Then the Iron Stone Town Guard and the Black Triangle Thief Group fought again.


In the boom explosion, Sazler drove his war dog to the crevice leading to Lanshiye Manor, chasing after a series of bursts and throwing guns. I don’t know where Sazler got lucky. Although several bursts shot him, the war dog failed to cause any fatal injuries. The war dog came to the crevice in a thrilling way.
"He wants to run!"
"chase! Don’t let him get away! "
The two sides each identified a small group of war giant dogs and chased after Sazler closely. The flagship of the two sides, the old fallen dragon man and the elder and the wise man Jianbo, personally chased after him. Compared with Lanshiye Manor, all of him can be abandoned!
Sazler gritted his teeth and pushed the war dog’s horsepower to the maximum and rushed into the crack.
Like breaking through a film, the scenery in front of me suddenly changed from a vast and desolate exile era to a lush and green one, with the edge as far as you can see, Jyukai.
At that moment, Sazler almost forgot to breathe with his mouth wide open and his eyes wide open.
What kind of world is that? The earth spreads wildly in all directions and stretches as far as possible. At the edge of the line of sight, you can see that the earth is warped and closed at the top, as if there is some power to roll it up like a picture scroll.
Sazler looked up again, just like looking at the lens, and there was a lush Jyukai at the top.
This is not a planet, this is a cylinder or a sphere, which is the opposite of the shape of the earth. The outer wall of the earth is the ground, but the wall here is the ground.
It’s like a Hercules punched the earth and then grabbed its wall and turned it over from the outside.
This is a kind of celestial body that is completely opposite to the universe of human beings, so this kind of star is called "star". There are three other "stars" in the era of exile, but those three stars are just debris, that is, the three major cities in the era of exile
This is the first time that Sazler has seen such a rich and vibrant world. Even the largest and richest Green Rongcheng is hard to compare with here in the whole exile era.
How many people can this rich world feed!
What is more attractive is that there is a manor somewhere on this star!
A manor that may still be in operation!
"This is me! This world is me! " Sazler reached out almost greedily as if trying to grasp the world.
Just then, a burst spear hit the war dog in the back abdomen, and the war dog exploded, and then Sazler was caught in the explosion air billow and flew out in a whirl.
Mom, am I lucky?
How did I get blown up?
This is impossible!
Sazler was in a hurry to catch any straws, and no matter what he caught, he hugged him tightly.
But there is nothing in the war dog that can make him hold a small box in vain, turn around a few times and then fall off with his big head facing.
"Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, you are a bird, you can fly … what a hair! Help! Help! "
Not far from the manor, I looked up at the sky. "Where’s my headhunter? Why don’t you come and let him come quickly! "
Not far from Yinzhuang, I have thought of a way to connect the exile era again!
Chapter 379 Zhuang not far from breaking the door
Many servants of Lanshiye Manor watched the village and hesitated.
"Do you really want to do this?"
"Of course!"
"But … this is too …" All servants, whether in exile or on the earth, have a face of constipation expression.
When Zhuang said he was going to break the gate, they didn’t expect it to be this way!
That’s right. It’s not far from being connected to the exile era village again. I did think of a feasible way to "should"
If the manor can be connected with the exile era, then the Lanshiye Manor may also be available.
The Neng Manor is not far from Anzhuang, the earth, and the Neng Manor is closed. The future is foreseeable for a long time, and there will be no gaps in Neng Manor not far from Lizhuang.
But Lanshiye Manor is a manor that has stopped running for many years. There must be a loophole. If you go out of its hole, you may be able to connect with the exile era.
Zhuang is not far away. The era of exile is like a waterway or a ground fissure. If you break a hole, it will definitely lead there.
To some extent, it is a good guess that the Lanshiye Manor does lead to the era of exile, but there is still a problem that they are trapped in the owner’s room of the pyramid not far from Zhuang.
The pyramid "Broken Dragon Stone" is simply the strongest thing that Zhuang has ever seen not far away. The servants tried every means but failed to hit it.
You can’t break through the "broken dragon stone" of the pyramid. Even if Sazler comes with a wise man, he can still shout that the back door of the manor can only be passed by the manor owner and a few plants. Most races are passed by the law, let alone passed, and you can’t even see it.
So breaking the broken dragon stone has become the most important thing in the manor.
But …
"Let’s think about it again. Maybe there is another way!" The old boom struggled in vain.
"Yes, Lord Zhuang, think about other ways. It’s too … that’s a big tiger. They can wait …"
"I said so!" Zhuang not far from a wave of his hand, "Do you have any opinions on my bailing door opener?"
"No, no!"
"The owner of the manor is really a rare mechanical genius!"
"It should be said that it is hard to see in ten thousand years!"
"This kind of bailing door breaker is even greater than the lock breaker. If the landlord was born, he must be a powerful man!"
Servants praised Zhuang for not being far away, and then the conversation changed. "Master Zhuang, can’t we … don’t we do this?"
We’ve all complimented you so much, so please be kind and leave us alone!
This is the way to break the door, madam. Madam Zhuang is not far away!
"no!" Not far from Zhuang, he reached out and pointed, "Well, in view of my experimental hair, there is still some danger … You can fuck it!"
"Me?" Big wood stare big eyes more than three meters high body almost locked into a one meter high ball behind others desperately shook his head "I can’t! I really can’t! "
"Not negotiable! You are the best place here, or shall I let the wooden stick come? "
"No, no, no, no …" Tears are being wiped behind the crowd, and the petrochemical industry around him is spreading rapidly. "I don’t want to die young!"
Life expectancy is just a long life, and people are still afraid of dying young?
You also find a better excuse!
"All right, let’s all back off and be careful not to get hit by the waves …"