I believe half and doubt half what the master said, but I didn’t escape this fate after all. Three years ago, I approached you with the breath of Yukime sword, and I was defeated compared with your medical skills. From that moment on, you really came into my world. At that time, my first thought was to kill you. I didn’t expect her to smile softly, with a white flower dyed with charm and a pink flower stained with dew and a charming demon flower. I looked straight at him and wanted to drop water to your side, but there was a person who made me unable to kill you. I wanted to escape and stay as far away from you as possible. The competitive spirit made me follow you, and then slowly I found that I had no strength to escape the struggle, and I wanted to follow you forever, watching your every expression and listening to your every sound.


A snow girl’s last words and medical skills were lost in Ye Chen’s hands, which made her curious about Ye Chen. When a woman became curious about a man, she was on the verge of danger, that is, she was a snow princess and Yan could not escape. Even she had never realized that she had unconsciously fallen on the first day she met him, otherwise she would not have exposed her face in front of him, and she would not have deliberately made all kinds of explicit provocative gestures to him. When she found out that she could not kill him, subconsciously she had never thought of escaping and could not escape.
Ye Chen
Xuefeiyan secretly shook off the tears in her eyes and smiled and said, I’m so stupid. I should have known that my Xuefeiyan man would be the sexiest man in the world, and how could he lose his life so easily? I was so stupid. I was punished and spent three years in torment.
She grabbed his hand and put it on her left breast. Little by little, she let his fingers sink deeply into the soft and towering breast. Chen realized that he had touched something, but his hand twitched and was pressed closer by Xuefei Yan. She said softly, Do you know that Xuenv’s heart is as simple as ice and snow? It is really easy for her to love someone, and then she will never love another person again. Just like being poisoned by the most terrible poison in the sky, she wants to give him her life.
The five fingers are deeply immersed in the softness, which is the most extreme enjoyment in the world. At this time, Ye Chen’s heart can’t afford the slightest lust. Her hands are clear and her heart beats. She says every word with a confusing illusion, but he has no doubt that it is a snow and ice that is made into a goblin. The appearance is like snow.
Princess Yan moved his lips and called his name.
I know you must have a lot to ask me, and I have too many things to ask you. Come here and let me lean on you, and then slowly say it, okay?
There used to be a seductive and cunning fox in front of him. She is very docile at the moment. She sticks to Ye Chen’s body and always lets him sit in front of her and sit next to him. Her eyes still look at him with obsession.
Chapter 391 A girl abandoned by fate
Little sister, can you tell your sister your name? Snow Princess Yan turned her attention to the girl who has been following Ye Chen all the time and asked with a soft smile.
He is my dad, Xiao Mo didn’t say her name, but simply called her Ye Chen.
Snow Princess Yan’s face smiles more seductively, and her eyebrows are slightly bent, and her lips are slightly tilted to think of Chen. She is also a sister. You should take good care of her and take care of Gu Sichen.
Small foam eyes looked at Ye Chen has been in his arms baby girl and then a face of confusion to Ye Chen.
Xue Fei Yan put one hand on Ye Chen and the other hand gently pressed on Si Chen’s back, saying that her name is Si Chen. You must already know that she is your daughter and my strength to support me for the rest of my life.
Strength bearing
She, like her poor mother, is a poor child abandoned by heaven. You found out that she can’t see you, and she can’t speak.
Ye Chen’s expression froze and his heart twitched violently. He suppressed his sudden madness and asked what was going on.
Xue Fei Yan leaned a cicada’s head on his body and stuck it on his chest with one hand to soothe his mind. Chen Chen died before she died. She could save her life. My mother gave up everything. Finally, she came to this world, but from the day she was born, she lost her five senses, four senses, no sight, hearing, smell and taste, and lost her voice.
Ye Chen
A baby girl in her arms, an ice doll made of ice and snow, is clever and prone in his arms, her eyes are quiet and closed, and her two small hands are pressed on his chest and her body is tight. She seems to be greedy and waiting for too long, and the taste has been silently protecting this.
And it is this little girl who was abandoned by fate from the moment she was born.
Sichen Yechen’s heart was stung by thousands of ice cones, and she wore her arms around her body, and she felt deeply sorry and almost exploded. The resentment was ten times and one hundred times worse than the hatred he suddenly had in windy country.
On that day, the last sentence of Zong Yanxi’s tea, which sneaked into the North Emperor, clearly echoed in his ears.
it’s him
Xiaomo’s eyes were attracted by Sichen, and gradually her eyes became a little more surprised and curious, because she suddenly found that Sichen’s body seemed to be surrounded by a circle of white light in a very slight amplitude, and her eyes were blurred by tears, and she focused on Ye Chen’s body, snow, princess and Yan, and she didn’t find that she had lost her vision. At the same time, he didn’t notice that his body’s strength was slowly weakening in the same small amplitude.
If I hadn’t thought of Chen, I wouldn’t have given birth to her and my life wouldn’t be so painful. Do you hate me?
Ye Chen inhaled for a long time and shook his head gently. How could he hate her? He owed her forever. If it weren’t for her, Si Chen’s mother might have died, which exhausted her strength.
The strength comes from the snow princess’s face, but he doesn’t feel the fluctuation of strength, while the body in his arms hides an element of ice and snow with high density. She is not afraid of the cold here, climbing up to him in the snow bit by bit and hugging him.
This is his daughter, a daughter who perceives his arrival and follows the blood connection in a colorless and voiceless world, feeling that she has climbed to the front of him with delicate limbs, so that her daughter has no impurities. What should he use to compensate her for her debt in the past two years and this life according to her relationship?
I knew you wouldn’t hate me, even though you would be miserable, but it’s great to see your father and daughter reunited.
Those eyes that condensed more and more water mist looked at each other and hugged each other. The emotions that father and daughter had suppressed for too many years were slowly pouring in her voice.
Zhi Meng is a beautiful woman whose charm is unique. I don’t want her to belong to others, but she belongs to the Northern Emperor Sect and depends on the Northern Emperor Sect to avenge her genocide. Even if I have feelings for you, I will suppress my heart and be fascinated with her. I will let others become you, and you will have a daughter. I want her to be a snow girl. Snow girl is doomed to be barren because of her strength. There is no selfishness in this.
But I didn’t expect that I waited for your death. Later, I found the hiding place of the Northern Emperor Sect for a long time, and made a lot of snow for a long time. Then I quietly entered the Northern Emperor Sect under the cover of the snow, trying to take away the dream of Zhi, but I made a big mistake because of my negligence. When I found the dream of Zhi, she was hit in the abdomen by the Northern Emperor Shaozhu and Si Chensheng hoped that I could freeze the dream of Zhi and bring her back here.
In order to save Sichen, you have exhausted your strength and realized that your iceberg ice will block this place so that people won’t disturb your dreams again. Ye Chen then said that there have never been a few people in Xuenv Palace. If Xuefei Yan loses her strength, there will be minors left in the palace, and then others will protect her. The hardest ice before that will block Xuenv Palace so that outsiders can find and step in, so that they can’t be isolated from the outside world.

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