I didn’t let Yuan Ye down. Two days later, Wan Jialou sent over 20,000 treasures collected in the same day. These 20,000 treasures, 10,000 weapons and 10,000 armor are just enough for 10,000 people. This is why I have returned to the mystery world to recruit 10,000 elite brothers. Because I don’t want to now, I have more than 5,000 people, but the equipment is not a small number. Even though I have a lot of refining materials in my ring, I am afraid it is not enough.


It seems that there are still two thousand souls missing, and I’m thirteen thousand Yuan Ye mumbles as he goes to the leapfrog tower. At this moment, Yuan Yemei’s head is also jumping. After years of fighting and fighting, he instantly feels an unusual atmosphere. When Yuan Ye’s eyes suddenly narrowed slightly, his eyes slowly swept around. At this time, he was not too far away from the leapfrog tower, but it was strange that there was no one near the leapfrog tower like a dead zone.
Body slowly stop the line of sight to stay in front of the virtual light way not far away, now that you’re here, you will hide your head and show your tail.
It’s good to have a little perception. Yuan Ye’s words are also distorted in front. Soon several figures emerge, and at the same time, the vast atmosphere is overwhelming
Now there are three people in total, one of whom is a yellow robe, the old one is a gray man with a black face on the left, and the other one is a Yuan Ye. All three of them are Lingfei, and Yuan Ye knows that they are not holding the purple seventy-two soul energy, but three of them are truly great and extremely strong.
Yuan Ye, you’ve made me easy to find these months, but it’s not bad. At last, all the elders of Longxian Island died in your hands, and many treasures of Longxian Island were plundered by you. Today, we must make it clear that the yellow robe of the Central Committee smoothed my beard and face and smiled with a sense of solemnity.
Yuan Ye glanced at this guy, saying that the name of Longxian Island is very unpleasant. It seems that your Longxian Island is really entangled with me, but I am curious that you can stop me so skillfully.
Yuan Ye didn’t say go, but doubts in my heart also rose.
Don’t talk nonsense, the treasures of the world will also come to the three of us to let you go. Otherwise, if you can join the ranks of the five emperors, you will be able to escape from my three people. I’m afraid that the three of us will join hands with Luo Qiong Zhuge Changhong and may not be able to win. Don’t be tired of living. The black-faced man on the left is also a light mouth at the moment, and the last sentence of Sen Leng’s murder suddenly rises.
Mijie, otherwise, this is where you bury your bones. The transvestite sound is also abrupt, and it seems that even the air is solidified at this moment, and the forest becomes as cold as winter.
Yuan Ye coldly looking at the three people in the sky, three people are aggressive, and the strength is really not to be underestimated. These three people should all be great statues, nine turns to the peak, Shura, Joan, Zhuge Changhong, and so on. Although these people’s talent ability is stronger than that of the general great statues, nine turns to the peak, these great statues and nine turns to the peak, they also have the challenge ability. Even if the leapfrog level is not abnormal for Yuan Ye and others, after all, it is not as simple as repairing the actual combat effectiveness.
It’s really a big deal for the three of them to join hands, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have shown up.
I don’t kill celebrities. Who are you two? Yuan Ye smiles at her mouth, but there is a freezing cold in her dark eyes.
The tone is quite crazy. The Five Emperors’ contention for you has already been put to good use. We also know all about your law. We won’t give you a chance to come and kill Zhu Tianrong. The three of us will join hands to fight hard. After these two big moves, you are nothing in my eyes. The middle-aged yellow robe old sneer at a way.
Smell speech Yuan Ye’s face is slowly lifted with a radian handprint, and then it changes quietly. Suddenly, a coagulation of vast breath suddenly overflows like a volcano, and you said that the two unique skills are not necessarily my unique skills. Now that you want to try it, you can see clearly.
The vast atmosphere spread in the sky, and an oppressive atmosphere was born quietly, which made the atmosphere of heaven and earth dry up. At the same time, Yuan Ye slowly flew up and quickly made it easy for the three people opposite to face each other. If you dare not sign up again, you will be a famous ghost.
Sensing Yuan Ye’s breath, the yellow robe and old complexion also changed slightly. Although he got the news from his hands long ago, Yuan Ye is very powerful, but seeing his heart shaking with his own eyes today is still not small. A younger generation can actually practice to this point, and his talent and qualifications can be afraid to come to shape. Such enemies had better be completely wiped out, otherwise the future trouble will be poor.
This little uniting achievement method is a little weird. If I catch it this time, I can force it to achieve it. If I can get this achievement method, my achievements in the future will be not low. Even few people in Zongmen can compete with me. The eyes of the Yin and Yang transvestite on the left are slightly flashing with greed, but the eyes are swept away. Chapter 1452 One enemy and three.
Is still a big statue of nine turn peak power coercion, you haven’t the qualification in the hands of the three of me scampering left the dark-faced man glanced at Yuan Ye indifferent, speaking of which, he seems to be some impatient waved sleeve robe, since I want to die, I will become you remember that I am repairing the patriarch of Luo Cha in a sunny day.
Speak this black-faced man’s footsteps suddenly stepped forward and said, "Let’s grab him first."
