Gong Xiao and Fu Tianhua occupied the wind in World War I, but it was difficult to tell the winner in a short time.


Luo Jun, Bai Wenwei, Jin Shixing and others besieged each other, but they succeeded, especially Luo Jun’s actual combat ability was very strong. He controlled the "hyperostosis" and launched three uninjured ones, but they could resist the two ones who were injured by Su Li’s "dragon rhinoceros chop" but where they dodged, they were immediately shot into the body by semi-permeable phalanges. Luo Jun controlled these phalanges, and their "hyperostosis" expanded and became bigger. They immediately burst into death in screams.
Luo Jun succeeded in killing two people, and Jin Shixing succeeded soon.
His ability is that the insect method can control the insect method to invade the human body like an ant, and when the other party finds out, the insect method has been controlled by the insect method.
The man’s face twisted by insect method has been completely controlled by Jin Sixing. Suddenly, "Luo Cha" is crunchy. He cut his throat with a knife in his hand, and blood gushed and fell to his face, and his limbs twitched for a few times, then he stopped moving.
Thirteen people are still alive when they came. There are two level 5 spiritual sources, Gao Shupeng, Song Yuanqing and Fu Tianhua.
The two level 5 spiritual sources were besieged by Bai Wenwei, Jin Sixing, Ling Tianhe and Wang Xiaofei, and they saw that they would soon lose their lives at any time.
Luo Jun suddenly turned around and gave up continuing to attack the two men and rushed in the direction of Su Li.
He saw that Su Li was in a bad situation and he wanted to help Su Li.
Gao Shupeng saw that there were five people alive who were attached to death, and the two level 5 spiritual sources could die at any time. However, his face was expressionless, but he continued to stride towards Su Li who fell out and rushed to slay Su Li in the shortest time.
Among all the people in the audience, Su Li was seen by him, and the opponent wanted to solve Su Li, and the rest were not afraid.
Su Li got up from the ground and watched Luo Jun rush over and knew that he wanted to help himself.
"No, you go and help Gong Xiao. I’m alone." Su Li thrust his right hand dragon rhinoceros sword into his chest.
Luo Jun heard him say this and immediately stopped, then turned around and left in the direction of Gong Xiao and Fu Tianhua.
He believes that Su Li Su Li has said that there must be other ways.
Gao Shupeng stared at Su Li and watched the dragon rhinoceros sword disappear when it was inserted into his chest. Like magic, he raised his eyebrows slightly. It didn’t seem surprising that this weapon changed. He sneered, "You can’t beat me with a rare spiritual weapon. Now put it away because you know that you are not my opponent and are ready to do nothing?"
Su Li grinned but didn’t speak. She suddenly leaned over slightly and launched the "spider walk" again.
Gao Shupeng also entered the state of "spider walking" and his muscles were swollen.
The two sides hit each other in an instant. Gao Shupeng has the power of "Mo Yu Shen" and "Devil Muscle". The fists of the two sides are walking on the fist. In the rapid movement, the two bodies are like ghosts and blink of an eye, and they blow out dozens of punches.
"Bang, bang, bang" is endless. Gao Shupeng has a "black jade body" and Su Li has a "silver armor cover". Both sides got dozens of punches from each other at the same time, and their fists collided with each other dozens of times.
The terrible power broke out, and both sides roared Gao Shupeng. Although the white light in his left hand has explosive power, Su Li’s "silver armor coverage" comes from the defense against the silver armor behemoth, which can resist the explosive power of white light.
With the strength and speed of the "devil muscle" rising more and more horrible, Su Li’s "silver armor coverage" has been able to resist the explosive power of this white light. Even if he is hit by this explosion, he will shake and fall back, and he will not fall out again. Although he swings out his fist, he can’t hurt Gao Shupeng’s "black jade body", but his strength obviously suppresses Gao Shupeng’s strength gap between the two sides is becoming more and more obvious.
Soon Gao Shupeng’s face showed great pain every time he was punched by Su Li, which seemed overwhelming.
