White Tianluo Sword Du Yun


Lin moved slowly in the route. Lin Fan has told him about the strongest young generation of these sects, and this white Tianluo sword is the leader of the younger generation of Tianluo Sect, and it is also a really beautiful genius. A sword is fascinating.
After staring at the young man in white, Lin Dong seemed to be aware of tilting his head to look at Lin Dong’s weaving, and suddenly a sharp sword fern was swept away.
This kind of sword awn is not the initiative of the white youth, but a sword practice to a very strong horizontal point.
The forest moving surface S is calm and motionless. When the white young sword awn reaches the range of several feet in the whole body, it disappears like a barrier.
Yi spirit means that the sword mans dissipates, but the white youth’s face is a smile and whispers.
Du Yun, don’t look down on that young man. I expect it to be good. He is a famous dynasty in recent years. Even Lin Langtian can’t resist Lin Dong. The Lin clan has now shown two peerless geniuses. It’s really enviable that the white-haired old man took a look at Lin Dong and said,
Oh, he’s the Lin Dong Yao. He’s really a rival. Smell the white youth and smile slightly.
It’s not really bad luck to meet together. Don’t go looking for trouble. Get a quota safely first, and then talk about white hair.
Clothing youth nodded at Lin move smile is back to the eye.
Lin Dong will also look back to my heart without sighing that he was short-sighted when he saw such a genius war on such a scale. These people have excellent talents and sectarian forces behind them to cultivate such achievements, but they are extremely weak. On the other hand, he is rolling around and climbing alone. Compared with these people, he doesn’t know how much more intense it is.
On this day, shortly after the arrival of Luo Zong’s troops, more and more forces arrived. Each of these forces was stamping their feet, and the Great Inflammation Dynasty had to shake it. They were the real leaders of this dynasty.
And as more and more people came to Lin Dong, they also met two other big sects, the Man Wang Zong and the Great Valley of Sorrow.
The strength of the two major sects participating in this selection is no less than that of the young man in white, and they are also strong competitors in this selection.
When Lin was watching these competitors, it stopped at him not far away with a line of sight.
He is the Qing bamboo who once moved the forest.
Looking at Lin Dong, he is a young man dressed in ink s clothes. His face is quite handsome, but his brow is full of pride. It seems that he is the kind of person who recognizes genius and is full of madness.
Beside this young man, there is a forest moving point, familiar with the beautiful image. It turns out that Huang Pujing, the clan of Huang Pu, is still locked in her eyes. At this time, there are some thick and dignified S in Lin moving eyes. She also heard about Lin moving things. Obviously, she never thought that she would make such rapid progress in just one year.
After all, when Lin moved in front of the Great Wilderness Ancient Monument, he didn’t qualify for Lin Langtian’s challenge, but now he is an equal with the other side.
Don’t call me so close. Sister Qingzhu doesn’t like you. Huang Pujing’s black eyebrows look slightly at the young people around her. She is really something. What’s the strongest talent of their Huangpu clan will be embraced by her crazy cousin?
After that, I will stand out from the Hundred Dynasties War, and then the super sect will accept me. At that time, I was also able to pursue the qualification of Qing bamboo. The young man in Mo Yi sneered that his attitude towards Huang Pujing was also quite angry, but because the other party is the daughter of the patriarch, he can also tolerate some.
You’d better get places from this kind of selection first. These opponents are not provincial oil lamps. Emperor Pujing light way
This time, I hope that the same group called Lin Dong Xiao will let me try out what he can do. It is worth clearing the bamboo and staring at the distant Lin Dong cold way with extremely poor eyes.
You don’t take the initiative to provoke the forest emperor PuJing hurried way
Smell speech ink garment youth is cold hum a hands behind him, apparently for the emperor PuJing awake noncommittally, but the heart is determined if this time meet Lin move necessary to let the other party know that no one except him is worth Qingzhu Ling chanting in the mouth.
In the distance, Lin seems to have suddenly sensed something, and then he saw the distant face. The young man in S cold ink clothes frowned slightly, but he really couldn’t remember what grievances he had.
Wanted to think about it, but I didn’t move at all. I just turned my eyes back to Y-eye closure, and suddenly there was an extremely fierce and overbearing golden light, and then I came here with a rolling laugh. Now I am in this field.
The Wangs are here.
Hear the Vatican Lin Lin canthus is also a slight pick eyes quickly looked at the past, for that smell even Lin Langtian is also some nai not Wang clan peerless genius Zhong Wang he is also very interested in.
Fifth watch
Tired paralyzed RO Chapter three hundred and seventy-four The blue MoLing
The golden light swept half way, and then many people in the audience watched and slowly landed in this field, and then the golden light dispersed and revealed three of them.
The leader is a middle-aged man with bare arms. This man looks rough, but his eyes are swept away with extremely amazing and sharp arrogance. What makes Lin feel dignified most is that his breath is not weaker than Lin Fan’s, which means that he is also a real nirvana.
The Wang clan is able to rival the Lin clan, and the big clan is aware of the strength of this middle-aged man. Lin is also secretly vomiting. These big clans are too rich, but I am afraid that there are only a handful of resources that can make people enter nirvana in a big inflammation dynasty, and Lin also believes that the birth of a strong nirvana should be the limit of the four big clans.
In Lin Zai’s clan, Lin Mu has already stepped into the peak of the realm of nature and challenged the qualification of nirvana, but he finally failed to do so. Although it may be due to a little lack of grasp, Lin Dong knows more that even Lin’s clan may not be able to challenge nirvana with another realm of nature.