Although there are still talents that she can’t understand, such as "knowing the king", she is completely puzzled


But there are still many talents that make her feel very good.
Especially the last newborn talent.
It is even more difficult for her to ignore.
"The last talent must be a must. So what should I choose?" Qin Genting fell into a tangle and couldn’t help muttering, "Waste wood flow? There seems to be a little connection between this first talent and the first talent? "
"Match up better? What unexpected things will happen when these two talents are combined? "
How about …
Try it?
Gentiana came up with such an idea. Anyway, if the reality dies in the cultivation simulator, it will be a big deal to start over.
These strange-sounding talent may be hiding something.
Try these talent departments yourself and always pick out the best, right?
Qin Yan immediately said that she chose "I will choose 1, 1!" "
[simulation! 】
Gentiana macrophylla once again lost control of consciousness.
When she recovered lightly, she found that she had become a newborn baby.
[At the age of 18, you were born into a family of cultivating immortals, your father was born in the same year, and your absolute strength became the master of the Qin family, so you became a big miss of the Qin family]
【 The Qin family can be compared with the ancient family, and the owner specially came to congratulate the Qin family and asked you to marry him 】
[You are dumbfounded]
At the age of 3, you were found to have a congenital spiritual body. Your father was ecstatic and gave you the Qin Family Immortality Method. You became a well-known genius.
[4 years old genius, you have already refined a layer of gas! 】
[When you were 6 years old, you got a quaint pendant, and you hung your neck when you thought it looked good]
[Years old, you have already refined the second floor! 】
When you were 1 year old, you learned that you had never met your so-called fiance, who joined a sect of cultivating immortals. I didn’t expect that fellow to be a genius, but you obviously didn’t like him.
[at the age of 13, you refined three layers of gas! 】
At the age of 14, you suddenly found yourself losing your physical and mental strength quickly, and you couldn’t find a solution. When your father learned about this, he immediately asked the ancestors of the Qin family to go out of the mountain, but the ancestors of the Qin family couldn’t see the reason.
At the age of 15, you went back to the second floor of refining gas, and you had some doubts about life.
At the age of 16, you fell to a lower level and became an ordinary person again. You know there are many people who say you are a waste behind your back.
Sixteen-year-old Qin Ge sat by the pond in Qin’s backyard with a lovely face. She couldn’t understand why she would fall down without rhyme or reason.
Damn it!
This isn’t that reason for the newborn talent cal "faggots flow", is it?
The "waste wood flow" in my own choice of newborn talent is very suitable for "grandmother with me", and it seems that it has not been activated today.
Where’s grandma?
I’ve never seen it before!
Qin Yinai sighed and wailed, "Another wrong choice has been made for more than ten years!"
"Little doll, do you say something I don’t understand every day?"
An old voice came from my mind. "You only chose to be a teenager, so why have you been surfing for more than ten years?"
Gentiana Zheng
She can be sure that this sudden sound is not someone talking around her, but the sound comes from her own mind!
Is it an immortal simulator?
The cold words in the cultivation simulator show that she tried to communicate with the cultivation simulator many times, and as a result, people ignored her roots and made her seriously doubt whether the cultivation simulator was a dead thing. Maybe it’s not even a spirit?
So this strange sound is coming from it? Qin’s heart was full of surprise and curiosity.
No fear