No, the most terrible thing is that his heart is beating more and more violently, and his forehead is sweating like he is out of the water, and his mouth is panting. He shows serious physical exertion, and his strength, speed and reaction ability have dropped, which can’t keep up with Su Li’s speed.
"It’s impossible … I have all the abilities he has. What makes him stronger than me and better than me?"
Gao Shupeng’s face became more and more ugly, and he felt flustered and stuffy. This was a sign of physical exhaustion, but Su Li was not tired, and his punches became more and more fierce, forcing him to carry it hard.
"Peng" there was a loud noise. This time, Su Li’s right fist punched Gao Shupeng’s right hand again. Gao Shupeng suddenly let out a scream. His right arm shrank back like a touch, and his right hand was busy loosening. He had a black jade body to protect his right hand, but the bone in his right hand was broken and twisted, which made his right hand as weird as a deformity.
"It’s impossible-"Gao Shupeng roar attached to fall back and stare at approaching Su Li with a look of disbelief.
He mastered Su Li’s "devil’s muscle" and "spider’s walk", and even possessed the "black jade body" that Su Li did not have. What’s more, both sides recklessly fought against Su Li’s right hand and damaged his right hand, but the bone was broken?
"Is it strange? Because I have strengthened bones, have you strengthened them? " Su Li grinned and punched again, without the slightest simplification. One punch contains strength and speed. His six-time muscle-strengthening push has reached the peak of his power.
"Boom" Gao Shupeng tried to dodge, but he felt that his legs were too tired to listen to him, as heavy as lead, but where did he avoid this punch, he actually hit him in the chest.
The chest collapsed at once, and inside came the broken ribs. Gao Shupeng flew upside down and fell out. His mouth was full of blood.
"Mo Yu Shen" can make his skin not afraid of knives and swords, and he is not afraid of fire, but he can protect the bones and dirt inside his body.
Su Li’s fist directly broke the bones in his chest through his skin and muscles, and the huge impact shocked his dirty.
"What’s your strength …" Gao Shupeng fell to the ground with a mouthful of blood and his eyes were radiant with confidence.
It’s true that he didn’t strengthen the bone, but Su Li strengthened the bone. Both of them are equally fist to fist. Su Li’s bone can bear the bone in his fist, but it can’t bear it and it breaks. What about physical strength?
"Devil’s muscle" can make people lose twice their physical strength. The longer it lasts, the faster it loses. Both of them are equally using "Devil’s muscle". Why are you tired to death but Su Li is not tired?
Su Li strode forward and continued to approach with a faint smile. "Because I have strengthened my heart, I can enhance my physical strength. It seems that you have not strengthened your heart either."
Gao Shupeng blindfolded his eyes. This guy has strengthened his bones and his heart?
When he rose to level 6, he only had six opportunities to strengthen his bones and heart. Even if he strengthened his bones and heart once, he lost two opportunities. Then why is his strength so terrible that he is stronger than himself?
You know, Gao Shupeng strengthened his lungs once, and he strengthened his muscles five times.
That’s why he’s so powerful and has the same level of enemy power, but now Su Li is fighting against him and he finds that it’s not physical strength and bones, but even strength is suppressed by him.
"It’s impossible. You’ve strengthened your heart and bones. How can you still have more power than me? You’re lying. What is this?"
He suddenly heart pounding is … In the sight of this guy turned out to be far beyond the level 6 7 strong?
Chapter 153 Consume the enemy to death
Just then suddenly Fu Tianhua gave a miserable roar, and he was suppressed by Gong Xiao and added to Luo Jun. Where can the enemy be slightly careless, he was shot into the body by Gong Xiao’s different stab poison armor fire, which immediately burned one hole after another in his body.
In his miserable roar, he was shot by Luo Jun and launched Fu Tianhua’s phalanx "hyperosteogeny", which was immediately exploded into a ball of blood by the body expansion phalanx.
With the death of Fu Tianhua, Luo Jun harvested a spiritual source and suddenly took a long breath and finally broke through to level 6.
When Fu Tianhua died, the white light in Gao Shupeng’s hands suddenly disappeared.