"A hero will never believe in fate in his life.


Feel more proud of being able to withstand the waves.
Wipe away tears
Back to anger
Let me climb the dangerous peak and get higher and higher.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Lost shadows flow sentimental swordsman sword
Throwing away those off-site factors, I have to say that this song is really sensational. The pop sound of that era in the accompaniment is "lost, lost". Just listening to this, what sense of the era has come out. If it is combined with the classic martial arts drama editing video food, it is simply enjoyable. Netizens are shaking their heads and following the song.
Of course, if there is no such thing as the theme song of the same name at this time, the film and television clips of the TV drama can no longer be in one film. At this time, all kinds of classic martial arts drama fragments are hodgepodge, regardless of whether the taste will not grow old. Martial arts drama always has a unique charm that cannot be copied.
"I can’t stop shaking my legs."
"Ha ha ha ha shook his head"
"It’s so emotional. It’s a feeling of going back to the times."
"The pit owner is so domineering that this is a declaration of war."
"the sky is higher than the king’s demeanor."
"Let’s have a fight."
"I’m on fire again."
Comment scrolling
Online media have been out in succession. I have never seen suluo cooperate so much. They are all speculating that suluo will compete with Xiangjiang Cantonese pop music. At this time, you can’t blame us for singing a song that is better than the sky.
"suluo’s domineering declaration of war is higher than the sky."
"I have a strong challenge in my heart, Jianghu Pit Master. Please climb out of the pit first and then talk to me."
"The Great Fallen God vs Xiangjiang Gods are cold-eyed about who is taller in the end, and we are waiting for it."
"God is here, can anyone dare to fight?"
Dare to fight?
Even if you don’t fight, you can’t do it. The uncles and uncles in Xiangjiang Music have already had a contest. When this song was rendered in the media, it was suluo who knocked on the door
"This is a kick in the door."
"Hahahaha, this little guy is really domineering. We are still hesitant. He is really young when he knocks on the door himself."
"provoke us to have the courage to wait."
"Don’t underestimate your enemy. suluo’s strength is still very strong. Uncle Liu, I’ve passed you now. We’ll discuss what song to take out."
"I haven’t been idle for years, but I’ve written a few songs. Please listen to whether you can stop this song from rising again."
After hearing this song, the uncles and grandfathers in Xiangjiang music scene did not restrain themselves, and they could not bear to do it directly.
But how can you write a good song faster than suluo? It may take five minutes to get inspired, and it may take a year to get lost.
For suluo, I yawned after waiting for 30 minutes.
"Hey, I didn’t say that the uncles in Xiangjiang music circle are coming to attack me. Why haven’t I responded for 30 minutes?"
Huo Siyan doesn’t want to talk to suluo after turning her eyes. You’ve been teasing me for only 30 minutes.
Sanmi and Yuxuan Leng also went back to the East Asia production company. Sister Sanmi didn’t go to the rehearsal for the first time today, but went to her own recording room to carry out the "Nine Birds’ Nest" suluo.
"You don’t really want to K with them. You follow the rhythm of the media. You have just received news from the circle and retired from the Jianghu. For many years, I have said that I want to fly back to Xiangjiang from Canada and want to deal with you.
Don’t forget it. I’m an acquaintance. I’m a sixth uncle. I’ll take a line and get together for dinner to break up the media rhythm, and there will be nothing. "
"What? I have to wait for your uncle to fly back from Canada to write songs. Why do you want to fly back to Xiangjiang to write sorry?" Three meters scratching a lot of suluo jumped up on the spot. Yesterday, those two songs were put into the dream house and broke through 100 million DreamWorks overnight. Now it is very short of money, and it is money when it is good.
And it’s just a coincidence that it doesn’t follow the rhythm.
Segmented reading 465
The theme song of the wild silkworm is the martial arts Cantonese pop music from the "Top Ten Chinese Golden Melody Awards" in Xiangjiang in 1979. Is it good in suluo’s early memory? In addition to the behind-the-scenes creators of "Huihuang" and "Li Zhan", there are also "Shuang Jie" Zhengjie and Samuel Hui in Xiangjiang music scene.
"Ahem, there’s a mistake. It’s not in the passionate swordsman holding a love knife. I’ll never admit my mistake. I’m still the same sentence. You might as well tell those uncles not to make moves. I’ll invite them to tea later. That’s it."
Suluo said and slipped into the recording room again. Everyone covered their foreheads in pain. Nobody wanted you to fight each other.
A group of children are angry with uncles. The root is a child’s temper. suluo is more than a lion fighting a tiger for minutes.
"What’s wrong with it?"
"I don’t usually follow the rhythm. This time I actually took the initiative to follow the rhythm."
Yuxuan Leng knows best. No one can stop suluo from having sex, and he is not worried about it. It is still very measured to do things in suluo.
And maybe Xiangjiang singers think uncles are as strong as others, but Yuxuan Leng knows better how powerful suluo is. Xiangjiang, the "ancient god", should not be enough to see the firepower of suluo.
Because someone did this a few years ago, and then the world classical music world was shocked by him alone, he wanted to kneel down and move out of the ancient gods of the 161st century. In the end, he also hid his face and cried, even after the ancients came, he was an old-timer in Xiangjiang music scene.
Ten minutes later, suluo clapped his hands and took a sip of tea. Weibo’s new trends were released again.
"The lost shadow flows to my Jianghu, and the sentimental swordsman loves the sword."
That’s right. First came a song, Li Xiaotian’s wild silkworm changed, and then the sky was higher than the sky. Then came a song, Gu Jiahui’s early Xiao Li Fei Dao, which gave you a feeling. However, since there is no Gu Long to write Xiao Li Fei Dao, everyone will be confused. It is better to write Xiao Su Fei Dao, cough and cough. Of course, suluo still wants face.
Well, seven years is one year earlier than the change of wild silkworm, which is suitable for hands-on provocation. After that, you have to be shocked.