"Hua!" Looking at some out-of-control people in front of them, the German soldiers didn’t feel half pity. A machine gun position not far from the mouth of the passage, the German shooter directly pointed the muzzle of the g42 machine gun with the bolt at those unarmed people.


"Go back! Otherwise I will make the machine gun fire! " Another German official at the entrance shouted in Russian that an imperial soldier was arrogant and imposing in his words, and he was educated and had a life experience, so he made him shout and drew his waist pistol at the sky at the same time.
Only two seconds later, when he saw that the crowd didn’t respond, he pulled the trigger of his pistol "bam!" After a shot, more Germans pointed their guns at the crowd and asked the German officials to order them. They would not hesitate to let these chaotic people learn how to obey the prescribed order.
It’s always easier to attract people’s attention when they hear guns than when they hear propaganda. The sound of guns reverberating in the sky reminds the Soviet civilians who came to prepare for German dinner. At last, they remembered their present situation. They can’t afford to be presumptuous. Most people stand back and look at those fierce soldiers with frightened eyes.
In a short time, the young Soviet people who had just gathered to get through the passage were dragged out of the crowd by German soldiers with collars. They staggered and were thrown to the ground, and then German soldiers punched and kicked them. This age determines that they must not be Soviet civilians, but Soviet soldiers who used to carry weapons against Germany.
"dong! Hey! " Quiet, a pair of eyes in the civilian crowd watched these children being severely beaten and dragged by German soldiers to the other side of the prisoner of war passage, while those German soldiers around them still pointed their guns at this side. No one continued to make noise, and no one continued to stir. The rest of them walked more carefully through the narrow passage and were searched or pointed at by the Germans.
"See? They have too much to learn. If they want to be real imperial civilians, they must first learn to act in accordance with order. "The high-altitude German major snorted." After today, most of the channels for receiving prisoners of war will be closed, and the battle will continue. That’s the order. "
Chapter 1193 1194 Fighting is still going on.
"Marshal comrade! We reinforced some in two days and dug a lot of anti-tank trenches along the street defense line … but the troops lacked ammunition. The original number of Moscow Self-Defense Forces was also on the verge of disbanding. The number of troops dropped even more than expected. "A Soviet staff officer at the headquarters, Marshal zhukov, reported some recent events.
After zhukov took over the defense of Moscow City Department, he ordered the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled in Moscow Self-Defense Forces to be completely banned. His order was approved by almost everyone, because these Self-Defense Forces not only waved a lot of precious ammunition but also weapons, and in most cases they also accomplished the designation.
To be precise, their method is almost impossible for these so-called "troops" to command the Self-Defense Forces. Most of the temporary self-defense corps or self-defense barracks are set up in idle positions until the German team calls.
The only thing these troops did was to draw pictures for Stalin, and give the maps to the leading comrade to show his command ability, so that Stalin liked this kind of "game" very much a month ago. He commanded dozens of Red Army divisions to counterattack the German exhibition and "almost" regained Smolensk.
Of course, this game will be lost in the end. Those dozens of divisions and troops that were pieced together temporarily not only failed to recapture Smolensk and Kursk, but even the German offensive was not resisted, and more than one various Moscow self-defense units were left idle at that time, and even orders and supplies were received in the streets and alleys of Moscow.
"It can be said that the Germans still want this city. If they really want to destroy it, they won’t give us two days …" zhukov smiled bitterly. He was very ashamed of this situation because his troops actually relied on surrendering civilians to stop the enemy from advancing.
However, there is no way for him to change this situation, because there are hundreds of tanks of various types scattered in the streets and alleys of Moscow in his hands, and even fighting back has become a dream that he can’t expect to defend moscow river’s defense line along the river.
"A German special envoy urged us to lay down our weapons and surrender. He said that in an hour, the Germans would close most of the civilian surrender channels, and then the war would go on as usual. We might lose a large area of the city immediately," said the staff officer, looking at the rapid emaciation and going to zhukov.
A large number of Moscow self-defense forces surrendered from the "stationed" area, which made the original people full of Moscow encirclement seem deserted. Hundreds of thousands of civilians left their houses, bunkers and barricades, and there was not even one left.
In some streets, the surrenders had a little intention to leave some bedding and scraps of food for the returning main forces to get some supplies, but most people were afraid that the German side would immediately get some food and take away almost all the things, so they left them to Soviet soldiers, one by one, like houses and garbage.
"A few teachers of the guards’ first army just left them to apply for food supplements and ammunition supplies … everyone took some ammunition, but we really couldn’t find any extra food." Look at zhukov’s silence. The staff continued to talk about the immediate problems. Each of these problems can make the army commander despair. zhukov’s face is horribly gloomy.
But in the end, zhukov shrugged his shoulders and said to his chief of staff, "I really can’t find food to supplement them now. Let them do something for themselves. Look in the ruins or no one can shop … someone can do it."
The chief of staff looked at this. There was no good way. The Soviet marshal really didn’t say what he wanted to say. He wanted to tell his marshal. He said that everyone had thought about these ways. Everyone went in and looked for mice. It became a luxury to improve their lives. Some troops ate war horses and drank rain from their boots.
