We have to go to the noodles, Ronin said anxiously. I have to see what happened.


Can’t you do it again like you did in the cave just now? Farstad wonders
If I do that, I’ll be useless when I get there. Besides, I’m not sure where to send it. Are you trying to figure out where an orc with an axe is now?
Wen Leisha gave him a look at the cliff and it was impossible to climb up and down.
But we can’t stay here for a generation, can we? The dwarf paced impatiently, and suddenly he stopped as if he had stepped on something terrible. I’m so stupid. He may still be nearby.
Ronin stared at the dwarf as if he were crazy. Who are you talking about and who is nearby?
Farstad didn’t answer, but reached into his pocket to find something. Those bastards took it away before the trolls, but Jim gave it back to me. Here it is.
He took a whistle and Ronin Winesa watched him put it to his mouth and blew it as hard as he could.
Why can’t I hear anything? said the mage
You’ll be surprised to hear that. Wait a minute. He’s a trainer and he’s my best mount. I’m telling you, the trolls who caught us are also around here. He should stay around for a while
Farstad doesn’t look so confident again. It shouldn’t be long before we parted.
Come on, you’re asking your Griffin to come here, and the doubts will disappear.
That’s better than trying to make your back suddenly grow wings. Come on.
So they waited for Ronin, who felt that it was an eternal wait. He felt that his strength was slowly recovering, but he was still afraid that he would send three people to a place that meant sudden death.
However, according to the present situation, he must try. The mage straightened up and I am ready to try as hard as I can. I remember a place not far from this mountain where the Death Wing was shown to me in that picture. Maybe I can send everyone there.
Vanessa grabbed his arm. Are you sure? You don’t look ready. Your eyes are full of eagerness. I know what you paid that time in the cave. Ronin, it’s not a simple spell you cast, and you’re still in Farstad. I’ve been holding on.
He was more than gratified by Vanessa’s words, but they had no other choice. I won’t try now.
At this time, a winged figure suddenly penetrated through the clouds, and now before their eyes, the Ronin elves are all attacked by death wings, so they quickly prepared for battle
Keep an eye on the day. Farstad didn’t panic like the end. He laughed and raised his hands to meet the figure flying ahead.
I knew he could hear you. See? I knew it.
The Griffin shouted happily and flew towards them, or rather his master. It almost landed directly on Farstad’s head, but it still flapped its wings to keep its weight from pressing on the dwarf.
Haha, all right, man, come on.
The Griffin swung its tail back and forth like a puppy and landed in front of Farstad.
How about the dwarf warrior asking his friends, can we go now?
Then they all climbed the Griffin quickly. Ronin was still the weakest of the three, so he sat on the dwarf Wen Leisha. He doubted whether the Griffin could fly with three people on his back, but the beast did quite well. Farstad also admitted that they would be in trouble for a long flight, but for this short journey, the Griffin was all right.
A few seconds later, they came through the clouds and saw a scene that was absolutely unexpected.
Luo Ning’s first noise came when the mountain dwarves attacked the orc convoy, but to his surprise, he saw a dragon flying in the battlefield, but that dragon was not the death wing.
It’s a red dragon ranger and an older one, but none of them seem to have been raised in a fortress.
He also saw this strange phenomenon. When the beasts imprisoned the queen, they were far from a dragon until they reached adulthood. Besides, they also killed those dragons that were too old and difficult to train, and used them to those younger dragons to make it easier for orc riders to control them.
So where did this red dragon come from and what is he doing here?
Where do you want us to land? asked Farstad. He’s awake. He’s in an emergency.
Ronin quickly scanned a battle, and it seemed that most of the battles were displayed around the motorcade. He found Nekros, who was riding on horseback, smashing his skull. Although there were dark clouds above his head, the orc’s hand kept flashing. Ronin wanted to see the object clearly, but forgot to answer Farstad’s question. Nekros seemed to point it at the new story.
Consider whether the dwarf urged.
Ronin drew his attention from the orc to another point, where he pointed to a hill behind the orc, which I thought was the best.