But this plan has not been fully realized.


Brain spirits and core creatures can’t show their shapes here at will. They can occasionally show their shapes on the lowest land, and this appearance … is beyond their control.
But that’s all. The brain thinks that they will soon be able to appear in reality at will.
And mixed dreams have more than one feature. Although the feature of’ dream creatures can appear in reality at will’ is not perfect, another feature is high in completion.
That is … hiding the real things in dreams.
Lin accidentally learned about them. It seems that Lin observed that the stone reached a place on the top mainland.
This place is a bit like a place to record information. There are many’ mixed dream projects’ recorded here.
And Lynn knows about them. It’s not that there are no troops here.
What Lin can see now is just something that is not hidden. Maybe there are several troops … This place is hidden.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-two Hide things
If everything is hidden …
So how do we do it?
Lin observation Shi Zheng staring at a thing at the moment, but also on this idea …
This observation stone is now located on the first floor of the mainland, and there are some special things besides the flashing light and shadow.
It’s this … what can be called a record stone.
It looks like an oval, and the vertical stone looks like nothing special at first, and there is nothing written on it, but Lin can feel it when the observation stone touches it.
This feeling is just like Lin’s ability to feel the surrounding environment in her dream. If it weren’t for the invasion of the brain spirit on the fluffy ball, Lin would have known what information was in this stone.
Now Lin knows that the stone records the brain spirit’ mixed dream plan’
To be honest, this plan is quite interesting. If dream creatures can appear in reality and have an impact on reality, then they will become … more powerful than others.
There is something strange about Lin, such as the brain spirit, that it is not impossible for energy creatures to show their feelings, but what about those creatures whose bodies are connected to dreams? Can they also show up? So what will happen to their real bodies?
It’s a pity that their hair process and various ideas are recorded here, but the detailed technology of this plan is not recorded. The mind and body can observe’ reality’ through mechanical or biological objects, and they really want to step into reality directly …
However, it is obvious that this mixed dream has many restrictions, and they have not finished, and they have not been able to let themselves enter the reality at will.
But they did something that bothered Lin.
Looking at the stone, can you see the starlight or not? This is a mixed dream effect. There are no other stars and nothing here.
Those things are the brain spirit forces.
Everything is hidden except that it is necessary to maintain the dream. Of course, they are not really hidden in the dream, but according to the brain spirit, it is known that all biological or mechanical sensory functions can detect them.
Therefore, besides the mainland, there are a large number of troops staying here, but … France just saw it, and Lin observed that the stone didn’t hit them when flying. Although it is a bit strange, Lin thinks there must be a lot of things here.
And if you want to see them, you should make them look at themselves.
That’s right. If living things … or machinery can sense, they can’t see themselves. What can they see themselves?
Lynn thinks it should have something to do with dreams
Actually, Lin’s observation stone is also a similar way of hiding, and it is difficult for the brain to see Lin’s observation stone, but Lin can create a small hidden arms and cannot hide a large army
Brain spirit may benefit from dream energy to hide. Lin doesn’t know what these energies are yet, but …
It shouldn’t be difficult to see them. If you want to find something here that can be connected to dreams …
The observation stone walked on, and now Lin arrived at the position, and she could see that those light clusters have lasted for a long time. The brain light cluster can last for more than ten seconds, while the core biological light cluster has about sixty seconds.
However, they can’t last long, and they don’t seem to affect things in reality.
Because there is no such thing as their footprints on the ground …
Lynn is going to go to the deepest part of the mainland to see what’s there.
Just now, I saw that those oval stones with recorded data are still in the outer position. Lin thinks that according to the characteristics of brain spirit, they should put the most important things in the deepest place.
There should be a secret guard here. Everything will be destroyed instantly when it comes in, but they didn’t expect Lin to create such a stone and invade this place.
I seem to see something strange again. What are those?
Lin found a few stones with special shapes, just 100 meters ahead, and her mind flashed occasionally, so she could see this thing clearly.
It looks like a snail shell with a diameter of about five meters.
Lin observed that before the stone climbed to the’ snail shell’, Lin thought that this thing should also be something special, from which she could get some information …
The observation stone stretched out its limbs and touched the edge of the snail shell
….. It seems nothing. Qianlin immediately got the mixed dream plan information when she touched the oval stone, but this one has nothing …
Cut!’ Just when Lin thought about it, there was a crack in the snail shell, which instantly filled the whole snail shell, and a light rose from the inside after the shell exploded.
This light … looks like something similar to a brain spirit, but if you look closely, it is not pure light but has a’ entity’