The top management of Xianmen in each family said that they would cooperate with Cang Li Ling’s family to find cracks. They knew very well that if ghosts occupied the meteorite waters, their inheritance would be destroyed.


Naturally, the top leaders of the Xianmen family won’t be stupid enough to outsource this news, and the Ling family of Cang Li has been particularly instructed to keep this news more confidential. They have found some other reasons to order the people of the Hui brothers to find cracks and even launch scattered repairs to find them. Anyone who can find cracks will be rewarded.
The simultaneous release of the Xianmen families in the meteorite sea area immediately made the monks in the meteorite sea area boil and abandoned a tide of finding cracks.
However, following the Xianmen families, Cang Li Ling’s family was officially released to the public, and those who are also looking for cracks will also get rich rewards.
Cang Li Ling’s family is the most powerful force to cultivate immortality in the meteorite waters, and half of the whole meteorite waters are Cang Li Ling’s family. With the release of Cang Li Ling’s family, this tide of finding cracks has also reached its peak.
At the same time, Ling Youdao also sent people to Jinchan Island in the flying sea area of Wufengcheng to let Ling Youjin sit in Jinchan Island and return to his family.
Ling Youjin doesn’t know what happened to the family. Although the ghost in the meteorite sea area went to the flying sea area, it didn’t attract the attention of the friars in the flying sea area. I don’t know what happened to the family.
But two people know that Ling Youdao is not ordering people. It must be something happened to the family. He will not only make himself go back, but also delay explaining some things and then rush to the family.
From Wufengcheng to Baiyun Island, you can go directly to the array station. Even though the flying sea area is closer to the meteorite sea area, Ling Youjin is eager to return for half a month.
In addition, Ling Youdao didn’t want Ling Yuansheng to come back, but Ling Yuansheng went out to find a chance to gather babies. No one knew where he went, and there was no other way to come back except when he wanted to come back.
As Ling Youjin Mu Yan ran back to Cang Li Ling’s meteorite waters, there were five then fighting forces.
They are Ling Youdao in the middle of the elixir and Ling Youjin Hongyu in the early stage of the elixir.
Redjade’s veins are very high, but the monster beast grows slowly, and it is still third-order now.
Of course, although Redjade grows slowly, her Shou Yuan is far superior to that of a human monk of the same rank. Although she is a third-order demon who is now dying, her Shou Yuan will not be lower than that of an infant monk.
Shou Yuan in Xuanjia is longer than Redjade, and even an infant monk can’t compare with it, which leads to the slow pace of Xuanjia town. It has been closed for decades and has not yet broken through to the third order.
Of course, this is also because Xuanjia obtained a dragon’s blood branch at that time, which did not promote the growth of cultivation, such as the third-order big demon entity and even the third-order middle demon Dan
If so, it may not take so long to break through.
Chapter six hundred and sixty-four Then town quartet ghost handsome strong!
Because each Xianmen family released a search for cracks in the meteorite waters, the monks were crazy, and the four islands were everywhere searching for cracks, and there were many monks in the construction period.
But no matter how these monks think, they will never think that the cracks are not the four islands, but the vast sea in the middle of the meteorite sea.
The key inspection place of Ling’s family in Cangli is the northern nebula islands in the meteorite sea area, where the ghost will appear first. It seems that the crack is mostly where the nebula islands are located, where the ghost will appear first.
However, after searching for several months, no cracks were found in one root.
On the contrary, the news that the ghost will lead the ghost family of Yin troops to slaughter the city came one after another. Even the Ling family of Cang Li has two ordinary county towns that have been slaughtered, including the affiliated villages and towns around the county town, and all the Xianmen families in the meteorite waters have been struggling to cope with it all their lives.
The ghost family massacre of Yin soldiers can not only quickly upgrade their repair strength, but also create a large number of ghosts and ghosts. The more they slaughter, the stronger their strength will be.
Cang Li Ling’s two mundane county towns have been slaughtered by the ghost clan of Yin Bing, which is simply the face of Ling’s family. Ling was waiting for someone to kill the two ghosts who led the ghost clan of Yin Bing. At the same time, the two ghosts will destroy the ghost clan of Yin Bing by thunder.
Compared with the Yuxianmen family in the meteorite sea area of Cangli Lingshi, it is not so lucky, or it will be too late to destroy the ghost family of the Yin soldiers in the massacre or it will be destroyed with great casualties.
I don’t know if those ghosts will know that two ghosts in a row will be beheaded by Ling, but those ghosts will dare not find trouble with Ling, but they have suffered from the Biexianmen family in the meteorite waters.
A ghost soldier also attacked ordinary county towns and villages, but with the development of the situation, a few ghosts appeared, which will lead many ghost soldiers to besiege the Xianmen family headquarters, so several Xianmen families were destroyed.
Things can be described as panic in the meteorite waters. Many Xianmen families turned to Cang Li Ling for help.
Things to this step is not ling youzheng can handle.
So he reported to Ling Youdao that Ling Youdao longed for Yan Ran. After a long discussion, they finally decided that Mu Yanran would sit in the southern side of the meteorite waters. Ling Youjin sat in the northern nebula islands. Ling Youzheng sat in the eastern cloud islands with Redjade. Ling Youdao sat in the family.
Ling You is a fake monk in Dan period. He is more at ease with the third-order ruby sitting in the Liuyun Islands.
The four people are responsible for the counter-attack of the ghost by the Sanctuary organizations around the Xianmen family in the convergence islands.
The effect of the strong joining the battlefield in the then period is immediate, and the news that the Yin soldiers and ghosts will be killed will be broken one after another, and the situation will turn for the better.
A certain sea area in the Liuyun Islands