"Comrade Marshal … I still think we should talk to the German special envoy …" The chief of staff was silent for a while before finally expressing the idea that he had been lingering in his heart for many days. "Someone should end the war at this time."
"It’s time for someone to end it … but it’s not me." zhukov turned his eyes to the ruins of the Kremlin and murmured slowly. "I fought the war where I am. I can continue to fight until I die … You have a lot of time to end it!"
"Boom!" Early the next morning, the Germans were very punctual and launched an attack, just like at an ordinary moment two days ago. One after another, large-caliber shells fell into the ruins where Soviet defenders were hiding. Silent rubble and gravel were once again stirred up by a huge explosion and flew to tens of meters high to form black smoke columns one after another.
Swinging in the barricade, Avdei sat in two ammunition boxes with his rifle in his arms, listening to the German shells falling in the distance and exploding loudly. Dust fell from time to time on his head, and he was wearing a military uniform coat.
The young footman finally chose to leave. After all, most people don’t want to accompany a declining country to the end of their lives. He looked at the distance through a narrow shooting hole and was covered by dark clouds raised by shells for a long time. Suddenly, he squeezed out a bitter smile-this is his choice of revenge. There is no reason to complain that others didn’t stay with him.
Suddenly footsteps came at the entrance behind the barricade, and a row of rifles were placed at the foot. Each rifle was loaded. Avdei put the rifles in his arms flat and turned to aim at the entrance. A young Soviet Red Army soldier leaned out his head and took a look at Avdei inside. Then he froze and asked, "We were ordered to stay here. Are you a self-defense soldier?"
"Yes!" Avdei, who laid down his weapon, replied to the two Soviet soldiers who came in, "I am the head of a Moscow Self-Defense Infantry Regiment stationed here, but now I am alone here."
The young soldier smiled and pointed to himself and another soldier around him. He joked, "Hello, Comrade Colonel, now you have reinforced a whole infantry battalion!"
The two of them are lucky to come from an infantry battalion, and only two of them are still alive after fighting in this infantry battalion. So they are just an infantry battalion on paper. This is the real reality of Soviet troops in the encirclement of Moscow.
"The Germans are coming!" Watching Kong Afjay shoot, there was no joke in his mood. Soon after the regular troops were defeated, he saw the dense German soldiers across the street and behind the tanks moving forward cautiously. He really didn’t have a good chance.
The young soldier behind him took out a small piece of chocolate candy with German printed on it from his pocket and looked at the wrapping paper for a moment. Then he pulled the package and stuffed a small piece left in it into his mouth. He lay down beside another shooting hole with his weapon. He remembered the day when he gave him this chocolate candy and the Ukrainian soldier remembered the incoherent conversation that day.
"bang!" Not sentimental for that long, he pulled the rifle in his hand. After hearing the gun, the German soldiers across the street fell to the other side. The tank machine gun roared and hit the barricade. Avdei was forced to shrink back because of the transverse missile. After losing his rifle, he took over another Soviet and handed him a good rifle.
"Boom!" German tanks didn’t let the other side show heroic habits. The main gun exploded with a Grenade, which just hit this barricade with three people. The huge explosion raised dust and poured into the barricade’s transverse missile piece, making the people inside instantly unable to resist.
Avdei saw that the bullet hole in the barricade in front of him had swung, and there was a huge hole in the two bullet holes. He touched his belly and found that his palm was blood. Then Avdei felt very dizzy and saw a German soldier jump into his barricade with a weapon.
"Ah …" He gave a cry to get up and pick up the rifle around him, but the other party obviously didn’t intend to let him do so. The Mao Se 9k rifle was loaded in his hand and shot at him. Avdei trembled because of the impact of the bullet, and then he was unwilling to hang his arm and didn’t have any interest.
The German soldier moved his eyes to the body of another dead Soviet soldier, and saw the chocolate candy wrapping paper shaking with the wind in the ruins. Then he leaned over and closed the body face and opened his lost eyes.
Chapter 1194 1195 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building
Moscow river is a river that crosses Moscow. The river winds its way and divides the city into two parts. This river used to be the most important defense line for the Soviet Union against the Germans, but now it has almost been crossed by the Germans.
The Germans have set up two pontoons that can be crossed by tanks and cars in different sections of moscow river, and many places have completely crossed the river and completed the battle of crossing the river. The Soviets can watch the Germans cross this important defense line and wait for the Germans to launch a fatal blow to Red Square because they don’t have enough counterattack means.
"Let the engineering unit push the building demolition device. I suspect that the Soviet sniper is in that direction!" A front-line German commander put down a telescope and pointed to a half-collapsed building not far away. He ordered his hand to "clear it and seize the nearby block."
When the man behind him heard the order, he quickly ran out along the trench with his helmet on his head. This trench was dug by the Soviets and destroyed the nearby streets. Not to mention, it also stopped the German cars from moving forward, but it was soon benefited by the German infantry. After all, it was much safer to cross the road in the trench than to walk elsewhere.
"Push the dismantler to destroy the commanding heights over there! 1st Company, 2nd Platoon Infantry will cover your movements … See there? Yes! That’s the collapsed building over there! Let’s do it when we’re clear! Hurry up! " After reaching the battle order, the German soldiers immediately became busy here.