Although Tian Yong’s foot journey was faster, his brother never asked him to believe in truth.


Before Tian Yong should Zhu Guang, he stretched out his hand and stopped
"You haven’t seen them before and have the responsibility to guard the altar. It’s better not to show anything.
Since this is my appointment, let me inform you again this time. "
"If not, let me come."
Lingqing also said
"This time, after all, it is because of my school sister and Baihua Fairy Niang.
She came in person this time, and I should go this time. "
Lingqing’s physical achievements are not weak now.
Besides, there is a nine-fold green que in his hand, which can display the skill of a thousand-mile door without being trapped.
The main thing is really because of two people, and it is also good for him to come forward.
Tian Yong wanted to think, so it is.
"Let’s just let you come."
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Hall advised days
Ling Qing got out of Lupeng and rode the Green Lion Path to Mu Xian ‘an.
Soon I came to a flower manor and saw the three characters of Muxian Temple on the cliff.
However, it is different from the appearance of a bee flying and butterflies busy with flowers and brocade when he comes here.
At this time, when he opened his eyes, he saw that the wooden fairy temple was covered with dark clouds, and it looked like a cloudy area.
Busy bees and butterflies have disappeared, and the flowers are always unbeaten.
This generation of southern Xinjiang practitioners practice more evil spirits and devious practices.
And where is the person who loves flowers and cherishes grass?
It’s a pity that this hundred flowers manor.
"Bitter comes"
Lingqing shook his head and went straight to Muxian ‘an Hall with a green lion.
He saw a hundred flowers ShaQi, a broad cold divine light, a vicious evil thoughts, a evil spirit fierce thoughts out of the bottom.
I want to come to Baihua Xianniang and others.
When I came to the temple, I went to the temple and saw that it was so.
I saw a charming woman in a hundred flowers robe sitting beside the throne with some pretty monks.
This is the flower fairy.
At the first place on the left, a short man with blond hair and a wide gold robe hunched over like a big beetle old man.
Then there is an old man in linen with a tall foot and a burly figure and white hair and beard.
These two people want to be the bodhi old zu of golden cicada and the bodhi old zu of hemp god.
On the right hand side, there sat an ice-cold and jade-clean woman with cold eyes and slightly closed eyes.
When Lingqing appeared, she just opened her eyes slightly, revealing the bright moon-like eyes. It should be a suspicion of Guanghan Fairy.
In addition, there are more than a dozen people who repair different clothes and have fun in the main hall. They are all good.
After Guanghan Fairy, many people also found the trace of Lingqing, and turned to him with an evil look.
Lingqing saw everyone look at himself and made a kotow and a ceremony and said
"Dear Taoist friends, being original and being clear is a gift to the Taoist and Taoist observers of Laoshan Mountain in Qing Dynasty."
Then don’t wait for their words to go straight to Baihua Fairy Niang and say
"The day before yesterday, my brother decided to make a Mid-Autumn Festival appointment because of the empress’s anger.
Don’t want to empress unexpectedly and moved the whole southern Xinjiang fellow restless.
Now it seems that it should be fierce and complete savings in southern Xinjiang.
God wants to borrow my other disciples’ hands to finish this disaster.
Are we following the teacher’s instruction and not daring to kill evil in vain?
If you can know the number of days and always repent in good times, there is still a chance.
If it’s stubborn, my other disciples can’t bear it, but they are not afraid to fight against southern Xinjiang and sweep away the dust.
When the time comes, all your repairs will go down the drain. Don’t call me a prophet. "
"Little thief I promise to pay back your breath here.
Today, I will give you a fulfillment and wait for a day before I send you to the reunion of other disciples, so that you can have a good company. "
Baihua Fairy smells anger, smiles and speaks, raises her hand and sends out twelve red lines to attack Lingqing.
It’s her twelve-flowered red sword.
Lingqing shook her body like a fish dragon, and her feet fluttered like butterflies.