Yang day eyes turned and smiled and handed the golden bottle at the same time.


Jincan took the bottle and gulped it directly into his mouth, then poured a bottle of wine.
Hey, it’s gone
When Yang Tian stood still, Jin can waved the bottle, which was very h, and the novel was Gu Dao.
Hehe, Jincan, is this wine delicious?
Yang day is very casual touch a bottle to fill a mouthful of way
It’s delicious. Hey, hey, God, it’s still there.
Golden big head and gather together in front of Yang day a face of flattering laughed
Hehe, do you want to drink it?
Yang Tian is like a sinister old fox coaxing naive children.
Golden way without hesitation
Okay, you have to promise me one thing, and I’ll give you as much as you want to drink afterwards.
Yang day persuasive way
Brother Tian, stop talking. I promised everything. Give me a drink first.
Golden smell speech was forced to reach out and grab the bottle in Yang Tian’s hand at the same time
Wait, we have to agree first.
Okay, hurry up and say it
In the afternoon, you will go to the Holy Spirit Pavilion to find your dad, and then
Hey, hey, that’s it? Brother Tian is in my body. Then I will steal the bird’s egg and eat it. This dead old man has raised a bird’s egg behind my back.
Jin can heard Yang Tian’s invitation, but he didn’t even frown. He swore and swore that it was on him.
Shh, this matter must be kept secret. Don’t forget to ask your dad for a bottle of demon power first, or you will die if you go in.
Yang days some not trust told it again.
Got it. Brother Tian, come and have a drink.
Golden press a way
There are 100,000 bottles in it. You can’t do it with your dad in the afternoon. Don’t come to see me.
Yang day take a magic bag to Jin Canshi than solemnly said
It must be done.
Golden heaven and earth through clap breast at the same time to ensure.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three The culprit
Hall all the people are still talking about each other, Xuan son yiyi qinghong and others together, it seems to be endless. It depends on the situation, and it won’t end in three or two days.
Hu Na ‘er has become the center of Yi Tian Ge’s brothers at this time because he has been salivating about his experiences these days.
Of course, it’s all in Yang Tianzhi’s ears, and his eyes are shining and his blood is boiling.
Later, in Tuoli, ten apes, Wei Huan Kui Ba, couldn’t watch it, so they all joined in.
They know more and more detailed things than Huhner, especially Torido, who has excellent eloquence. Some things are more vivid and moving through his mouth, and soon Huhner is replaced by everyone’s pursuit.
After Yang Tian coaxed the golden flowers, he accompanied everyone to frolic for a while, and then he was alone in the hall. Seeing that it was already a night outside, the moon hung high.
Looking up at the past, the dark yuan light has been quietly running, and the dark yuan world has stuffed the Yan into it to absorb the dark yuan force.
Heaven is the demon emperor, Du Jie day and Yang day, and everything must be prepared.
Today, when the black hand fled, Yang Tiantai was so excited at the moment when Yan fit in.
Yang Tian believes that Yan can absorb enough dark forces, and when the power breaks out, it will be more powerful.
Call softly and suddenly come behind you.
Turned to look is Lingling.
senior female fellow apprentice/student
Yang Tian smiled and stretched out a big hand, so he took Lingling’s little hand.
Lingling obeyed and came to Yang Tian’s side. Her charming body nestled in Yang Tian’s chest, and her face was a sweet smile.
Elder martial sister, how long did you stay in the sacred land? How soon did you get the triple Dan robbery?
Feel the palm soft silence for a moment, Yang suddenly asked softly.

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