir up. His eyes were full of obscene colors.
Bitch, this is not a place where you can run wild with some strength. I always tell you that you dare to kill us. The Malov pirates haven’t been able to walk this town alive.
What turned out to be the civilians around the Malov Pirates Group immediately stirred up after hearing this. Many people couldn’t help but look sympathetically at the two women trapped in the central government.
Ordinary pirates rarely dare to make trouble in the town, but only one pirate group can regard this rule as the town controls the Malov pirate group.
Malov Pirates, that’s really terrible, but I’d like to see how to keep my two companions alive.
Suddenly, a banter sounded in the crowd, and at the same time, a handsome boy with a long knife slowly came along. The faint momentum made the onlookers in front of them retreat to one side, and even they didn’t know what would make way for the boy.
The young man’s provocative words don’t make ordinary townspeople jumpy. Even the pirates are stunned. They never thought that anyone would dare to provoke the Malov Pirates.
What is the Malov Pirates? It’s the only king in this town.
Bearer is Li Mu. Although he still controls his body domineering, it is not something that these ordinary people can resist to develop momentum through long-term killing.
What are you, you little brat? Do you speak here? Do you want to die? Stare at the strong man with a ferocious face and a murderous look.
I don’t know my generation until I die.
Li Mu’s eyes are getting colder, but his face is still smiling. For the strong man’s words, he didn’t answer. He slowly extended a finger to his chest. This movement seems to be slow, but it is actually fast.
Peng fingertips blink of an eye, and then the atria touch each other. Terror gathered at the fingertips. Before everyone knew the situation, there was a dull explosion in the ear, as if something had exploded. At the same time, the man who had just been arrogant suddenly burst a brilliant blood flower in his chest.
Instant death
The fragile heart was completely shattered in an instant, and the sudden attack made him unbelievable. He sprayed a pool of blood in his mouth, and his body fell on his back and his eyes were round, and he died in disappointment.
Mu ge ge mu
Two sounds, a surprise, a dull cry, and two sweet shouts sounded at the same time. Zhu Bi ‘an was surprised. Zhang Hongrun’s lips were slightly as fast as a bird in the same nest, and Elsa’s cold face was slightly thawed and looked at him softly.
Sajika, at the same time, a group of pirates also exclaimed, looking at the strong man who had died. It was too sudden that the strong man died. At that time, they were all deceived.
What did this teenager do? Was it a gun? But it wasn’t right. There was no gun, and there was no gun in the other hand.
The pirates looked indecisive and couldn’t make a move at the moment. After all, the most powerful man among them had died in each other’s hands, and they didn’t dare to be the bird.
You, who are you? Although the pirates have retreated a little, one of them still growled, "Do you really know that Colonel Malov will not let you go after our Malov Pirates?"
You guys wait for me.
Before he finished speaking, Li Mu’s cold eyes swept to the back of his heart, and after throwing a cruel word, he dialed the crowd to leave, while the rest of the pirates didn’t dare to stay longer without their backbone. Although they lost face, they firmly believed that the colonel would help them find their face.
How to clash with them Li Mu smiled and asked for two women.
It’s nothing. Elsa glanced at the body at her feet and said lightly, he tried to take us to their pirate headquarters, but I killed him.
Besides, they also said a lot of things that are difficult to listen to, sister Elsa.
Just kill a group of animals. Li Mu said suddenly with a slap on his forehead and suddenly disdained that it should be not even animals. After all, animals can still eat these garbage after slaughter, which can make people vomit.
Young man, take your little girlfriend out of this town and go to other towns to avoid it. The Malov pirates will not let you go easily.
The onlookers had a tacit understanding and turned away, afraid to stay longer. An elderly man with a wrinkled face woke up with a few words of kindness before leaving in a hurry.