Qing Liu was slightly surprised that the monkey family was in Wenchang County. He thought that the monkey would definitely choose to stay in the medicated chicken fast-food restaurant. Qing Liu had already thought about it. If the monkey wanted to stay in the county, let him be the supervisor of the medicated chicken fast-food restaurant.
It is absolutely impossible for a monkey to imagine a manager position.
The reason is simple: the manager of Shenlong Company is not so cheap and worthless.
"True Manager Liu"
The monkey said seriously.
"all right"
Liu Qingliu said thoughtfully, "I’m going to set up a construction team in a few days. You’ll see when you’re in charge for a while."
"Thank you, General Manager Liu"
The monkey rushed to say, but he was a little disappointed in his heart. If he had just said that he would stay in the medicated chicken fast-food restaurant, wouldn’t he be the manager now?
After sending Qing Liu back to Xifeng Mountain in Yulong Village, Li Jianhe and Monkey returned to the county seat.
Road monkey sighed and glanced at Li Jian, who was a little depressed and said, "Li Ge, why did you just let me come to Yulong Village?"
Li Jian squinted at him out of the corner of his eye and said happily, "Are you unhappy to see you?"
"Not that I’m unhappy."
The monkey told the truth, "if I just promised to stay in the county, would I be the manager of the medicated chicken fast-food restaurant?"
"As a manager?"
Li Jian was happy as soon as he snowed. "That’s what you think in your heart. No wonder you look a little unhappy."
The monkey smiled shyly.
"Monkey, I have to remind you that you are a little too optimistic."
Li Jian restrained himself from laughing while driving and said, "It’s just that he helped Liu do some small things. Do you dare to want a manager to do it? Do you think this is possible? "
The monkey was awakened by him, and it didn’t react until he actually did a small thing. Even if he was rewarded for his merits, he would definitely not be the manager position he imagined before.
"in addition"
Li Jian said lightly, "Even if Liu really made you the manager of the medicated chicken fast-food restaurant, I am very responsible for telling you that you will never be promoted after the development of Shenlong Company, that is, the manager of a fast-food restaurant in Wenchang County."
The monkey asked, "Li Ge, what is this?"
Chapter two hundred and twelve Make your own wine
Li Jian sneered and said, "What do you think of all the great contributions you made tonight? But it’s just such a small thing, and I’m still giving you a chance. It’s not like Mr. Liu can’t see what I mean. Li Ge, I’m still a driver at present. Is it possible that you want to climb my head and be a manager? "
"Li Ge, you’re kidding."
The monkey hurriedly reckon and said, "You are also the captain of the team, aren’t you? Besides, now who doesn’t know that you are the most trusted person of Liu? "
"I’m glad you know."
Facing the monkey’s flattery, Li Jian didn’t refute lightly, saying, "I gave you the monkey opportunity, so you should do it well. You should put in a good word for me in front of Mr. Liu. Are you afraid that there will be no chance in the future?"
"Li Ge"
The monkey said with a bitter face, "It’s not that you don’t know that I know nothing about architecture."
"You don’t need to know so much."
Li Jian simply said to the monkey IQ, "You just need to watch more, listen more and talk less. If you find something wrong, just tell General Manager Liu."
"Then, in this case, will Liu think that I am very stupid?"
The monkey asked again
After the monkey, the company will develop faster and faster, and more talents will join the company in the future.
Li Jiannai said with patience, "People always have something, especially your biggest place in the company is loyalty! To firmly grasp this point, you should be responsible for Mr. Liu alone. This is the embodiment of your greatest value. "
Monkey cried and suddenly realized.
The conflict with Zhang was just an episode for Qing Liu, and the next day he threw it into the back of his head.