After all, Li Yueling has not really got the nine-day Yuanyang ruler in his hand, so he gave up the opportunity to take this ancient treasure and chose the remaining treasures of the hidden treasure Dragon Column to light up the Buddhist heart.


While this is still true, the wonderful teacher also stopped to stare at Li Yueling with a pair of wonderful eyes and eyes, and also gave a ceremony to announce the name and floated away.
At this time, Li Yueling has reached the Yuanyang ruler for the second time and dissipated a lot of golden flowers and purple gas. It seems that Li Yueling’s hand is a traditional Chinese medicine, and it will melt away when it touches the golden flowers and purple gas.
Tian Yue real travel veteran look at each other at this moment, and the two of them always realize that nine days’ Yuanyang ruler is their fate. Laodi Li said with a smile that he is a man with profound fortune, and maybe he will borrow Yuanyang ruler in the future.
Here, I’ll say hello to my brother first.
Talking and traveling is already a matter of getting down and looking at the other treasures of the fairy house that have not been taken away.
Li Zhang taught me not to forget the Yuanyang ruler, but to take its jade box and nine characters in the sky to be original. Tian Yue also woke up in good faith and gave up taking Yuanyang ruler, grasping that there was not much left to take something else.
Li Yueling, the four of them gave up and left respectively, and at the same time, they also had a certain affection for the monks in Buddhism and Taoism.
In Li Yueling’s mind, Tian Yue, a teacher who is still wonderful, is really called a famous sect.
When Li Yueling reached out for the fifth time, the golden flower and purple gas shrouded around the nine-day Yuanyang ruler finally dissipated, showing that the nine-day Yuanyang ruler was three feet long in front of his eyes, with two fingers wide and golden, faintly visible and precious. At the end, Yuanyang Bao was a foreign minister, and people could feel its poverty and power.
After holding the Yuanyang ruler for nine days, Daniel lee was inspired by a warm ruler, which was instantly spread all over the body and almost didn’t call because of this wonderful feeling.
It is said that Cher flies straight into the cold and evil trend, and Nine Mother Monty constantly bombards Bao Guang Ban wrapped in a broken jade hook.
Nine monsters with different shapes and shapes spit claws in their mouths, and the wind blows against the broken jade hook again and again. A layer of pure gold and precious light fills the air around Cher. At this time, that layer protects the broken jade hook, and the pure gold and double-color treasure light has been suppressed by the nine demons. It is obvious that it will not be long before the cold evil can be treasured.
Because Cher flies at an extremely fast speed, it is like a Bai Hong. She focuses her attention on breaking the jade hook and cold evil, only to find that someone else has come to snatch this treasure when Cher stops her figure in the nine magic sides.
Cold evil first glanced at Baizhang Exotic Forest Light Fighting Monty bodhi old zu. Obviously, at the moment, both sides are still in a stalemate. I want to count on Monty bodhi old zu for help, but I don’t want to.
Cold evil has always been a person who maximizes his own interests. He will never do it himself when he can’t do it himself. By this moment, he has been able to borrow other things, and evil is born out of bravery. He also doesn’t want to change the spell. He definitely sees the nine demons suddenly visible and ghostly, and runs towards Cher. The nine demons not only huff and puff, but also spray clouds of fireballs in their eyes, which are terrible.
Chapter two hundred Each shows his magical powers
A circle of jade-like stone white demon light shines on Cher’s body for an instant around him, forming one and a half Zhang Xu. Fiona Fang’s curtain is started by nine demons, and when the evil spirit fire hits that layer of demon light, it immediately explodes and is difficult to push it.
Cher, a demon, has never sacrificed a magic weapon and thoroughly brought the mystery to heaven.
At first glance, she saw nine demons coming, and she already looked at these nine fierce bones demons. It was by no means easy to prompt the demon yuan to release the power demon light at the first time. This demon light is by no means simple, and you can’t control it without a root.
Once released, its power is different from that of those prefecture-level protective magic weapons.
However, most demons have no magic weapon, not that they can’t get it, but that they disdain to know that although most monsters are limited in wisdom and understanding, they are endowed with all kinds of strange talents in the earth.
After the cultivation, the genie’s innate collar will get a quality promotion. Even if there is no magic weapon to supplement it, relying on their physical body is enough to resist the monks at the same level.
What’s more, although the demon cultivates the elixir, it is a kind that the Buddhist monk cultivates the Yuan baby, but the elixir is far more real than the Yuan baby. Not only can it be cultivated into the sharpest attack weapon by the demon, but it is also more earth than their flesh.
It is not too arbitrary to say that the demon cultivates the elixir. In fact, in a sense, doubt is that they cultivate a very powerful magic weapon.
Of course, it’s far from enough to force Cher, the demon, to make her move after the attack. After the research, Cher is equivalent to a Godsworn who holds the earth body and holds several mysterious Taoist methods, and she is cold and diligent. The devil is the most lacking in spiritual wisdom to fight.
At the moment, cold evil is the words of Nine Mothers Monty.
Maybe Cher still needs some twists and turns to cope with the past, but because of the cold and evil character, he is determined not to expose his strength department unless he has to. First, others perceive that he has painstakingly studied the evil achievement method for many years, and second, once he has exerted his strength, it means that he has no way out.
This kind of adventure will never be in the dictionary of cold evil
See nine magic method into cher body week that demon light is also outside ao blame roar sound as sharp as the knife scraping the ground, but see nine magic will be ten fingers bent up.
Bright fingertips, the long nails of the blue oil ruler stand up one by one as if they were like a thin sword with a handle quenched with great poison.
This is indeed a name. Nine magic nails have been tempered by lung yin fire for 999 days and nights, which is not only the coldest yin fire in the world, but also solid and iron. If an ordinary flying sword is caught by it, it will be broken and folded.
And most of the magic weapon flying swords touched by this thing will also be contaminated with maliciousness fire, which will be ruined by filth and treasure. If the aura is lost, it will have to be sacrificed again.
Speaking of it, the evil wind claw of the nine magic weapons is really the best choice to deal with the magic weapon flying sword. Unfortunately, Cher is just such a demon who doesn’t fly sword. It is beyond my dreams to cultivate this cold evil.
I don’t know if Cher did it on purpose.
Or the evil wind claw of the nine magic moves the green fire magic flame is really amazing. The demon light around her body has been torn a few gaps. The nine magic bodies have the ability to cross. Seeing such opportunities, they suddenly disappear and disappear. After a breath, they open their mouths in three directions behind Cher’s feet and head.
I can’t wait to swallow such a stunning enchanting.
Come on, the speed of the nine demons’ breakthrough is not unpleasant, but Xueeryu not only did not show surprise, but smiled charming. But when she saw Luo’s shirt and feather, Guanghua in her hand flashed with a sharp spin than lithe and graceful posture, but she saw a surge of demon wind, which rolled up around her body and showed several golden lights, from small to large.