Well, smell the yellow robe and the old transvestite nodded his head. The three masters attacked at the same time and surrounded the potential instantaneous formation. That means that the ferocious meaning emerges in the eyes of Yang Tian. A cold drink and three vast quarrels suddenly surged and three figures flashed at Yuan Ye suddenly and violently. The fierce offensive directly made this piece solidify.
They are deeply afraid of Yuan Ye’s means of killing Zhu Tianrong. If it is a person’s words, it’s really a little dare. These three people can’t go there better than Zhu Tianrong. If they are careless, I’m afraid they will be killed on the spot.
See three people at the same time hand Yuan Ye that busy is instantaneous now immediately rushed directly to the right of the transvestite.
Suddenly, another Yuan Ye also startled the transvestite of Yin and Yang, but instantly it was also a strong spirit, and an ancient fierce and violent atmosphere suddenly surged, and immediately the two were fighting together.
At the same time, Yuan Ye’s body suddenly and violently retreats, and the whole body’s breath is instantaneous, which is constantly skyrocketing and just rises to the limit. After a long time, the degree of its breath is faint beyond one of these three people.
See Yuan Ye that soaring breath that yellow robe old eyebrows is also a wrinkly immediately sneer at a way: don’t leave a hand to kill him together.
To repair the patriarch of Luo Cha, it is also a cold face. He nodded his head in the hands of a black combating Dao, and the light and strange light came from his hand. The blade instantly cut across Yuan Ye’s throat.
In the face of Yang Tian’s rapid and fierce offensive, Yuan Ye’s head was slightly biased to avoid the sharp blade, and his right palm clenched into a fist and then slammed into Yang Tian’s head angrily.
Hum, Yuan Ye’s strength today is natural and can’t be underestimated at all. Now Yuan Ye’s strength is not inferior to his strength, and he has surpassed him in terms of fighting capacity with all kinds of rear recruits.
Peng’s heart flitted with cautious thoughts. When Yang Tian’s wrist turned over, his combating Dao was a swish, which was completely slashed and then blocked by his handle in front of him, and Yuan Ye was hard-wired with this punch.
A punch landed on the handle, and a terrible Yang grudge suddenly surged in Yuan Ye’s palm, and then an overwhelming potential rushed through the handle and bombarded Yang Tian’s body.
Pisces diffuse in the sunny day, and I feel that my chest has been smashed by a huge force, but its response is not slow. When quarrelling diffuses, the vast quarrelling is its body storming and rushing to the attack force, trying to resist it.
However, when quarrelling with the Yang forces touches each other, the strange scene is that after seeing the Yang quarrelling, it turns out that this negative force is still hidden in the back and forth of its own region, and it takes only a moment for the Yang to feel that its own organs have been hit hard.
This change of quarrelling between yin and yang has caused Yang Tian’s complexion to change dramatically and his body to retreat in panic. He has always been afraid of Yuan Ye’s unique skill of killing Zhu Tianrong, but he has ignored Yuan Ye’s other forces.
A recruit to shake off the sun, Yuan Yegang wants to pursue an old figure, that is, he flashes in front of him. There is a bit of cold and a lacquered black hand, which directly penetrates Yuan Ye’s head with a dangerous feeling.
Try to pick up the old lady’s paw.
Feeling the dark hand filled with sen’s cold strong breeze, Yuan Ye did not retreat and sneered at it. Still afraid of you, the old man?
Drank the palm of his hand, quarreled rapidly, and then slammed it with one punch. It was the yellow robe, the old black hand, and the shocking Liu Ran resounded together. The amazing strength was also rapidly spreading and the surrounding waves were gradually distorted.
Push push fist palm hard touch the strong breeze like a ring storm surge and Yuan Ye’s yellow robe old body is a quiver, push push back a few steps.
Today, Yuan Ye’s strength is complete, and he has the ability to turn to the top of the mountain, and the complete control of the strength of the wild seven’ o also makes the fighting spirit of the achievement method keep coming in, and he is not worried that he will be killed by the wheel war of the other side.
Hum Xiao Ran is somewhat able to see a palm was Yuan Ye spell a split, the yellow robe old eyes also flashed a bit surprised immediately turned to the sun at the moment and then quickly resolved the former dark strength, although it looked a little embarrassed, but it didn’t cause any harm. After all, the big statue of nine turned to the peak strength, not to look at it.
At the same time, the old man with yellow robe was slightly cold and drank him cold. The body shape of Yang Tian was almost suddenly and violently plundered at the same time, and the practice of two fierce and abnormal quarrelling horses was to tear and bring up a deafening blare, and the wind exploded against Yuan Ye.
In the face of two people teamed up with Yuan Ye, who was also somberly, holding hands in the palm of his hand, and then condensing into a Tai Chi pattern, the quarrelling horse was bombarded and exploded with earth-shattering explosions.
Before the sky, the aftermath of quarrelling is diffuse and vast, which makes this world appear a distorted and illusory shape, and it looks like a mirage from a distance.
Yellow robe Lao Yang day teamed up with a series of powerful and fierce horse quarrelling attacks to pour out and go crazy to Yuan Ye bombardment to see this appearance. I’m afraid I’m going to kill Yuan Ye.
And in the face of two people crazy onslaught Yuan Ye is also somberly, powerful big move all cast yellow robe old two people attack bombardment together.
Bang bang bang bang.