In this extremely asymmetric hand, the necromancer will obviously finally come to nothing. At present, the mink seems to be stronger than him. It is impossible to defeat it, but he can stall it and wait for Liu Cheng to succeed.


He’s a good abacus player, but Xiao Kun is also a wily old fox, and suddenly it’s white. When his eyes become more and more cold, his hands become more and more biting, but I have to say that the strength of this dead I spirit is really quite strong, and I’m afraid it has reached the nirvana of five yuan. Plus some strange means, it actually makes him come alive in the offensive of Xiao Diao.
His slippery appearance made the mink kind of move and kill the mink immediately, but it was random and forced by him. When he came here, Baidu posted the core area, it was bound to be watched by the super sects, and the strength of the mink’s body would certainly be strongly detected by those people.
He doesn’t know that there is no super sect with a hatred attitude towards them, and he can endure as much as possible without causing more trouble.
I see how much you can run.
Little mink eyes ice ratio offensive suddenly sharp, which makes it feel great pressure. The necromancer will pass a panic color in his eyes and dodge him and drink a way.
Not far away, Sue was driven to retreat step by step. Twenty-two people smell the words, but their eyes changed. Immediately, they fiercely grind their teeth and bite JingXie directly from their mouths, while the black force roared and wrapped the JingXie in a flash.
Black peristalsis Martin bursts turned out to be the squeal sound like a ghost howling.
The black fog peristalsis finally condensed into a huge black ghost claw, which is covered with several ferocious faces. The road is so piercing that it makes people scream and scream, which makes their teeth boil.
The formation of ghost claws directly brings up an extremely amazing anti-cold fluctuation and tears the virtual reality, and then takes the lead to the hard-working hard-working Sue and explodes it, and all the gas in the ghost claws explodes.
Looking at such a fierce offensive, Su Rouqiao’s face also passed a pale color, but she still showed no signs of retreating. A bite of the silver tooth is a solution to the third seal. According to the sable, if she moves the third seal now, it will probably cause some injuries to her body.
But it seems that there is no way to consider these at this time.
Sue’s soft silver teeth nibbled at the slender fingertips and fell on the third seal of Hao’s wrist. However, just as she was about to untie it, a palm suddenly leaned out from behind it and grabbed its jade hand, which was not strong but made her walk slowly with a sense of security.
Brother Lin dong
Looking at that figure walking from behind, Sue’s soft and beautiful face suddenly emerged with a surprised look.
I don’t understand the seal. You have done a good job in Baidu Post.
That figure stretched out his hand and touched Sue’s soft head with a smile and then raised his head and looked at the half-Liu Cheng corners of his mouth, which also set off a bit of Sen cool colour.
It’s endless to bring us scum.
Crash for recommended votes
Crash for recommended votes
Violent for recommended votes to be continued by the dawn update group drunken people, high-quality font test you this welcome you to the starting point to vote for recommended votes monthly ticket, you are my biggest move Chapter five hundred and fifteen Kill them all.
Chapter five hundred and fifteen
Filled with black ghost claws, the number of piercing screams and harsh sounds should make people feel dizzy in their minds. Obviously, they are holding the strange power of attack spirit.
When the figure is now in front of Sue’s soft, the Liu Cheng’s face is also suddenly changed dramatically, but it is impossible to retreat at this time. Immediately, the two people’s eyes are all cold, and the face is full of yoshimitsu. Suddenly, the hand is more and more surging, and the cold black light sweeps from their palms and finally pours into the black ghost claws.
They have seen Lin’s strength in the dark during the day, but they can’t be underestimated. Of course, their strength is not weaker than that of the wind, so even if they attach importance to Lin, they will not be too afraid to join hands and believe that even if Lin is in front of them, they will only temporarily avoid the edge.
With the surging force of the two men pouring the dark ghost claws deeper in color, it looks almost as sharp as the essence, and the fingertips seem to be shallow traces of corrosion.

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