The kobold king knew Su Yu’s identity long ago. He had the honor of seeing Su Yu. As soon as he saw Su Yu’s scene, he knew that something was wrong and turned pale and hid directly.


Su Yu’s name aside from Xiandian Gate, which ethnic group in the East China is not afraid of him?
This is a bloody non-human killer!
Su Yu is a typical racist!
Su Yu’s hands are contaminated with non-human races, and there are almost ten million lives. If it weren’t for human aliens, they would have to tremble when they saw Su Yu’s heart.
However, even though the kobold king was clever enough to hide, he didn’t succeed in hiding! This group of deities moved so fast that they blocked this place as soon as they arrived.
In the end, Su Yu looked at the kobold calmly and the king never spoke.
But it happened that calm Su Yu can give people the most pressure.
The kobold king couldn’t help it any longer. His legs went weak and he knelt down directly, then climbed to Su Yu with his hands and feet quickly.
The king, the kobold, cried with a hoarse face and a crying voice, "Frank Frank has seen Su Da! Su Da Wan ‘an! "
With that, the kobold king bowed his head directly and kowtowed very loudly.
As soon as the king’s words fell, there was a sudden silence, and all the kobolds froze like sculptures
All the kobolds looked at Su Yu with a dull face like they saw a ghost.
"psst ~!"
For a long time, there was a gasp, and the chill sounded one after another.
Some kobolds, nobles, lost their alarm and looked horrified. "He, he is Susu the Great!" "
Resurrection of the dead? That’ll be the day!
He is Su Yu!
He is the Terran Emperor!
He’s back!
493 Chapter 493 Coercion to return home
"Shut up!"
The king chose to scan this group of kobolds coldly, and the nobles were covered in murderous look, which made people dare not continue to exclaim.
Several teams of Tianjiao search field blocked off here. A Terran Tianjiao was so full of breath that the kobolds got up on their knees. The strength gap between the two sides was too big. This group of kobolds didn’t have the possibility to fight back at all.
"Let me ask you something. If you answer me well, I won’t kill you."
Su Yu’s eyes are cold and commanding, looking down at the king of kobolds. These kobolds have always been bad things. They have always been loyal doglegs of the Night League, and they are barely enemies of Su Yu.
"Yes, yes, the emperor asked me if I knew anything!"
The kobold king repeatedly kowtowed to Su Yu, but he didn’t dare to call himself a man.
You know, the Chinese Empire has never attacked the Kobold Principality before. First, it is its own international image. Second, the strength of the two sides is seriously unbalanced. The Kobold Principality has not appeared Su Yu’s opponent list at all.
Otherwise, if Su Yu wants to destroy the Kobold Principality, a core army of Chinese people can be completed.
"What is the Chinese calendar now? How many years have it been?"
Su Yu took a deep breath and her voice trembled slightly.
The kobold king was one leng. He didn’t know why Su Yu asked such a simple question. He Su Yu was testing him. The kobold king hurriedly knelt down and said, "Today is June 27, the third year of the Chinese calendar."
Fortunately, the time line did not collapse.
Su Yu was relieved when he left the imperial capital of the Chinese Empire. It was three years in the Chinese calendar, and February 11 was about four months later.
"What’s the situation in the Sifang mainland now? Let’s talk briefly. Did the Xiandian Daomen come to the East mainland?"
Su Yu spoke indifferently, which surprised the Kobold King.
Sure enough, Su Da knows everything! Even the door came to the East China!
The kobold king even dared not hide it. According to the introduction of the kobold king, at the end of April, the Taoist of Xiandian came to the eastern continent. At the same time, according to the news from the outside world, the four continents and its three continents also had high-level forces coming.
There have been some changes in the East China, the West China, the North China and the South China. There are high-level people coming. They have recruited other races and countries, and they have plundered and captured the natives of the four continents. They have worked hard to dig mountains and rivers and are constantly looking for something.
The elves, dragons and other special races in the western continent and the southern continent either went to a higher level through secret methods or hid. The whole four continents were in a mess and fell into a scuffle, and many low-level races were destroyed.
"To get to the point, I need to know the situation in the eastern continent!"
Su Yu eyebrows a wrinkly low drink.
"Is it true that after the disappearance of Xintiancheng broke out, the Chinese Empire sent an army to blockade Xintiancheng to find the emperor and the Terran Tianjiao fell, and finally the great master of the Chinese Empire and the owner of Xintiange fought against the holy mountain, and finally the Soviet God of War slaughtered Xintiancheng?"
The king of kobolds quickly wiped his forehead and said in detail, "A month ago, the door of Xiandian called most races and forces in the East China to destroy the terran war army and surround the territory of Yanhuang on all sides."
The lettering in front of Mulan’s grave led to a bloody battle. The fight was broken and the world was eclipsed. Even through Wan Li, you could hear the roar of the peerless master of Yanhuang.
The Yellow River and South Xinjiang fought against the Night Alliance, with 13 million troops from 17 races and countries, and 100,000 people were killed or injured in the samurai army! Zhuge Lian’s crossbow corps is half dead and wounded! All conventional regiments in southern Xinjiang were killed!
This is still relying on Zhuge Liang’s fate planning to barely win the situation. It took Sunan and Lingyu seriously injured legions to almost destroy the field before winning the battle, and barely killed the one-yuan baby’s early fix-true.
Against the dark night alliance, there are 23 races and countries left to fall into the trap! Seibel is seriously injured! Millions of jet riders only ten thousand people! Su Long’s left arm was cut off by the sword of Daomen Yuanying!